Sunday, November 3, 2013

Julie Miller: Melchizedek’s Weekly Message ~ November 03 – 10, 2013;

Genuine Sincerity Encourages Genuine Respect

Make a conscious point to truthfully and honestly look at your own attitudes and behaviours not only what you demonstrate towards others but what you also give to yourself, then you will soon realize there are many questions that come forward pertaining to your personal life and spiritual journey. Who is it that you respect and why? Do you share your respect with everyone or just a select few? Can you determine during each interaction you have that you are coming across compassionate, respectful and loving? Do you respect your Inner Self? If you demonstrate any indifference towards anyone, why? We could continue with examples of questions you can ask yourself, but you can understand that every avenue you take does pose the opportunity to think if you are being respectful to those that you meet and greet and to yourself. In addition, being aware of your attitude and behaviour offers you great insight on what is needed to bring more positive Light into your behaviour. 

The energy you emit is your responsibility. When you choose to respond to another dear soul that demonstrates respect and compassion you are emitting positive energy that is healing, yet when you demonstrate disrespect towards another dear soul, including yourself you are emitting negative energy and negative energy is harmful. If you want to achieve a more peaceful existence then it’s vital that you learn how to change the negative aspects of your person that reflects more positive Light into all you do and comes through during each encounter you have with another dear soul. 

The functioning aspect of respect upon your journey has many significant consequences on your path. When you become aware of your behaviour towards another dear soul reflected your own negative emotions and feelings, what occurs is your conscience taking over, questioning you if you said or did the right thing. The more disrespectful you are towards another dear soul, either through your words or actions, even from the thoughts you are thinking moves you further away from the Heart of God. 

Working towards love and recognizing love is within your reach can be very difficult for many dear souls, especially those that have walked a difficult journey. Yet the more you respect yourself and others, the more love you will feel. Even if you are uncertain about a certain path or conflict with another dear soul, when you are illustrating genuine sincerity and respect you are propelling yourself forward through the energy of love. Remember dear ones, love isn’t just about emotional words that are expressed between partners, love is best expressed by your actions towards others and when you are able to love yourself for who you are just as you are, then it is love that is felt and love that directs you. 

When you purposely practice on being more respectful towards any attachments you may carry, or on your own self-image; or you demonstrate respect when faced with indignation you are shining a beautiful light that denotes love coming through in all your actions, thoughts, words and feelings. Disciplining yourself to become more respectful will liberate you; it will heal you through the love you are able to share with yourself that will automatically be shared and felt by others. 

Before you can truly respect others, first you must be able to accept yourself as you are and respect every part of you. Learn why you carry destructive emotions and feelings and how you can change them into being more constructive in order to heal yourself and raise your level of self-worth. In order for you to grow and develop a healthy respect for yourself and those that you interact with, it is essential for you to explore honestly your inner self and truly see how harmful your own self-disrespect has been. By observing your own lack of respect you will learn what is required to develop a respectful attitude. When you consciously add respect into your personal and spiritual routines, your path will lead you into love and humbleness. Eventually dear ones you will realize that there is one feature that is worthy of your infinite respect that is given to yourself and to all others and that dear ones is the Light God bestows upon each of you. 

There have been times when someone has asked a favour of you, or needed your help; remembering to commit yourself to fulfilling what was asked of you will help shine your Light in a positive manner that will encourage a mutual feeling of respect. It is too easy to create excuses in order to not follow through with what you agreed to, but by sticking to your word you are establishing trust between you and this person and trust is what will strengthen any relationship and bring forth respect. Understand dear ones, when you fall through from a commitment not only do you damage their trust in you, this also carries detrimental effects to your confidence and can easily create isolation within your Egoic mind. Clear your conscience by committing to your word and following through with your actions that clearly demonstrate respect, compassion and genuine sincerity. 

It is essential to your own inner learning regarding the negative effects of breaking your word has on your personal growth and spiritual development. How people think of you, how they consider if they trust you or find you credible is important. No matter how hard you to try to make yourself believe that what others think is unimportant, if they are basing their thoughts on what they see from your own actions and words, then this is essential and vital information for you to grow on for the better. 

Integrity dear ones is not a dirty word, nor is it filled with negativity or discord, but it does speak of wholeness. When you are moving towards becoming more united with others, you are speaking in great volumes that you trust yourself and others and you are good at keeping your word every time not just when it pleases you or to reap some kind of materialistic reward. When you apply yourself honestly and with integrity you consciously divert yourself from the temptations that could have the potential of breaking your word, you will notice the good feeling that will rise from within and you will have a deep knowing that you did something good for another through your selfless actions. 

Of course there are some situations that will come up that are real that will cause you to not keep your word, such as a family emergency, but this does not mean you no longer have to follow through what you originally promised. This is when you come forward honestly and truthfully explaining why at that moment you cannot fulfill any task asked of you and make arrangements that you will commit to at a later date. Don’t allow any unfulfilled commitment to create a shadowy trail upon your path. You can easily prevent this from occurring by maintaining your integrity and genuineness to selflessly care and love yourself and those around you during strenuous events and situations. 

Prayer and meditation are great ways to rebalance yourself and to find peace that is necessary for your journey to flourish. Aspire to become more respectful and to demonstrate a more positive attitude towards yourself and those you encounter. Your journey is not meant to have you blocked within the shadows you have created by disrespect you have shown towards others or from unfulfilling any commitment you promised to another. The quicker you can free your conscience the quicker you realign yourself to God. If you let God in dear ones, He will guide you to ways that will weed out any negative emotion or feeling that causes you to behave and react that is hurtful and disrespectful. He will bring you back onto the path of Love through the Light He shines upon you. Trust in Him dear ones, He will never let you down or abandon you. He will always support you, but you must let Him instead of opposing Him. Remember dear ones, God Loves you. 

As you carry on manoeuvering on the path before you, answer to yourself, how important is integrity to you. Discover how integrity can improve the quality of your life as a whole. If you lack integrity, then what are you and how does this affect your life? How can you honestly and truthfully respect yourself if you are unable to commit to your word? All are viable questions and we are positive you can create more that will help you discover crucial information of yourself that will help you grow and develop under the Light of God. Understand dear ones; it is your own ability to respect yourself that dictates how you think of yourself. And when you are able to seriously respect yourself you are then able to respect others. When you step forward with integrity, not only will you feel worthy of respect you are worthy of respect. 

I AM Melchizedek
through Julie Miller

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