Monday, September 3, 2012

Raising Your Energetic Vibration


What is the most important thing we can do right now to help with positive planetary assistance ...

With all the events, shift and changes happening on the planet today?

One of the best things we can do is
 to raise our energetic vibration ... but how do we do this?

Be in touch with your own feelings ...

Your feelings will help guide you in the right direction.

Releasing emotion ...

Be in an "Us" space with your Earth family, instead of a space of "Me versus Them".

In reality, there are no others; we are all made up of the same thing. We are One.

Reflect your own divinity through Gratitude ...

Smile with the realization of Divine Love that you are in each moment.

Truth is Truth.
Practice Yoga;
Learn Meditation;
Eat Healthy;
Laugh often;
Let the moment flow;
The Now is always now.
Put awareness in your body.
Be conscious in your life.
Untangle the Mind.

Follow your earthly goals and desires with joy, just like meditation in motion ...

Stillness in action ...
Love in flow.

All of these things will help to raise your energetic vibration.
Now it's up to you to choose them.
It's all about choice in the moment ...
Everything is choice ... your choice.
That is how powerful you are!

We are the masters of disguise hiding from our true selves.
The times for playing possum are over.
It is time to live your birthright,

Your Divinity,

Your truth in Grace.

Your are Infinite.

You truly are ... God.

© ‘Aha Hui Lanakila, Inc.

Mother Sophia-Gaia's Lessons

Walk in the forests where your false pride has no value
Listen well to all your Earth teachers
For they care not for your ego ...
Dare to touch Mother Earth with your heart
That you might hear echoes of Ancient Wisdom ...
Allow Wind Spirits to caress your face
And sense freedom born not of material possessions ...
Drink purity from Water veins of our Mother Earth
To drown the arrogance creating your thirst for power ...
Make the time to observe the Ant
For she will instruct you in the ways of true humility ...
Search out the glistening grain of sand
If you wish to see natural beauty ...
Contemplate the forming of rounded river stones
That you might conquer change ...
Observe the Deer among dewey grasses
And they will teach you the giveaway ...
Focus on the mighty Bear
Should you dare to look within yourself ...
Listen to the Stellers Jay
For her squawking may be your echo ...
Watch the Snake as he sheds his skin
That you can learn to let go of hurtful things ...
Study the ways of Wolf
Where family value exceeds the self ...
Observe the Spider carefully
What you do to the Web of Life you do to yourself ...
View Stars on a moonless night
To know there is Light in the darkest of times ...
Pursue and eye for an eye
And you may be blinded first ...
Watch the Butterfly as she dances in flight
That your own actions may be as beautiful ...
Open your ears that you might hear beyond yourself
Or has your own voice made you deaf?
Now gaze into still waters and observe what you reflect.