Sunday, February 26, 2012


When human beings come to understand the law of interdependence that governs all states of consciousness, their impersonal reason as well as their intense feelings will point in the same direction. It is only this single-minded and whole-hearted mode of devotion which will endure, but its focus must be upon universal well-being.

"It is not the individual and determined purpose of attaining Nirvana – the culmination of all Knowledge and wisdom, which is after all only an exalted and glorious selfishness – but the self-sacrificing pursuit of the best means to lead on the right path our neighbour, to cause to benefit by it as many of our fellow creatures as we possibly can, which constitutes the true Theosophist."

Hermes, February 1979
Raghavan Iyer

Thursday, February 23, 2012


"An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind." -- Buddha

Over the past three months, we befriended a woman, a fellow Reiki Master, who eventually did just as Buddha described, above. The first to react to her wrongdoings was the lawyer in me: I have absolute proof (a credible witness!) as to this woman's malicious actions. She actually intended and tried to thwart our Reiki school and cast a negative shadow on mine and David's personal reputations in Washington. Incredibly, all we did was accept her invitation to overnight at her home. We all spent a pleasant evening together ... or so David and I thought! On the other hand, this lawyer persona is what I shed in California. It is contrary to who I AM today ... and yesterday's episode with the 8-year-old girl brought it home that I AM a Healer, not a lawyer. So, I see now this ex-friend is a lesson for us all.

Wahe guru ... Great beyond description is the experience of God's wisdom ... and with it I slay the lawyer within and step fully into my I AM Presence. Sat nam ...

We are accountable for our words and the affect of our choice of speech, usage of innuendo and criticism in our speech patterns. To be judgmental causes separation from your I AM Presence. As you exhale while speaking, you immediately inhale the words you just expressed. If those words carry negativity, whether intentionally or carelessly, you effectively split your Self from the inhaling and ingesting of those negative words and cannot fully know love, peace and joy in life in that moment. And, if the speaker strings such a moment into another like negative moment, then the Now becomes a blur of mindlessness where there is little inner peace and balance.

Mahalo pau ... thank you, I will not propagate another.

I awoke this morning with one thought: Be your Bliss, come what may. In Tagalog, we say that as "Bahala-na!" George Harrison was right ... "it is all right, everything will work out fine and we're goin' to the end of the line." Yeah, it's time to let go of it all now ... 

Aloha ha'awina, mahalo kumu ... hello lesson, thank you, teacher ... and so it is. 'Amama ...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The tattvas are associated with the chakras, but only the first Five. The Sixth, Seventh and Eighth chakras are beyond the elements. These upper chakras are associated with the quality of light.
The Tattvas are the densest form of Maya. They produce the illusion of separation, or, in Western terms, duality.
Each tattva projects Maya in a specific way which leads to suffering. Since tattvas are the elements you are comprised of, you cannot get rid of their projections. However, you can re-direct those projections in an uplifting way. This may not be as easy to do as it it is to say, but it can be done.

Mantra:  "Aap Sahaaee Hoaa"

This mantra from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib (Sikh scriptures) is a gift to you that will let you penetrate into the unknown without fear.  It will give you protection and mental balance.

Begin by tuning inSit very straight in easy pose with gyan mudra and listen to a recording of these mantras.

(Mantras:  Om Namo Guru Dev Namo; Aad Guray Nameh )

Here, Guru Ganesha Singh teaches the standard practice versions of both mantra Ong Namo and Aad Guray Nameh. This makes it easy to incorporate Guru Singh's lesson as the beginning to any Kundalini Yoga kriyas (sets of yoga/mantra performed for specific purposes). 

(There are longer applications for these two mantras, which are Yoga exercises each in and of themselves.  But, that's for another blog.)

Next, chant the mantra Aap Sahaae Hoaa:

Aap sahaaee hoaa
Sachay daa sachaa doaa
Har, har, har

The Lord Himself has become our protector,
The Truest of the True has taken care of us.
God, God, God

When you hear the word Har, pull the navel point in.  For the three words of Har, your breath will become a 3-stroke breath of fire.  Then suspend the breath out as you keep the navel point pulled in and listen to the rest of the mantra.  Just before the Har sounds come again, inhale quickly and repeat the breath stroke cycle again.

To use the Naad (sound current) and imprint your mind, do this meditation each day for 62 minutes.  Do it for 90 days.  Then you will know the practical experience and power and miracle of the spoken word.

It is very simple and rhythmic.  If you do it very nobly it will be extremely helpful.  Whenever you are effective and create a success in your life, you also must generate some opposition and animosity.  That is called the Law of Polarity.  It is called facing a square in your life.  This meditation will totally eliminate enemies and block the impact of animosity forever.  It can give you mental self-control and let you command your five tattva for effective living.

Sat Nam!

Nirinjan Kaur's version of the Mantra ...

Adarsh Kaur demonstrates the Kundalini Yoga
(mantra sung by Gurudass)

The guru is in you!

From Eastern Sikh Esotericsm - The Five Tattvas

Five Tattvas

Skt., pancatattva; five qualities

The Five Tattvas are the elements from which you are made.

Although India does have a term for the 'Five Elements' (Skt., mahabhutas) as they are known in Western Alchemy, the major 'elemental' system is known as pancatattva; speaking of nature's qualities rather than elements in the sense of substances. Although this constitutes a marked difference in philosophical conceptualization, the tattvas are usually regarded as equivalents to the five elements known in the West (a system that has actually heavily borrowed from the East). The 5th Western element ether then corresponds to the space in the Indian tattva's and in the Tibetan system deriving from it.



fiery, vital
Skt., tejah


liquid, fluid
Skt., apas


wind, air
Skt., vayu


wide, extended
Skt., prthvi


Skt., akasa

In Sikh Kundalini Yoga, practitioners are able to utilize knowledge of the Tattvas for spiritual empowerment.  Through mantra and yogic breathing, practitioners can and do  manifest seemingly magical transformations in their daily state of BEing by commanding the Tattvas within their light (etheric, energetic) bodies.

Earth corresponds with the First Chakra. Although this Chakra’s energy is associated with elimination, the projection of Earth is greed to acquire. This leads to heaviness, fixity and depression. Re-channel greed from acquiring material possessions to acquiring the qualities of a great person.
Water corresponds with the Second Chakra, which we associate with creativity. The projection of Water is lust, which leads to guilt, delusion and pitilessness. Re-channel lust from exploitation to service that fosters creativity and affection.
Fire corresponds with the Third Chakra, which we associate with our personal power and the digestive organs. The projection of fire is the desire to control, which leads to fear and anger. Re-channel anger from others onto your own negativity; not in a self-destructive shaming way, but one that uses that energy for purification.
Air (Wind*) corresponds with the Fourth Chakra, which we associate with the Heart. The projection of Air is attachment (“I have my heart set on…”) to earthly possessions. Note the distinction regarding earthly possessions between Earth (greed, or the desire to acquire) and Air! Attachment to things leads to anxiety and indecisiveness. Re-channel attachment from specific things to the whole Universe. Love ideas and ideals, become attached to happiness and health and your connection to the divine.
Ether corresponds with the Fifth Chakra, which we associate with the Throat and speaking and hearing Truth. Your small “t” truth contains your sense of self, and may lead to egomania. Re-channel your sense of the ego, or the small, transitory self into the capital T Truth of oneness with the Infinite Being which is all that there is.

* In the early days of his teaching Yogi Bhajan sometimes said Wind instead of Air. As his philosophy became systematized in order to make it more coherent in the setting of institution and school, teachers settled upon Air as the preferred choice. Some of the old timers haven’t picked up on this and may “correct” you if you speak about the Air Tattva. Think of it as your opportunity to practice compassion and humility!


Five Tibetan Elements

In Tibet, each of the elements is associated with one of the five so-called Buddha-Families, with a pure color and with one of the five directions. The elements themselves are identical with the Indian Five Tattvas, yet some associations, for example color, are different.


gaseous, wind


space, sky


liquid, fluidity

Five Buddha Families

Skt.buddhakula  -   Tib.sangs-rgyas kyi-rigs

Also known as the "Five Families" or simply as "Buddha Families", this is a system of classification according to which Buddhas (and other deities), symbols, ritual implements etc. are arranged and associated, including associations with colors, directions and elements.

To a practiced initiate, only one associated keyword is necessary to mentally evoke all other associations; an ability that is necessary for the visualization of individual deities and/or complete mandalas.

Below the major associations of the "Five Families" 

Top to bottom:   Sanskrit, English, Tibetan, Symbol, Direction, Color, Buddha and Dakini

space, skydorjewishfulfilling jewellotussword

Colors & Directions: 

Tibetan System of Five

Tib., nub

Tib., lho
Tib., byang

Tib., shar

Extrapolated from the full system of nine directions, without any changes but leaving out the intermediate directions, this system of five is shown here merely for a clear view and because the five is an often occurring number in Tibet; for example the five elements and the Five Buddha-Families.

The scheme shown here also fits the attributes of the Five Wisdom Dakinis and the Five Krodeshvari.

These five colors also constitute the Tibetan concept of the Rainbow and the Rainbow Body.


Continue to my next blog about how to master your Five Tattvas ...

The guru is in you.  

Sat Nam!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


"Fix thy Soul's gate upon the Star whose ray thou art, the flaming Star that shines within the lightless depths of ever-being, the boundless fields of the Unknown."
                                                     -- from "The Voice of the Silence", HP Blavatsky

Through daily meditation one has a firm basis for self-study, for scrutinizing one's sets of thoughts, behaviour patterns and modes of cognition in terms of discontinuity and continuity. If one is truly trying to maintain continuity, then one is most concerned to examine why one loses it. By persisting in self-study meditation on a regular basis, one may come to see clearly the causes of recurring patterns of deviation, forgetfulness and irresponsibility.

At some point of intensive enquiry, one isolates the root causes of sporadic effort, shallow resolve and diffused desire. The true Self cannot be known until one can consciously live in and through other beings. Every person does this to a limited extent. Otherwise, there would be no possibility of communication, no extension of empathy, no growth in understanding. Yet human beings are not sufficiently motivated to strengthen the innate capacity for transcendence of the false self. Scattering of consciousness arises through mistaken identification with the persona, with name and form, likes and dislikes, borrowed opinions and ill-digested insights, with everything that is like excess luggage which cannot be carried by the immortal soul at the moment of death when the lower vestures are discarded. For the immortal soul, there is no illusion of separateness, no tension through duality, no captivity to the conceptualization of particulars.

The persistent asking of the question "Who am I?" raises a person beyond the boundaries of the personality. The lower mind is typically trapped in the realm of external differentiation, of comparison and contrast. It is fragmented through the fleeting succession of states of consciousness which produces the illusion of time. It is delusively dependent through its polarization between past and future, regrets and anticipations, fears and fantasies. Through deep meditation it is indeed possible to silence the lower mind and initiate a state of true calm. It is essential to release the serene awareness of the higher mind, which is inherently capable of abstraction, universalization and thinking through particulars (dianoia). By repeated and regular efforts in meditation and self-scrutiny, one could correct the more glaring discontinuities.

One might make it a daily practice to prepare before sleep by reflecting upon the Anahata, the deathless vibration in the secret heart, the ceaseless pulsation of the AUM. This could be fused with a true feeling of compassion for all beings.


Friday, February 10, 2012

My Healing Blessing For You!

May you take time to celebrate the quiet miracles that seek no attention
May you be consoled in the secret symmetry of your soul
May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder
May you have joy and peace in the temple of your senses

Peace be with you always.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Your Timeline is NOW

There is a need to speed up the transmission and integration of the knowledge of advanced spiritual practices. It needs to be simplified and codified in ways that will bring it into the mainstream of this scientific age. It has to be turned over to the people, and the people must decide how it will be applied for practical benefit for present and future generations. It must happen, or the methods of transmitting this knowledge will remain in the dark ages, and few will benefit. The world can no longer afford to be without effective and freely available methods for unfolding the inner nature of humanity.

There are those who say, "Do not throw pearls before swine." Two thousand years ago this may have been good advice for those who had spiritual knowledge. If they were open in its dissemination, it was likely they would be attacked by an angry, superstitious mob, and executed soon after.

Today, we need a more open approach. We stand at an important juncture in history. Can we continue to sit by and regard the human race as a mob, as swine, undeserving of the knowledge that will transform it? No. Humanity is more than that, and deserves to have the means to experience its true nature. It is time for change.

We stand on the edge of a massive shift in human awareness. Its consequences exceed the realization centuries ago that the earth is round and not flat, and that the sun is the center of the solar system and not the earth. The realization occurring in the present is that the interior of the human being is the center of divine experience, of God, and of truth. It is not somewhere else. External experiences, whether they appear divine or not, are but mirrors of the internal experience of the human being. Every human being is a window, a portal, from this world to the infinite, and from the infinite to this world.

The lessons we give you here are some of the most important tools of human transformation, the means to open the portal in you. The decision making on what practices to do is in your hands. It is no different than applying any form of knowledge. We are all familiar with learning to apply powerful technologies prudently and beneficially – automobiles, household machinery, modern medicine, electricity, the unlimited information of the internet… We can use these things effectively within a reasonable learning period. This is an instruction manual on important metaphysical skills. Wise practitioners will know what to do with it. Others will let it go by, and it will incubate for a while, which is part of the awakening process also.

The knowledge is here. It is suggested you take it in. But don't act on it all at once. Take it one step at a time. Become comfortable in a practice before you add on the next one. The more we evolve in our practice to a comfortable routine, the easier will we be able to take on something new. It takes time.

The dilemma of timing will be resolved if you respect the power and delicacy of this knowledge, and apply it responsibly in your life. It is recommended you err on the side of sticking with regular, stable practice. Always consider carefully before you add a new practice. If you overdo and feel instability, back off to your last stable platform of practice. There you can regroup and take your time considering the best way to move ahead.

In my humble opinion, meditation is the core practice. With it alone you will go far. Everything else is designed to enhance the process of meditation, to enhance the flow of pure bliss consciousness through the body and in the surroundings. If it is only meditation you are interested in, it will be enough. If you are interested in more, there will be plenty for you here.

The guru is in you.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

About Those Who Use You, Abuse You ...

Often, I encounter folks who have profiled me, pre-judged me. It's all right, though, according to Yeshua. But it brings up a good point, from another angle: how do you know if the information is good? Good counsel from AA Michael reminds those that engage with all matters involving the Mind: YOU MUST TEST the entities you encounter and USE YOUR DISCERNMENT as to whether there is veracity in the messages they give you. Don't know what that means? Then you MUST seek those out that know this knowledge and LEARN. That said, David and I remember these sentiments:

"O God give us the power to see ourselves as other people see us."
-- Robert Burns

"Oftentimes, to win us to our harm,
The instruments of darkness tell us truths;
Win us with honest trifles, to betray us
In deepest consequence."
-- William Shakespeare, Macbeth ("that Scottish play!")

Monday, February 6, 2012


Close your eyes and begin to relax and remember a very warm day in the springtime. Imagine you have come to a place in nature where you can relax against a great tree. Leaning back onto the warm treebark, just rest in this haven of nature. In your Mind's Eye,  you have a very warm spot of sun shining directly onto your chest. As you relax the spot becomes warmer, and your chest relaxes ‘opening’ wider and wiser. Your breathing becomes slower, fuller. As your heart opens your mood seems happier. With your heart center fully open to the influences of the Divine world, ask God to fill you with greater faith. As you receive faith, you may even see the pinks, reds, and golds associated with Pistis Sophia.

As your heart opens to faith, and a desire to flow with the Will of God, then ask for your opening heart to be filled with the quality of wisdom. Wisdom comes into your heart in deep golds, yellows, and blues. Once again, you may sense the feminine, angelic presence of Sophia as she hand delivers the faith and wisdom from God directly to your heart and mind.

“My friends, how happy I am to stand both beside the Creator and also within your hearts! Joy is forever sung within my being and shouted out into all of Creation! It brings a sunbeam to my eyes! It will take wisdom, faith, and joy to create a peace on Earth and within your lives. Whenever you are thoughtful and create a space within your self for these natural blessings from God, then will I speed into your heart and mind to help you choose to create positive actions within your life.”

Sunday, February 5, 2012


"I am the word that was first uttered by the Most High. It was I who covered the earth like a mist. My dwelling place was in the high heaven; my throne was a pillar of cloud. Alone I made a circuit of the sky and traversed the depth of the abyss. The waves of the sea, the whole earth, all people and nations are under my sway... Before time began He created me, and I shall remain forever. In this world I manifest His presence ... It was He who established me in the city He loved and gave me rule over Jerusalem. I took root in the hearts of those honored by the Lord, those chosen to be His special possession ... Like a terebinth I spread out my branches, laden with honor and grace. I put forth lovely shoots like a vine, and my blossoms were a harvest of love, reverence, knowledge, and holy hope."  (The Book of Ecclesiasticus)

Sophia Redemptrix,
Queen of Heaven, 
Holy Wisdom, 
Celestial Bride, 
Make open to us the Veil 
That we may partake of 
The gifts of the Bridal Chamber. 
Oh thou Holy and Secret Wisdom, 
Having blessed grape and grain, 
Bestow upon us life and joy. 

(Ecclesia Gnostica in Nova Albion)


The secret to living a happy and balanced Life is seven-fold:


The world is what you think it is - How you feel depends on how you think.

YOU are the Creator of your own reality. Become aware of your own thoughts, feelings and intentions and choose ones that serve the Highest Good. Whatever you love you empower, what you fear you empower and what you empower you attract. Take responsibility for the reality you create and know that you have the power to shift your life in the moment, at any moment.


There are no limits - Everything hears what you say and feels what you feel.

The only limits that exist are in your own mind. You can choose to believe your same limiting beliefs, or, you can choose to be free now. Life is INFINITE and you are an expression of this infinite creativity and power.


Energy flows where attention goes. What you want is more important than what you don't want.

Where are you putting your focus and attention? Celebrate the good in your life.  The energy of Gratitude is one of the most powerful forces in our Multidimensional Divine Matrix  (formerly known as our Universe). Successful people focus on growth and pay no attention to fears or excuses. Practice feeling good and visualize yourself fully expressed!


Now is the moment of power - Things don't happen yesterday and they don't happen tomorrow; they only happen right now.

Live in the Now.  The past is gone. The future does not exist. In being present, you are in the flow of your innate power. In each day and each moment, you can start anew.


To love is to be happy with. The happier you are, the luckier you are.

To love is to share the happiness of the Breath of Life. Love is our very essence and it connects every BEing ... Breathe love, share love, give love and BE love!


All power comes from within. There is always something you can do.

You have a potent natural resource within you, a force that is infinitely powerful and creative. You can tap into this multidimensional power at any time. You just have to believe you can! You are connected to all of life that is within you. Life force can be cultivated by inspiration. The more you feel the true essence of who you are, the more expansive your inner power becomes.


Effectiveness is the measure of truth. Always do what works (and if what you do doesn't work, do something different).

When you feel harmony within you, you know you are attuned to the power of Love from The Source. Find your own truth. The answers are always within you. Follow the path that brings you the most inner harmony and peace and you can never go wrong.

'Amama 'ua noa .....