Thursday, February 9, 2012

Your Timeline is NOW

There is a need to speed up the transmission and integration of the knowledge of advanced spiritual practices. It needs to be simplified and codified in ways that will bring it into the mainstream of this scientific age. It has to be turned over to the people, and the people must decide how it will be applied for practical benefit for present and future generations. It must happen, or the methods of transmitting this knowledge will remain in the dark ages, and few will benefit. The world can no longer afford to be without effective and freely available methods for unfolding the inner nature of humanity.

There are those who say, "Do not throw pearls before swine." Two thousand years ago this may have been good advice for those who had spiritual knowledge. If they were open in its dissemination, it was likely they would be attacked by an angry, superstitious mob, and executed soon after.

Today, we need a more open approach. We stand at an important juncture in history. Can we continue to sit by and regard the human race as a mob, as swine, undeserving of the knowledge that will transform it? No. Humanity is more than that, and deserves to have the means to experience its true nature. It is time for change.

We stand on the edge of a massive shift in human awareness. Its consequences exceed the realization centuries ago that the earth is round and not flat, and that the sun is the center of the solar system and not the earth. The realization occurring in the present is that the interior of the human being is the center of divine experience, of God, and of truth. It is not somewhere else. External experiences, whether they appear divine or not, are but mirrors of the internal experience of the human being. Every human being is a window, a portal, from this world to the infinite, and from the infinite to this world.

The lessons we give you here are some of the most important tools of human transformation, the means to open the portal in you. The decision making on what practices to do is in your hands. It is no different than applying any form of knowledge. We are all familiar with learning to apply powerful technologies prudently and beneficially – automobiles, household machinery, modern medicine, electricity, the unlimited information of the internet… We can use these things effectively within a reasonable learning period. This is an instruction manual on important metaphysical skills. Wise practitioners will know what to do with it. Others will let it go by, and it will incubate for a while, which is part of the awakening process also.

The knowledge is here. It is suggested you take it in. But don't act on it all at once. Take it one step at a time. Become comfortable in a practice before you add on the next one. The more we evolve in our practice to a comfortable routine, the easier will we be able to take on something new. It takes time.

The dilemma of timing will be resolved if you respect the power and delicacy of this knowledge, and apply it responsibly in your life. It is recommended you err on the side of sticking with regular, stable practice. Always consider carefully before you add a new practice. If you overdo and feel instability, back off to your last stable platform of practice. There you can regroup and take your time considering the best way to move ahead.

In my humble opinion, meditation is the core practice. With it alone you will go far. Everything else is designed to enhance the process of meditation, to enhance the flow of pure bliss consciousness through the body and in the surroundings. If it is only meditation you are interested in, it will be enough. If you are interested in more, there will be plenty for you here.

The guru is in you.

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