Sunday, February 5, 2012


The secret to living a happy and balanced Life is seven-fold:


The world is what you think it is - How you feel depends on how you think.

YOU are the Creator of your own reality. Become aware of your own thoughts, feelings and intentions and choose ones that serve the Highest Good. Whatever you love you empower, what you fear you empower and what you empower you attract. Take responsibility for the reality you create and know that you have the power to shift your life in the moment, at any moment.


There are no limits - Everything hears what you say and feels what you feel.

The only limits that exist are in your own mind. You can choose to believe your same limiting beliefs, or, you can choose to be free now. Life is INFINITE and you are an expression of this infinite creativity and power.


Energy flows where attention goes. What you want is more important than what you don't want.

Where are you putting your focus and attention? Celebrate the good in your life.  The energy of Gratitude is one of the most powerful forces in our Multidimensional Divine Matrix  (formerly known as our Universe). Successful people focus on growth and pay no attention to fears or excuses. Practice feeling good and visualize yourself fully expressed!


Now is the moment of power - Things don't happen yesterday and they don't happen tomorrow; they only happen right now.

Live in the Now.  The past is gone. The future does not exist. In being present, you are in the flow of your innate power. In each day and each moment, you can start anew.


To love is to be happy with. The happier you are, the luckier you are.

To love is to share the happiness of the Breath of Life. Love is our very essence and it connects every BEing ... Breathe love, share love, give love and BE love!


All power comes from within. There is always something you can do.

You have a potent natural resource within you, a force that is infinitely powerful and creative. You can tap into this multidimensional power at any time. You just have to believe you can! You are connected to all of life that is within you. Life force can be cultivated by inspiration. The more you feel the true essence of who you are, the more expansive your inner power becomes.


Effectiveness is the measure of truth. Always do what works (and if what you do doesn't work, do something different).

When you feel harmony within you, you know you are attuned to the power of Love from The Source. Find your own truth. The answers are always within you. Follow the path that brings you the most inner harmony and peace and you can never go wrong.

'Amama 'ua noa .....

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