Monday, February 6, 2012


Close your eyes and begin to relax and remember a very warm day in the springtime. Imagine you have come to a place in nature where you can relax against a great tree. Leaning back onto the warm treebark, just rest in this haven of nature. In your Mind's Eye,  you have a very warm spot of sun shining directly onto your chest. As you relax the spot becomes warmer, and your chest relaxes ‘opening’ wider and wiser. Your breathing becomes slower, fuller. As your heart opens your mood seems happier. With your heart center fully open to the influences of the Divine world, ask God to fill you with greater faith. As you receive faith, you may even see the pinks, reds, and golds associated with Pistis Sophia.

As your heart opens to faith, and a desire to flow with the Will of God, then ask for your opening heart to be filled with the quality of wisdom. Wisdom comes into your heart in deep golds, yellows, and blues. Once again, you may sense the feminine, angelic presence of Sophia as she hand delivers the faith and wisdom from God directly to your heart and mind.

“My friends, how happy I am to stand both beside the Creator and also within your hearts! Joy is forever sung within my being and shouted out into all of Creation! It brings a sunbeam to my eyes! It will take wisdom, faith, and joy to create a peace on Earth and within your lives. Whenever you are thoughtful and create a space within your self for these natural blessings from God, then will I speed into your heart and mind to help you choose to create positive actions within your life.”

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