Friday, May 27, 2011

Tools: Channel-Building & The Huna Cross Of Fire

Whether you are doing energy work for healing or any other work on
self-transformation It is possible to greatly increase the ability to work
with and carry higher vibrations of spiritual life forces by doing
various exercises and procedures to strengthen your energy body in
order to build up and expand your abliity to channel, carry and maintain a
store of the energy known as Chi, Mana ,Prana or Ki among many other
names.These words all refer to the energy of life though they may
include different aspects of the energies in their root concepts.
There are many ways to strengten your abilit to carry chi. Tai Chi, Chi
gong, Yoga, and dance are a few of the physical ones. Meditation, chanting
and toning ,The Microcosmic orbit numerous Grounding, centering and aura
filling exercises are some other ways. It is always a good idea to use
more than one technique though it is not reasonable to be doing
dozens of such things at once. A balance of physical and mental, emotional,
spiritual techniques is more likely to produce great and balanced
results than putting all our energetic eggs in one basket.When you
have built up chi you will want to be sure that you can use it in a
benificial way . Sometimes we allow our chi to leak away. Practices
like channel building can help you to maintain and increase your
ability to stay in harmony.

Channel Building

This is a Powerful exercise to help you become aware of your transpersonal
chakras and helps many to be able to use healing energies more effectively
without having pain or discomfort in your hands when doing healing energy work.
Becoming aware of your Soulstar and Earthstar also greatly facilitates
spiritual evolution and makes communication between yourself , Your higher self
and your angels and Guides easier .It also can greatly reduce any
difficulties with lower astral thought forms and entities
This Channel building process Or Triangluation can be done once or
twice a day. It will not be more effective if done more often than

Do not add other Chakras to those on this list for this process. When
was taught this technique I was given heavy duty warnings about over
using or altering it in any way. I am not into warnings myself but I
mention it here as an advisory. Most of the work I do and reccomend
has built in safety but I have been told that it is possible to overcharge
your energy field by overusing or abusing this technique I have not
expermented to determine if this is so or not.

The Actual Procedure

Start by standing or laying down, spine straight intend that the
highest energy you have access to run, as you do this process but do
not actively run it.

Recite the following Mantra to yourself as though you are the Soul.

I am the Soul, I am the Light Divine,I am Love ,I am will,I am
expanding design.

The Soul Star Chakra is about 6 inches to a foot and half above your
head your Solar angel sends most though not all energy and
information through the Soulstar to you. visualize a glowing ball of light, now
bring that ball of light down and out to brow level in through your
brow to your spine central channel and back up to it's original
location. repeat for a total of three times in a triangle shape in
each location. repeat at the throat , the heart, the Solar
plexus , sacral ,root, knees, ankles and at the Earth Star the
chakra 6 inches to a foot and a half below your feet Some People Suggest
that one only go to the solar plexus the first three days and add a new
chakra every three days and some start with the whole process right
off. It is important when you start working with the Soulstar that
you also begin to work with the Earthstar. so remember to do the entire procedure .

Other procdures which promote channel building and strengthen the
energy body and spiritual connection include the Rainbow disk
meditation, the Hatsu Rei Ho and Reiju practices of Usui Reiki practitioners.

The cross of Fire from Huna, antakarana meditations, the Microcosmic
orbit and yogic practices, drawing down the moon and similar practices, As well as a
multitude of other methods can also assist with channel building.


The cross of fire is familiar to most of us as a common decorative
motif in Hawaiian art and craft, four crosses around a central cross.
The crosses around the outside symbolize the highest of the energies
of the four elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air, the cross in the center is
Spirit.  This fairly simple symbol contains hidden and revealed layers upon
layers of the teachings at the center of Huna . The Energies and
information symbolized by this figure represent aguide to
Understanding the Universe and humanity's part in it. The cross of Fire is 
central to the Huna philosophy of life and to the huna system of Self
empowerment and creation That it might be considered to be at the core of
Huna Teachings. I will begin the explanation at the entry levels . the
Chakra system is familiar to many Metaphysical and complementery
health practitioners. The chakra are by no means the only energy centers.

Huna is aware of many others including the AO different schools of
Kahuna teachings do give different energy centers and priorities . I will
repeat the caution I was given by my teachers that if you do the Cross 
of fire procedure you do it as given and do not experiment with the 
various energy channels unless you are clearly guided to
do so by your Aumakua your Huna Spiritual guides and /or ancestors.

The exercise is to go around the cross focusing on each Ao energy
center for about a minute each, start at the crown and to go around
in the order given but after doing the left eye to go up to the crown a
second time back to the left eye to the right eye and from there to
the heart chakra.

The energy centers of the Cross of Fire :
1. crown
2. right eye
3. right shoulder 
4. right hip 
5. perineum 
6. l left hip 
7. left shoulder
8. left eye 
9. crown 
10. left eye 
11. right eye 
12. heart

Focus on each ao in turn . Some Huna traditions may do a simple
spiral others simply focus on the crown, heart, perineum and the four
corners of shoulders and hips.  You may feel energy run as you do this 
or you may not just continue the cross of fire.  The opening of these 
energy centers can lead to profound transformation and evolution at 
all levels of your being.

Here is the traditional Huna way of working with the 
cross of fire.  First, teach a procedure and only explain it after
considerable work has been done.  Some Huna traditions do use energetic attunements
or spiritual initiations to facilitate and amplify the affects of
these and other practices. The procedure can be done without these
attunements.  Doing the cross of fire procedure regularly (once or 
twice as day is suggested) is a prerequisite for attunement to some profoundly
transforming energies and to learning several valuable huna energy
work procedures.  Doing the exercise given above will also help to open
these centers and channels.


While many of us are familiar with the chakra centers that run along
our central core at the spinal cord few of us are even aware of the
A'o, these energy centers are said to be among the most important of the
lost information about the energy body , these centers are said to create
and hold the chakra in existence through the tension , interaction and
harmony between the centers and to be a representation of a core or
primal aspect of ourselves and the universe.  The Yin Yang symbol used 
in the East represents in part the universe held together
by the interaction of different polarities the cross of fire
represents the grand design of the universes as an interaction of the 
nine centers or realms of being/Force, the A'o.

The A'o centers represent the following aspects of the human condition:

1. the crown: top of head -- will, divine will , our own personal
will and to the guiding force present in all matter, intention.

2. right eye: center of eye socket -- time, time in the abstract,
timing or sequence of action, timelessness, real time ,the illusion of

3. right shoulder, about a quarter of an inch into the body go over
about 2 inches toward the arm from the nipple and up about 1 inch below the collar
bone -- venturing , beginning new actions, entering new realms whether
physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

4. right hip, center of hip socket -- Action , usually denotes action
in the middle of the period or situation being considered and worked.

5 .Perineum: ( halfway between the anus and the genitals ) -- anchoring. 
This can refer to ending action but more often refers to taking steps to 
ensure that the effects of ones actions are real and lasting, the effects 
of an action of in nature becoming lasting.

6. left hip: center of hip socket -- contemplation, meditation in
general, consideration and reflection on the actions one has taken.

7. left shoulder: about a quarter of an inch into the body go over
about 2 inches toward the arm from the nipple and up about 1 inch below the collar
bone -- Appreciation , The quality of appreciation in general, especially
appreciation of the divine, as well as the appreciation of the
results of action taken.

8. left eye: center of eye socket -- Harmony/Justice Ho'oponopono
Making things right, For beginning purposes refers to divine plan and
that human justice should be a reflection of the divine plan a
profound and difficult to translate concept central to Hawaiian
Mysticism.  Can translate as family therapy; also as divine
completeness and perfection (does not refer to revenge).

9.the Heart -- Love divine Love, universal love , personal
and interpersonal love the qualities that give rise to and emerge
from love.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Poem: Me And My Shadow (Emily Dickinson)

One need not be a chamber to be haunted --
One need not be a house.
The brain has corridors -- surpassing material place.
Far safer, of a midnight meeting
external ghost,
than its interior confronting --
that cooler host.
Far safer, through an abbey gallop
the stones a'chase --
than unarmed, one's self encounter
in lonesome place.
Ourself behind ourself concealed --
should startle most.
Assassin hid in our apartment
be horror's least.
The body borrows a revolver --
he bolts the door
O'erlooking a superior spectre --
or more.

Such is the daily struggle of which we each, like Faust, strive to define ... that sense of moral responsibility, wrestled between the dualities of human nature:  spirituality and sensuality; conscience and desire; ego and shadow; the divine and the diabolical aspects of the soul.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Na 'Oli: Ka Wai A Ka Pililiko - The Water Of The Reflected Image

'O ke aka ka 'oukou, e ke akua
'O ka 'i'o ka makou.

Yours is the essence, O God,
Ours the material part.

'E hikiwawe mai i ka lohe,
e akahele ho'i i ka 'olelo.

Be quick to hear,
but slow to speak.

Ka wai a ka pililiko is a rock basin filled with water that was used as a mirror by the ancient Hawaiians.  The prefix kawai is used to describe an extremely weak distilled watery substance.  It is probable tht like founders of homeopathy, ancient Hawaiians thought that essences could be used to heal.  Perhaps all of the people and situations in our lives contain essences necessary for healing.  As we learn to reflect, rather than judge, our essence remains undisturbed by outward circumstances.

Another word for essence is reflection.  The Hawaiian word for reflection is Aka.  Aka also means "the essence of life and light."  It is an embryo at the moment of conception; it is the faint glimmer preceding the rise of the moon.  In the Hawaiian language, the word aka is frequently compounded with other words to express clarity or brightness.  The expression aka ka wale O Haleakala, which means literally, "Haleakala stands in full view," refers to anything that is obvious and clear.

There is an old Hawaiian story about an old woman who used an ancient stone mirror laying in a still pond for divination.  The old woman would tell those that sought her out to watch their thoughts "as if they are clouds passing across the sky."  She taught people not to judge their thoughts or emotions, but to just let them pass.  For, like a mirror, it is important to be able to  simply reflect the beauty that is around you.  Reflection enables you to see with true vision that "comes from the eye of the heart."  It reminds you that "we are all relatives ... One great mind dreamed us all."

Ka wai a ka pililiko is a tool you can use to see clearly into the essence of a person, problem or situation. Another Hawaiian word for mirror is niani.  Aniani ho'onui 'ike means "a mirror that enlarges vision."  Ka wai a ka pililiko may remind you that reflection can lead to enlarged vision.

A mirror reflects the images it encounters as they are; it does not attempt to judge or change them.  As you refrain from judging or attempting to change things, you may find you will have no need to speak.  The better you are able to hear, the better you are able to see.  Listen from the heart and you will be able to see clearly.  No matter how muddy a basin becomes, the water's ability to cast a reflection is unchanged.  When you experience turmoil, seek the still water of nonjudgment.  The essence of any situation can be seen clearly when you peer into the Ka Wai a Ka Pililiko pool of silent wisdom.

Catherine Kalama Becker, Ph.D.
Doya Nardin

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Na Mele: Resemblance -- Like no a Like (Hawaiian/English)

My homage to Lei Day ... Beltane ... May 1st.

Ua like no a like
Me ka ua kani-lehua;
Me he la e i mai ana,
Aia ilaila ke aloha.

Ooe no ka’u i upu ai,
Ku’u lei hiki ahiahi,
O ke kani o na manu,
I na hora o ke aumoe.

Maanei mai kaua,
He welina pa’a i ka piko,
A nau no wau i imi mai.
A loaa i ke aheahe a ka makani.



When the rain drums loud on the leaf,
It makes me think of my love:
It whispers into my ear,
Your love, your love--she is near.

Thou art the end of my longing,
The crown of evening's delight,
When I hear the cock blithe crowing,
In the middle watch of the night.

This way is the path for thee and me,
A welcome warm at the end.
I waited long for thy coming,
And found thee in waft of the breeze.


Na 'Oli: E Homai

Children of Hawai'i learn this chant as early as four and five years old.  I learned it at age 5 from my Kumu Hula and also while attending Pearl Harbor Kai Elementary School.  It is a mele ... a song ... a lullaby, really, to your Spirit.  This is you remembering that You Are Spirit Greatness.  E homai, 'ea, 'ea!

E Homai
Ka ike mai luna mai e
O na mea huna no’eau
O na mele e
E Homai
E Homai
E Homai

E homai ... Return me
Return me to the wisdoms of the Ages
Return me to everything I knew
Return me to what is above
Return me to what is hidden below
Return me to what seems insignificant
Return me to my joys, my songs
Return me to the turnings of time
Return me to everything that I know
Return me to my birthright
Return me
Return me to my strength
Return me
Return me
Return me

Na Mele: Hawai'i Aloha

This song has special meaning to the people of Hawai'i .... it is so significant, that no private gathering or Hawai'i State legislative or public function is concluded until all join hands and sing this song.  To revere the Land, Mother Earth, that supports the Family that supports All Life, above all things:  this is what it means when we say "Malama 'Aina."  We are nothing without that which sustains Us.  This is what it means when we say you must Malama Ka 'Aina to be in Pono and live with Aloha Spirit.  (And no, this wasn't a prompt to chat about your last trip to the Islands around the water cooler again ... Why is this view so difficult for non-Islanders to take seriously, understand and apply??)

E Hawai’i e ku’u one hanau e

O Hawai’i of the sands of my birth

Ku’u home kulaiwi nei.
My home, I am a native here.

‘Oli no au i na pono lani ou.
Rejoice indeed in our heaven of hope

E Hawai’i, aloha e!
O’ Hawai’i, our greetings of love to you!

E hau’oli e na ‘opio o Hawai’i nei.
Be happy for the youth still of Hawai’ian soil.

‘Oli e!   ‘Oli e!
Rejoice!  Rejoice!

Mai na aheahe makani e pau mai nei
From the gentle winds blowing here

Mau kealoha no Hawai’i.
Always have love for Hawai’i

Mau kealoha, aloha e!
Greetings of love to our beloved Hawai’i!