Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Na 'Oli: E Homai

Children of Hawai'i learn this chant as early as four and five years old.  I learned it at age 5 from my Kumu Hula and also while attending Pearl Harbor Kai Elementary School.  It is a mele ... a song ... a lullaby, really, to your Spirit.  This is you remembering that You Are Spirit Greatness.  E homai, 'ea, 'ea!

E Homai
Ka ike mai luna mai e
O na mea huna no’eau
O na mele e
E Homai
E Homai
E Homai

E homai ... Return me
Return me to the wisdoms of the Ages
Return me to everything I knew
Return me to what is above
Return me to what is hidden below
Return me to what seems insignificant
Return me to my joys, my songs
Return me to the turnings of time
Return me to everything that I know
Return me to my birthright
Return me
Return me to my strength
Return me
Return me
Return me

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