Saturday, November 9, 2013

Azra Bertrand, M.D. -- "The Healing Power of Menstrual Blood"

Modern medical research is now proving what ancient cultures have known for thousands of years:  menstrual blood has incredible healing properties - including the power to regrow damaged parts of our body previously deemed to be impossible. 

The first successful FDA-approved trials in the US are beginning this year in the realms of heart disease and blocked blood vessels. This extremely common condition, known as 'atherosclerosis', affects almost every modern human, and responsible for nearly half of all deaths.  In animals, stem cells derived from menstrual blood have already proven to be extremely successful in clearing blocked arteries, even in the most extreme circumstances that would otherwise result in a loss of limb. This is due to the powerful ability of menstrual blood stem cells to grow new blood vessels, as they do every month in menstruating women in preparation for the possibility of pregnancy. 

"Menstrual blood stem cells (also called ERC) are unique amongst clinical grade stem cells in that the cell is derived from the endometrium (lining of the uterus). Every month new blood vessels are formed in the endometrium, which subsequently are sloughed off during menstruation. We believe they play a critical role in forming new blood vessels, which is supported by numerous experiments we have conducted," said Thomas Ichim, CEO of Medistem. "Since the biological role of the ERC's is to produce new blood vessels, it is our desire to use these cells to produce new blood vessels in the legs of patients with critical [blockage]." 

Clinical trials are also beginning for men and women with congestive heart failure, as the stem cells have been proven effective in animals with heart failure. 

Perhaps the most amazing implication of the research is that the number of menstrual stem cells released by a single woman in one menstrual cycle could potentially be used to heal thousands of people. We have truly entered a new era of medicine. As remarkable as it is, the current medical research is only the tip of the iceberg. The medical establishment fails to understand the whole story; it does not connect the dots that link this modern research to the long history of the womb religions and ancient knowledge of the powers of renewal held within the feminine womb. This biological womb power for time immemorial has been known as the Fountain of Life, or the Fountain of Youth. As we begin to remember these ancient powers let us hope that it helps to restore the true honor and respect that the womb and the feminine deserve. 

~ Azra Bertrand, MD

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