Sunday, November 17, 2013


Hail Thoth, Great Scribe, Magician and Messenger of the Gods,
The Lord of Wisdom and of the Utterance,
The God who cometh forth from the Veil,
I call Thee, Thou of the Ibis Head and the Phoenix Wand,
Who stands in Splendor at the Prow of the Bark of Ra,
Tongue of Ra, who expresses the Word.
I invoke Thee by the Sign of Triumph,
I invoke Thee for aid in the Great Work!

O Thoth, who I adore,
Who vindicated Osiris against his foes,
Judge of Truth, inspire me with your Wisdom,
Vindicate me, make me blameless before the Gods,
I come to you spiritualized and pure.
Open Thy Book unto me, teach me Thy Holy Magick,
Assist me in erecting the Snake Shrine of Horus,
I receive Thee and conquer Typhon in Thy Holy Name.

O Thoth, Skilled Scribe whose Hands are pure,
Possessor of Purity, who drives away evil, who writes what is True,
who detests falsehood, whose pen defends the Lord of All,
Master of Laws who interprets writings, whose Word establishes the Two Lands,

Favored of Ra, Lord of Strength, Great in Magick in the Bark of Millions of Years,
whose Power protects She who bore Him, who gets rid of noise and quells uproars,
who does what Ra in His Shrine approves,
Let us Unite so I may emulate Thy Wisdom and Splendor.

I am Thoth,
who foretells the morrow and foresees the future,
whose act cannot be brought to naught, who guides the sky, earth and Duat,
who nourishes the sun-folk.
I give breath to him that is in secret places by means of the Power which is in my Mouth.
I am the Magician.
I am complete.
I am equipped.

I am in the Suite of Thoth and am joyful for all He has done.
May the Protection of Ra be my safeguard, the Power of Thoth be behind me
and the Incantations of Isis pervade my members.


-- Issued by the Sanctuary of Thoth

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