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Beverley Taylor: GENERAL PLANETARY INFLUENCES 11-17.11.2013

All the planets stay where they are this week, apart from the usual movement of the Moon, so many of the aspects shown will be similar to those for November Monthly Horoscopes. Mercury does now travel Direct again, making communications a bit clearer, and giving some feeling of progress. 

The Sun is about halfway through emotionally intense, intuitive, private, obsessive Scorpio. 

The Moon starts the week in imperative, magnetic, impulsive Aquarius. On Tuesday it moves into emotional, responsive, sensitive Pisces. Thursday it moves again into active, excitable, impulsive Aries. On Saturday it moves into defensive, possessive, security conscious Taurus, finishing the week there, with a Full Moon on Sunday, making some of us a bit melodramatic. 

Mercury remains in fateful, instinctive, at times obsessive & introspective Scorpio, but now travels Direct, maybe helping us to discuss situations more openly. 

Venus is now in loyal, loving but shrewd Capricorn, and can make us a bit emotionally repressed in certain situations. 

Mars remains in detailed, hard-working, practical Virgo, causing possible self esteem issues at times. 

Jupiter remains in caring, considerate, generous Cancer, and is now traveling Retrograde, enabling us to find unique ways of solving problems & progressing, with original approaches. Saturn remains in enduring, purposeful, resourceful, & strong-willed Scorpio, until the end of 2013. 

Uranus remains in energetic, courageous, self-willed, proud Aries, for the next few years, and helps brings out our individualistic, rebellious side, unexpected events or disruptive emotional matters, may distract us, or help us see things differently. Uranus continues to travel Retrograde, giving us plenty of new ideas, and different, ways of acting on these. 

Neptune is settled in sensitive, intuitive Pisces, & can help us develop empathy, compassion, & understanding, with a need to remain realistic. Neptune is still travelling Retrograde, and can make us unrealistic at times. 

Pluto remains in Capricorn for quite a few years, so is a very long term influence, showing knowledge gradually acquired on deeper levels, with balance, & more realistic ways of recycling & developing our intuitive knowledge further, to use practically.

Planetary Influences:

Sun conjunct Saturn – Good self control, but with some reservations. 
Sun and Saturn sextile Mars – More energy plus a need to express creative ideas. Well directed and productive actions, with a practical, sensible approach. 
Sun and Saturn trine Jupiter – Confidence coupled with an articulate, well informed outlook. A serious, materialistic outlook on life. 
Sun square Moon Monday – Possible conflict with family members might occur. 
Sun trine Moon Tuesday and Wednesday – A harmonious balance between willpower and emotions is helpful. 
Sun opposite Moon Sunday – Tendencies to rise to challenges or provocation. 

Moon conjunct Neptune Tuesday – Daydreaming, with an imaginative, overly sensitive attitude. 
Moon sextile Venus and Pluto Tuesday – A need for sharing and happiness in personal relationships. Deeper emotional understanding of people and their motives. 
Moon trine Mercury and Saturn Tuesday – Shrewd, accurate evaluations of people and events. A sense of responsibility and honesty. 
Moon trine Jupiter Tuesday and Wednesday – Enthusiasm and optimism enables good relations with other people. 
Moon opposite Mars Tuesday and Wednesday – Crises arising in relationships can make it hard to compromise. 
Moon conjunct Uranus Thursday – Strong intuition, with a need for independent action. 
Moon square Venus and Pluto Thursday – A need for personal space to avoid feeling crowded. Intense emotions can cause some difficulties in relationships. 
Moon square Jupiter Friday – Emotional excesses can lead to hasty, possibly regrettable decisions. 
Moon sextile Neptune Saturday – Accurate hunches with good understanding of people and situations. 
Moon trine Venus and Pluto Saturday – Gentleness and harmony, with other people’s opinions valued. Willpower used to positively handle any emotional issues. 
Moon opposite Mercury Saturday – Difficulty bringing emotions and reason into balance. 
Moon opposite Saturn Saturday and Sunday – A negative mental attitude can restrict spontaneous ideas. 
Moon sextile Jupiter Sunday – Generosity and empathy shown towards others. 
Moon trine Mars Sunday – Imaginative thoughts backed with will and action. 

Mercury sextile Venus and Pluto – Skill in expressing personal thoughts, with diplomacy. Keen mental penetration and analytical intellect. 
Mercury trine Neptune – Spontaneous thought patterns, with an idealistic outlook. 
Mercury inconjunct Uranus – Sporadic energy with a feeling of taking on too many people’s issues. 

Venus conjunct Pluto – Passion and emotional intensity in attachments to others. 
Venus sextile Neptune – Imaginative ideas used creatively and artistically. 
Venus sextile Saturn from Tuesday – Loyalty shown to loved ones and friends, but possible reservations. 
Venus square Uranus – Tendencies to be drawn to more unusual people or situations. 

Mars sextile Jupiter – tendency to be drawn to more unusual people or situations. 
Mars trine Pluto – Assertiveness with a good understanding of problems arising. 
Mars inconjunct Uranus – Drive and originality, but feelings of pressure too. 

Saturn remains sextile to Pluto – Inevitable changes trigger personal growth. 
Saturn trine Neptune – Idealism and imagination combine with practical organization. 
Saturn remains inconjunct to Uranus – Problems may arise in establishing priorities. 

Uranus remains square to Pluto – A need for personal space in interacting with others. 

Neptune and Pluto remain sextile long term - A need for positive reactions to changes in society. 

ARIES 21 March - 20 April
You probably still feel emotionally intense, needing loyalty & love from a partner, but deal positively with business matters. You’re probably carrying more professional responsibility, but do so willingly. You’re serious about work, expect colleagues to do their share, positive about your family. You’re innovative, erratic, prone to daydreaming, & keen for professional progress.

TAURUS 21 April - 21 May
You continue to share a strong bond with your partner, with commitment, you communicate positively, & understand each other. You’re drawn to the idea of getting away from it all, & may plan a holiday. You’re creative, passionate, & impatient, but you communicate positively. Your subconscious mind is alert, but remain realistic about friends, & have very fixed views.

GEMINI 22 May - 21 June
You possibly have a heavy work load to contend with, but may feel stuck in a routine, you’re methodical, but prone to worrying. You’re more emotional than usual, & can be controlling & jealous, but intuitive. You seek changes at home, & may be prone to over spending or investing. You’re drawn to distinctive friends, seek career changes, & can be emotionally controlling.

CANCER 22 June - 23 July
You continue to make the most of your leisure time, getting out & need to express creative ideas, perhaps in making something. You share a very close bond with a partner, & have a strong need to identify with them. You speak very directly indeed, but remain enthusiastic & quite positive. You seek variety in your career, remain quite idealistic, but try to dominate a partner.

LEO 24 July - 23 August
You probably enjoy having time at home to spend with family or work on domestic projects, but may worry about a relative. You need a routine at work, harmonious surroundings & dealings with your colleagues. You’re financially very astute, but need to avoid negative escapism. You’re audacious & tolerant, emotionally vague & need to take care of your health.

VIRGO 24 August - 23 September
You possibly have a strong need to keep in touch in siblings, but can be restless & can be quite easily distracted. You’re feeling creative, romantic & feeling flirtatious, you enjoy some personal attention. You’re driven, energetic & strong-willed, but really enjoying seeing friends. You’re susceptible & variable, communicative with a partner, & motivated by your emotions.

LIBRA 24 September - 23 October
You continue to watch your finances, particularly if you have a lot of expenditure, so working out a budget is quite a good idea. You may find you’re spending more money on your family or home at present. You can’t easily share personal problems, but are driven for career success. You need a tolerant partnership, should look after your health, & to find time to relax at home.

SCORPIO 24 October - 22 November
You probably still come across as rather evasive & secretive at times, & may lack confidence, but are expressive in other ways. You need to mix with people of a similar mind-set & enjoy getting out & about locally. You’re drawn to competitive friends, but optimistic, & knowledgeable. You seek variety & change at work, are extremely imaginative, but can seem rather elusive.

SAGITTARIUS 23 November - 21 December
You continue to enjoy having some personal time & space, but should avoid dwelling on issues, if your mind & emotions clash. You’re prone to making luxury buys now, & need to keep a watch on your finances. You’re ambitious & impatient, but can gain money through investments.
You’re very imaginative, rather disorganized at home, but financially extremely perceptive.

CAPRICORN 22 December - 20 January
You probably gain a great deal of enjoyment from close friendships, getting out & socialising, seeing old, trusted friends. You’re charismatic, kind & sociable, quite popular, you may need motivating. You feel adventurous & enterprising, but share quite a happy bond with a partner. Your home life can seem limiting, & you might be evasive, disclosing little information.

AQUARIUS 21 January - 19 February
You possibly carry a great deal of professional responsibility at present, but are ambitious & very driven for success. You’re romantic, maybe prone to unrequited love, & find it hard to express your feelings. You need to feel wanted by a partner, & willingly offer support to colleagues. Your responses are shrewd, you have to watch your money, & are emotionally driven.

PISCES 20 February - 20 March
You continue to have quite a sense of adventure, & travel appeals if you have the chance, as does learning something quite new. You make the most of the chance to see close friends, & spend time with them. You may quarrel with a partner, but are extrovert & great company socially. You might spend more, & feel vulnerable, but share a strong bond with your old friends.


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