Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bobby Klein: I Ching For The Week of November 25, 2013

#44 Guo -- Coupling

Above               Qian/Gan Heaven/energy/Spirit power
Below               Sun Root/tree/foundation; standing on a firm platform; wind.

The Wisdom:

The feminine returns and is awesome
Move forward to meet
Know she is not alone
Your ancestors are her companions

It is now proper to go to meet the feminine, the anima, as she comes your way embodying joy, celebration, beauty and the gift of manifestation. This is heady stuff and you could forget yourself and get lost in her swirl of pleasure, copulation, fertility, and the sacred. Take of the pleasure but do not “marry” this maiden. The she that is presented is to embrace, but not to posses.

In business, or your personal or spiritual life, a sensual encounter is coming to you that should not be denied. The challenge is to not go beyond your integrity to enter into the dance with this Queen. What she brings to you are the sacred spirit gifts of your ancestors that are being offered for you to partake of and use judiciously on your journey. This clean, bright energy is meant for you to cleanse yourself of the darkness you have recently encountered.

This energetic force that is presented is magnetic and you join with it and find a person or a tribe that stimulates your mind and allows your creativity to flow like the river after a spring rain: sweet and sensual and a great surprising pleasure to behold. 

This energy, this offer, is not yours to hold onto or control, this is an ancestral dancing spirit. Copulate with this spirit with generosity and your creative self will stand strong and grow from the encounter with this Queen. In the original text of the I Ching the instruction is to “dance with the maiden, but don’t marry.” Take this statement to heart and it will protect you from disappointment and depression.

You have the opportunity to make a real change in the world in concert with your tribal fellows. Do not bring this mistress to your relationship; your connection is too hot and would burn the bond you have no matter how strong. That new personal love on the horizon should stay there for now as you are consciously swept into realization that this encounter with the sacred feminine is brief and that brevity is what will serve you in your service to the greater good of human kind. If it was not brief, you would be consumed.

This offer of power, riches and sensual pleasure brings the dark side, the shadow, to the forefront. Stay in your integrity even though the ego says to take all you can get, to keep as your personal stash of power and mete out for your own aggrandizement. The ego is the quintessential trickster, making dark look like light, and vice versa. Your clarity of discrimination is made whole by staying in your dignity and integrity in all matters concerning the awesome power of the feminine. If you deny this, you give power to the ego. When you are presented with great promises—for love, position, wealth, or power—definitely go take a look, then embrace what works for you and discharge the rest. This does not mean you will fully move away from the darkness; that is not the point. It is now about using your discriminatory strength to meet this energy flow midway. Honor that it has arrived and extract what matches your integrity.

This is dangerous play. If you get into a dance with darkness, you have to know when to let go, and when to change partners. The teaching of Guo is to look at the offer and accept only what works for you and leave the rest; this is a lesson in the art of discrimination. Do not be afraid, but be on guard so that you are not sucked in so deep you cannot get out. Walking with integrity in the face of seduction is an important skill to acquire on the path of spiritual evolution.

Take note:

The unsaid promise
Of love, sex, easy money
Or quick and easy spiritual advancement
Is a move by the wily coyote-trickster ego.

This said, go, now, to meet. Have encounters, examine opportunities, and play with the joining of yin and yang. This is the jumping-in point of expanding the creative. Temptation has brought you to this point, and now it is up to you to know how far to go, how deep to get in without getting burned or suffocated.

Have an open mind when this new, tempting situation presents itself, but only go midway to meet it. Look and listen, and the truth will be revealed well before you become completely engaged and become involved in a downward spiral of negative energy. Be on notice to protect yourself and honor the sacred space of ethics, compassion, and integrity.

In all things there is
Dark and there is light,
Yin and yang.
Do not be seduced by
Flattery or riches.

In your situation, attempting to be in control is folly. You cannot control what the heavens bring your way. Simply let this flow of energy flow through you. Do not retreat, even if you feel afraid. Use your fear to look deeply into the situation and it will bring clarity and light into what was held in darkness. Above all, do not turn away. Face your fears, and the darkness will become light. Your weaknesses will become your strength, and your tears will give way to joy. Grieve for what or whom you must let go of and make your move into the light.

When you find yourself in a difficult or seemingly impossible situation, it is self-knowledge that will extricate you and deliver you safely to the shore. Look deep within, see and embrace your dark side and the emotions that come with it. Make your fears, tears, anger, and sadness your loving companions as you travel toward the highest good for you, your tribe, and our precious Earth. These emotions are some of the colors with which we paint our lives with As we have all seen, Gaia has her own hidden dark side as well—it is a darkness that gives way to the dawning of light and love.

Blessed be, fellow travelers, blessed be.


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