Thursday, November 7, 2013

40-DAY GRATITUDE CHALLENGE -- Day 1: What Do You Have Enough Of?

"True abundance does exist; it flows from sufficiency, in an experience of the beauty and wholeness of what is." -- Lynne Twist 

The Idea: Let's kick-off this challenge with the introduction of a very special concept: "Sufficiency". A state of being that is in touch with all the resources, both inner and outer, that we each have in any given moment. Sufficiency doesn't mean living in denial or with an absence of aspiration. It just means that you are fully aware of what *is* in your life and that you are not blinded by the things you don't have.

Today, then, take some time to reflect on your places of sufficiency. List them down in your gratitude journal, or if you're feeling artsy, create a collage of words or a drawing that captures all that you have enough of. As we learn to be attentive to all that we have, we discover true abundance.

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