Sunday, March 9, 2014

I Ching For The Week of March 10, 2014

#35       Jin     Flourishing

Above   Li      Radiance, fire; brightness that brings clarity and 

Below   Kun   Center of the Earth; that on which everything rests; the
                    basis of all things.

The Wisdom:
You are entering a time of great progress.
Achieving stillness is most important now.
Bring tribe and family together to serve the higher forces.
In this way you will shine and share the light.

In many ways you have been in rehearsal for this time of rapid progress. Now the time to move to center stage is here. You cannot refuse the energy that is coming; it is now not about choice, as you have already chosen—chosen to be at your best and to unfold your fullness at this, your finest hour. Get ready, people, there’s a train a-coming.

All of your recent works focused on the outer and inner planes of your existence have been preparation… preparation for entering fully into this time of rapid progress. The time to move into action is here.  

In times like these, you may feel that your movement forward is thwarted in some ways and that will trigger doubt. Hold tight to your plan, you are not in error, you are backed by a great spirit force, the unseen helpers that have brought you this far will not abandon you now.

Strive for fairness in places and activities where you hold power or influence. Honor those who work with you and for you. If you are solo in your craft or art, honor the dancing spirit who comes as a silent muse to enliven you and to tickle your fancy. Make a relationship with this spirit and it will soothe you for all your days.

Heed well the knowledge that the doorway of desire for abundance in your life is now open and will surely begin to flow—it is your destiny. To keep the continuity of progress in your forward movement, there are vital universal laws and truths that will be of benefit to adhere to.

As you gather the fruits of progress, do not forget how you got here and who has been your support; recognize the ones who have blazed the trail before you. You are gaining an abundance of power, influence, love, and prosperity; share this with your mentors, tribe and family. In this way you are signifying that you are grateful and not being overpowered by the ego. Honor your mentors and guides, both emotionally and spiritually, and give them praise and honor. In this way you are operating in the fullness of gratitude, and gratitude is a catalyst in the alchemical mixture that will deliver you to love, peace, and abundance. When the energy of prospering is present, whether in your business, projects, health, or relationships, you are being given a very special, albeit temporary force.

Coming mercifully into your life now is a very clear and powerful energetic force; it is a currency of sorts.  Spend this currency wisely. Be guided by compassion as you move to examine your patterns of behavior and identify those that have not worked in the past that will surely create obstacles for further progress. Replace these outworn negative patterns with positive actions, thoughts, and prayers.  The words you think are more powerful than the words you say. You must correct and change the words of the inner voice when it speaks of negativity, hurtful actions, or revenge. This is the ego pushing you to go off track merely for a temporary pleasure, or to bask in the ego-light of the work you have done for, and in harmony with, the greater good.

Achieving an inner stillness is crucial now, for it is in this stillness where you will hear and feel the voice of your intuitive wisdom. Look to your practice, whether it is meditation, writing, painting, hiking, tilling the land, or any activity that gets you out of your mind and free from the voice of the judgmental and critical ego.

What is being presented to you is fresh and new and it is imbuing you with confidence and strength. Power such as this can be a tricky thing. The way here is to make sacrifice: Let go of old habits, friends, or associates who are too much work, gift portions of your abundance to those in need, and/or speak up on behalf of those who are powerless. Your abundance will also be expressed in words and kindnesses that you can gift along the way. You may chose to gift material goods, clothing, or books you don’t use anymore. Pass the energy around, all the while shining the light that is emerging to and through you from the very center of the galaxy.  Be a part of your community and tribe with an open heart and a welcoming doorway.

You are perfectly positioned and have prepared and practiced well. Have no doubts about this. Accept fully that you are in the right place at the right time. But just being in place is not enough now: You must activate this earned gift of strength and influence with compassion, dignity, and kindness. Proceeding in this manner with humility will please spirit and open many doors that have previously been closed and often unseen. Spirit is with you and watching you and assisting you in finding direction. You once were lost, but now you are found and it was this dancing spirit that led you out of darkness and into the light.

This flourishing that is in bloom is making way for a beautiful and full journey for you and your family, tribe, and associates. Often on journeys such as this, you will encounter obstacles and difficulties on the way toward your goal of peace and abundance; this is the natural order of things. Progress itself breeds these challenges, and they must be met head on. Obstacles can be easily dealt with by being very aware as you plan your moves and actions. Be certain you are not hiding your truth or trying to be “reasonable.” To deal with any angst that will arise, and to insure continuing progress and preserve your sanity, be grateful, cherish the love all around you, and remain centered and calm through your spiritual or physical practice. Find a place in your life to give back, to be of service, and through it all, find your stillness, your confident center. Gratitude for this time and for your gift of life and tribe is an elixir that will insure your clarity on this adventure of living in a body on earth.

You will be of great influence now in your social, familial, and tribal circles. Set goals and work together to accomplish better communication as you move forward and reap your rewards. Do not let yourself slip into judgment or conservatism. Operate with abandon socially and in communication with your loved ones. Be of unconditional love; surprise the ones who have been there for you through the most difficult times. Plan a fiesta, and gather the tribe together for a celebration of life. Be intimate and affectionate to those around you. Embrace your brilliance and illuminate the dark corners of the psyche so that with this light, the truth will shine like the sun at midday.

Open your mind and heart to the art and ideas of the indigenous peoples of your geography, go to them and listen to the soothing and somehow familiar messages that have remained through the ages. Open your eyes as well as your ears and hear the secrets and see the visions waiting for you. The ancestors, whether your direct antecedents or not, have left coded messages in the great storehouse of knowledge: the writings, songs and feasts for the eyes that have remained. The ancient messages have remained for you to discover and embody, and to be signposts for the world’s residents to discover along the road to peace and prosperity for all. The gifts on the path are great, you need only to find a stillness of mind for them to be shown to you.

The earth is entering a golden age where, with effort, dignity, compassion, and kindness, we can join as one with Gaia and all her sentient beings to find again peace on Earth and good will to all.

In LaK’esh ...

I am the other you…Happy new age…


Daily Words of the Buddha for March 09, 2014

Susukhaṃ vata jīvāma,
verinesu averino.
Verinesu manussesu,
viharāma averino.

Happy indeed we live,
friendly amidst the hostile.
Amidst hostile people
we dwell free from hatred.

Dhammapada 15.197

The Dhammapada: The Buddha's Path of Wisdom,
translated from the Pali by Acharya Buddharakkhita

Pāli Word a Day for March 09, 2014

pamoda— delight, joy

Friday, March 7, 2014

Pāli Word a Day for March 07, 2014

kalyāṇasahāya — having the companionship of good people who have wholesome qualities

Daily Words of the Buddha for March 07, 2014

Attā hi attano nātho;
ko hi nātho paro siyā?
Attanā hi sudantena,
nāthaṃ labhati dullabhaṃ.

One truly is the protector of oneself;
who else could the protector be?
With oneself fully controlled,
one gains a mastery that is hard to gain.

Dhammapada 12.160

The Dhammapada: The Buddha's Path of Wisdom,
translated from the Pali by Acharya Buddharakkhita