Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Julie Miller -- Look at How Far You’ve Come -- Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message, November 19 – 26, 2013

Your willpower is tested time and again, sometimes daily through common challenges along with a few difficult ones along the way just to make your journey more interesting. How you react and respond to each one also determines your inner strength and ability to overcome strong emotions or to allow them to overpower you. When you are acting by sheer willpower in order to achieve something you have been planning, there is an energy that fills your entire being and this energy persists until you have reached the outcome you have been working so hard to achieve. It is understood as you are striving to reach the outcome you have been working so hard on that errors will present themselves. They are not there to dissuade you, but to look closer at what you are doing to ensure the effort you have applied will guarantee you the outcome you have envisioned.

Your willpower and determination are powerful tools that will provide you the energy and direction needed when you are pursuing a certain goal or path that will increase your level of knowledge and understanding for the betterment of your whole self. Some paths you take will seem as if they are taking forever, or that there is no winning because some of the obstacles are hard, we encourage you to try again, to persist with your heart and soul, taking on new ways and procedures that will bring you as near as possible to the outcome you have been wishing to achieve – one that will bring satisfaction and peace of mind of being able to complete any goal you have been working on.

You see perseverance all around you from babies learning to stand and walk, to athletes perfecting their game. They keep going until they reach their destination or goal. They learn from their mistakes and become stronger and better for them.

As you are diligently working through the path you are currently on, it’s important to reduce your negative influences. Dear souls that only know how to give hurtful and mean criticism are not what is needed to build your confidence that will propel you on your journey. Surround yourself with a strong supportive circle, dear souls that will encourage you, support you and respect you for the efforts you apply and they will love you unconditionally for who you are, as you are.

Increasing your willpower and determination is not only probable but very possible through conscious actions taken by you. As you communicate and interact with other dear souls, you will quickly ascertain who you resonate with and who you do not. Steer clear from those that you don’t resonate with and revel in the glory and grace of those that you do find comfort and resonate with. All the effort and work you are able to reach on your own will be that much more amplified when you have the love and support of those that support you.

It is well understood the dear souls that have been defeated or lost is known to have the most willpower because they never gave up, they saw what they needed to do in order to bring success into their corner of the world and they persevered, they learned and grew. Dear ones, even if it seems at the moment you are going nowhere, look back at how far you have already come. Inspire and empower yourself through each step of the changes and goals you are aiming at accomplishing. Learn from those mistakes, take the knowledge gained and turn it into positive action. We strongly wish words such as Give up, Quit or Can’t or similar words should not be part of your vocabulary as they carry heavy negative energy and meaning but at the same time when the feeling of giving up enters your mind, it is up to you to determine its truth and allow the action to proceed or to stop and reflect and figure out the best course of action to try again.

We know there are many changes you want to make, not just within your spiritual journey but right in your personal and professional life. All the changes you want to see come down to your willpower – how strongly do you want to succeed. If you want to achieve a goal bad enough, you will apply your heart and soul in order to reach the envisioned outcome.

Why is Willpower so important? Willpower provides you with the ability to resist temptations, it allows you to get the job at hand done, and it brings clarity and awareness to your long-term goals. Willpower is your tool dear ones to control your impulses, your overwhelmed emotions and feelings, your willpower is what provides your discipline with so much strength. But like an overworked muscle, your willpower can become tired when it’s overused. Willpower uses up energy. It is not something you use at every second of every day, it is used when you need it most, to transcend certain obstacles, to reach certain goals, during a difficult confrontation it provides you with the strength to restrain yourself, etc. Once willpower is used during the moment of need, the energy used is depleted leaving you feeling tired. Remember dear ones to replenish your energy with rest, nutrition and water.

Increasing your willpower requires realization that this part of yourself needs a little tweaking. All you need to do dear ones is re-train your brain and you can easily accommodate this through meditation. Through meditation you learn how to control your mental and emotional impulses and focus on breathing and stillness of mind. In time and with steady practice of meditation you will improve your mental stability and willpower. When your mind begins to wander re-focus your attention to your in-breath and out-breath. Refocusing on your breathing will help to become more aware and in control of your total self while meditating and this awareness and control can be utilized in everyday life.

End the feeling of guilt or self-blame if you haven’t been able to reach a specific goal or outcome. If truly wish to see a certain goal succeed, you already have within you all the power to turn this goal into a successful outcome and don’t be afraid to seek assistance. Believe in yourself and make the changes necessary that will promote the growth and development needed. What you consider a flaw of your character is just a part of yourself that requires a little love and attention. If you have not been exercising your willpower, it is then unreasonable to expect your brain to accept a lot of energy here. Increase the power of your willpower similar to how you increase your body’s physical strength. Don’t give up, keep finding new ways to push forward and give yourself credit for what you have already accomplished. Be kind to yourself. You will reach your destination, one-step-at-a-time.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master El Morya

through Julie Miller

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