Friday, August 23, 2013

The High Energies Are Fantastic!

The high beautiful energies are here, without a doubt. The ease with which we can now communicate with those in the higher realms is wonderful ... it becomes even easier each time you do this.  How do you "do this"?  Meditate to connect with your self, candidly but with compassion.  Forgive your past, be grateful for the lessons that yielded knowledge and understanding, use that information to guide your choice of experience in the moment.  Have patience and tolerance for yourself, for how could you expect from others what you deny your Self? The more you open your heart and calm your thoughts, the clearer the messages (the answers you seek) will be. You are surrounded by beautiful beings. The energies are very high and it is most exciting to notice each time a request or question is answered. I am loving the journey more each day. Be Bold In-Joy, Peace and ALOHA!

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