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Sarah Varcas: August 26-28, 2013 - A New Age

28th August 2013: North Node and Saturn in Scorpio

New Laws For a New Age

With the North Node approaching Saturn in Scorpio, the domain of Pluto, laws are changing all around us, and I don’t mean the ones we’ve made up. These are universal laws, those which govern the unfoldment of our lives and the evolution of the planet: not the ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’ of the human realm but the possibilities and potential of the infinite one in which everything past, present and future, has and will come to pass.
Our laws and the universal variety are so very different. The former are all about ‘little me’ and how I think life should be. The latter are all about life and how it actually is. They take account of other dimensions and data we could never comprehend with our tiny minds. They operate in the formless worlds alongside those of form, connecting everything – past, present, future and dimensions outside of time – into an intricate web of cause and effect the likes of which we could never wholly unravel no matter how long we lived.
We don’t make the laws under which we actually live. We may not even understand them, but we are subject to them nonetheless. And now, at this time of massive energetic shift, they are becoming more and more apparent in our dimension. In effect the process of karmic re-balancing is intensifying its impact upon the earth plane in order to bring about a deeper cleansing, the likes of which we’ve not experienced before.
Whilst we tend to view our own karmic experience through very personal eyes – I did this and that happened which is either a) good because that’s what I wanted or b) bad because it wasn’t fair or didn’t work out the right way – what we don’t take account of is the millions of times other people have done the same thing, adding their energy to the vast pool of karmic ‘goo’ from which we all draw as members of the human race. Karma is not a solely personal affair and we are not subject to solely personal laws.
We could be the most perfect, wise and compassionate person on the planet, but that doesn’t guarantee an easy ride because it’s not all about us here and now, it’s also about us in other realms and dimensions, it’s about everyone else throughout time and space who have contributed to the collective karmic well from which we draw. It’s about the vibration of the energy field of the planet at the time of our actions and being part of a collective consciousness, which shares its karma as much as living its own personal bit of it.
It is this collective karma which we will all encounter more directly from here on in. As the Age of Aquarius anchors itself on the earth plane we are more and more influenced by and influencing the collective consciousness of the planet. The karmic consequences of our actions are felt now not only by us but by everyone, just as we are experiencing the consequences of actions not undertaken by ourselves. It sounds a bit alarming I know, but the heavens do not speak of disempowerment or despair as a result of these shifts.
Instead they point to the potential of such a time, because now we can change the results of other people’s behaviour just as they can influence the results of ours. Enough people acting from a place of love can negate the consequences of unloving acts, just as enough people acting from a place of hate can enhance them. Things just aren’t as personal as they used to be and we’re going to have to get used to that and decide exactly what it is we want to be contributing to the collective karmic pot, because what goes in is what will come out on a much grander scale.
Think of it like a pot of soup. We each add our favourite ingredient to it, but if lots of people have a particular penchant for onions, the soup will taste very oniony, even though other people have added a carrot here or a parsnip there. So when we share the soup it will taste of onions, whatever we’ve put into it. Those who threw in a potato or some cabbage may be thinking ‘Well this isn’t fair. I didn’t sign up for onion soup!’, but what they may fail to grasp is that they didn’t put in enough of their ingredient of choice to make a difference in the face of all those onions! This is how the karmic field is beginning to function now. If we want to draw from it positivity, peace, harmony, healing, honesty, wisdom, then that’s exactly what we need to be putting into it and in big amounts, because there are plenty of people out there putting in all kinds of very strong metaphorical onions with the capacity to over-power our contribution!
We can no longer occupy ourselves with only our little corner of the universe, imposing our own egoic laws and complaining when they don’t follow through how we think they should. The best, most compassionate deeds in the world will offer up little in the way of positive karma if the collective field is all out of positivity. Just as the most heinous deeds will have nowhere to anchor themselves in that field if it’s already full to bursting with the karmic consequences of collective hope and love.
This shift in the law, from personal to collective, places great responsibility at the feet of all who recognise it, because it makes us incumbent to step up and contribute the best ingredients we can muster to the karmic pot. It doesn’t mean we must be forever sickeningly positive and smiley when we’re actually dying inside. That’s just dishonest and all we’re adding is more deception into a world already full of it. What we need to be adding is honesty and openness, authenticity and acceptance. Compassion, for ourselves and others, and all the wise actions and choices we can muster. Because as we throw them in we will be creating a well of all those qualities from which we can all draw, today, tomorrow, and for many years to come…
Have a good day everyone.

27th August 2013: Yesterday Changed Everything

Untold Grace & Infinite Blessings

Yesterday changed everything, whether we like it or not! For some this change will be an unsurpassable gift never to be replicated. For others a loss of things never to be regained. But whatever is gifted is eternal and whatever is lost was never meant to be, not in this world to come. Yes, in the past, maybe even just last week, these things had their place but today and onward into the new world, that place can be filled by something altogether more beautiful, more authentic, more real than anything now lost could ever have been.
Yesterday we stepped out into a brand new spectrum of light, a fresh energetic vibration, an age of different priorities and brand new perspectives. We have arrived at a destination not encountered before. We are the pioneers stepping forth into unknown lands, not to occupy and shape them as we see fit but to be occupied by this new energy, this fresh light, these cosmic forces that have finally reached our sphere, embracing us as they come to rest after a journey of aeons in which we have all played our part.
This is a mystical juncture, one that stands out of the endless routine of time, taking us into a new dimension. Yes, we still have to go to work, feed our families, navigate the complexities of everyday life, but somehow, now, everyday life can be infused with the energy of freedom, wisdom and love like never before, Words, thoughts, actions have increasing power and as the energies that flood this planet are further and further refined, our responsibility to honour those energies and use them well increases commensurately. This time is not a ‘free pass’ to enlightenment. It’s one of initiation into a new dimension which both offers us untold graces and makes previously unmade demands.
This week we will not see wars end, crops grow in drought-ridden lands and inequalities the world over defeated. We will not see tyrannical dictators handing their power back to the people just as we will not awake one to morning to find, you and I, that suddenly we are free of everything which has weighed us down before. This is not a time of magical miracles, it is a time of inexpressible potential unbound by time and space. It is a time of new dimensions and frequencies now available to us all if we choose to claim them as our own. And this is not just a moment in time but a whole new beginning – the birth of a brand new world.
So no matter where we find ourselves today, we can step into this new world with a simple prayer, a heartfelt intention – to be open to receive the infinite grace of The Now. To be ready to act as a conductor through which this energy can flow, unrestricted, into the world all around us: through our words and our deeds, our thoughts and our very breath. Each step we take can be a connection with Mother Earth through which this energy flows.
In the coming days, weeks and months much will be revealed to us, both within and without. Today is just the beginning. We have so much to learn and now arrive such wonderful teachers into our dimension. They may come to us as emotions and feelings, thoughts or ideas, as physical sensations or inner voices. They may come as events, beings – corporeal and otherwise – or Mother Nature herself. They are all around, awakening us to their presence and to the Presence inside of us. They have so much to share and we have so much to learn. The students are ready and the teachers have now appeared.
This is a time of untold grace and infinite blessing, because now we have available choices never offered before. We can choose to cling to the sinking ship of the old world – our old pain – the ‘I’m just always going to be this way…’ thought patterns that have kept us stuck, or we can jump ship into the waters below and have faith that no matter how deeply we are submerged, there is nothing to fear but fear itself, and even that is now transforming into grace.
Here’s wishing everyone a blessed day.

26th August 2013: A Cosmic Gift Like None Before It

The Birth of a New Creation

Today we encounter energies the likes of which we very rarely meet. You can read about the astrology of it here. This is a day of great power, enormous potential and invigorating influences. It takes us beyond anything we have recently experienced into an energy field altogether different. Today the cosmos steps out of its own comfort zone into a place of expansion that even it doesn’t usually occupy!
Needless to say this is cause for both excitement and caution. Excitement because we now have at our disposal the experience of an energy completely fresh and new, and caution because we may not yet be entirely qualified to handle such a potent force!
Of course, that said, if we weren’t collectively ready it wouldn’t be here, but at a personal level we need to step up and recognise the responsibility with which this day presents us: the responsibility to take the baton and run the race ahead with renewed faith and vigour, ready to overcome whatever we may encounter in our path. The heavenly configurations today speak of a new creation being birthed.
They harken back to 29th July when we were reminded that there is still hard work to be done and depths to be plumbed; that nothing comes to us on a plate unless and until we’ve established the necessary vibration within our own lives, to receive it. At that time there was a risk of disregarding the work needed in our everyday lives to prepare the planet for evolution. We may have been tempted to overlook the value of wisdom gained from going through the metaphorical fire, in favour of quicker and more apparently magical outcomes by side-stepping the harsher face of reality.
Today we have the opportunity to remedy that decision, to look the fire in the face, step into it, naked and willing, to have the old and outdated burned off us, leaving only what is resonant with the new possibilities and potential of this time. Of course, metaphorical fires often manifest as moments of extreme despair, profound shame, rage, grief… whatever form our biggest and deepest challenge takes, there’s a flame in the fire shaped just like it. But surrounding each flame is also a greater one of hope, renewal, faith, potential and, most important of all, love. Not red roses and boxes of chocolate love. Not even unconditional parent/child love. No, this is cosmic love.
It’s the love of the universe submerging us within its flames, even as we cry out for mercy, because this love hurts as it heals, burns as it purifies and breaks as it recreates a new. This is the love that says ‘I will force you screaming through the flames because I know how wonderful you’ll feel once you’re out the other side. I know then you won’t be able to thank me enough for this opportunity to begin again, fresh and new. When in fact, you won’t have to thank me at all, because you are me, I am you, and we’re doing this together’.
Today the cosmos speaks of hard love and beauty, grief and reward, rage and peace. It calls upon every opposing force in the universe to come to the centre and merge as one to create a brand new vibration the likes of which has never existed before. Today is truly a day of birth, of creation. If I had to pin-point a day when the biggest and most profound shifts could occur in ourselves, in the world, in our lives, this would be it, no question. But we have to be the ones that shift, the ones that move and regroup in a new formation. Today we have to BE different, not just wait for difference to come upon us as a gift from another realm.
We already have the gift, it’s here, all around us in the form of new vibrations, unique energies and powerful forces, but we have to conduct those forces through ourselves, through our spirits, minds and emotions, through our physical bodies, our choices, thoughts and behaviours. If we don’t do that it’s like buying a new battery then keeping it in its packaging on the shelf. ‘Look at my lovely new battery’ we think. Won’t it be wonderful when I use it for something’. Meanwhile the appliances in our home flag and struggle, giving up the ghost as their own batteries can’t keep up with the demands made upon them. But still the new one sits on the shelf, waiting for the day when we finally unpack it and put it to use.
That day is now. We are those struggling appliances running on empty and the cosmos has just delivered a whole new power pack for us to use. But if we don’t plug ourselves in, it might as well not have bothered, to be frank! And next time it may not be so generous…
So whatever today brings to us in our everyday lives, in the world around us, we can rest assured that something incredibly powerful is afoot. Something which can change us beyond recognition if we let it. It won’t happen in the blink of an eye. It takes time to adjust to these new vibrations and possibilities, but if we can dedicate today to opening ourselves up to them, inviting them in and allowing them to penetrate every corner of our psyche, every bit of our spirit, every cell of our body, we will find, in the coming days, something is occurring which we’ve not encountered before.
A new kind of peace; a deeper understanding; a greater knowing of truths previously out of grasp. Whatever form these energies come to you and me today, whatever formation of everyday life delivers them to our door, we can rest assured that the purpose is evolution, the motivation is love and the fire, whilst hot as hell, is actually heaven on earth, ready for us to take up our place in the New World, stepping out of the old one and blessing it as we leave.
So please, join me today in welcoming this cosmic shift, this moment of rebirth. It is at its most powerful between 6:15 a.m. and 7:20 p.m. GMT, but space and time being what they are in dimensions other than this one, if you miss the ‘hot-spot’ don’t panic! It’s our intention and willingness to receive that matters and the gifts from the cosmos today aren’t going away at 7:20 this evening! They’re here to stay. The big question is… what are we going to do with them?!
With much love to everyone on this very special day.

26th August: Not a Grand Sextile But I’m Still Excited!

Monday 26th August (GMT) is a big day astrologically – by far one of the most powerful days we’ve experienced in a very long time. My posts for 23rd and 24th-25th August give some information about preparation for it and, of course I’ll be posting more on the big day itself. But right now I just wanted to clarify what I see happening astrologically on that day. (Warning: lots of boring astro-speak coming up!)
We have a Grand Square, also known as a Cardinal Cross, formed by Venus, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. A Yod, also known as a Finger of God or Projection Triangle, formed by the Moon, Chiron and Venus, and a Mystic Rectangle formed by the Moon, Sun/Mercury, Saturn and Chiron. We also have a Star of David formed by a Grand Trine in Water (Saturn, Jupiter and Chiron) and a Grand Trine in Earth (Sun/Mercury, Moon, Pluto).
As I mentioned back on 29th July, a Star of David is not the same as a Grand Sextile. It’s part of it, but to make it a Grand Sextile the planets need to all be 60 degrees apart (give or take 4 degrees) which they’re not in this instance. Nearly, but not quite! However, despite that it’s still a very powerful time, far more so than 29th July when the last Star of David occurred.
Oh, and we have 4 Kites: one apex Saturn, one apex Pluto, one apex Chiron and one apex the Moon. One more Kite would have given us that Grand Sextile but never mind… with all that lot going on I’m fairly convinced it’s a big day nonetheless!
Sarah Varcas
26th August 2013 chart

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