Friday, August 30, 2013

Meditation: The Perfect You

Welcome … Thank you for listening.

When you listen and listen deeply, you are receiving sense impressions into the very core of your being.  Allow yourself to feel the sounds and sensations within you … breathing deeply … relaxing completely.

You can begin to feel a softness drawing you into that special place where everything is just right.

A wave of comfort washes over you as you rest into this one moment.

In this place, you will find a kind of awareness that is totally relaxed, totally confident … peaceful, and very, very wise.

Before now, you may not have noticed the sensation of your skin at the top of your hands … but since you’re thinking of it now, you can feel them and know they are relaxing even deeper.

Before now, you might not have been noticing how good it feels to rest your eyes … letting all the tension just drift away.

You can notice many things.  And, because you can notice and feel the sensations you pay attention to inside, you can feel the kinds of feelings that give you deeper and deeper peace and comfort.

You are safe and secure in your experience as you begin to connect with the part of you that is always here … protecting, guiding and nurturing you.

There is a part of your mind that knows how to dream.  Dreaming is easy and automatic.  You don’t have to think about it and it happens all on its own.

Your inner being knows how to do many things … things that are mysterious and delightful.  This part of your mind is always here … listening, knowing and smiling … that’s right.

Very good.

Each and every time you feel the peaceful sensations you feel in deep relaxation, you strengthen your relationship to this part of you.

Behind your eyes there is a wise and joyful being, watching all the images in your thoughts … noticing all the sensations of your emotions … recognizing your perfect goodness.  This part of you knows a great many things not normally known … and understands things that live in the imagination … and this part of you allows you to remember what you need to remember to realize that profound loveliness within you and around you.

Let’s allow for a moment to honor and acknowledge this part of your being .. the Master of dreams … the Keeper of your body … the Wise Sage of Inner Mysteries.

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