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Beverley Taylor: Astro Horoscopes -- Week of August 19-25, 2013

A bit more planetary movement this week, as both the Sun and Mercury change signs, towards the end of the week. The rest of the planets, Venus through to Pluto remain where they are for this week. The Sun is in it’s last phase of commanding, distinguished, extravagant Leo.  On Friday, it moves into modest, organized, modest, particular Virgo.

The Moon starts the week in aloof, pessimistic, responsible Capricorn. On Tuesday it moves into impulsive, magnetic, imperative Aquarius, with a Full Moon on 20th, making us a bit melodramatic. On Thursday it moves into emotional, responsive, sensitive Pisces. Saturday it moves into active, excitable, impulsive Aries, finishing the week there. 

Mercury remains in organized, dogmatic, stubborn Leo until Saturday, when it moves into rational, decisive, finicky Virgo. 

Venus remains in plausible, sensual Libra. 

Mars is now in it’s last phase of ambitious, passionate and sensitive Cancer. 

Jupiter remains in caring, considerate, generous Cancer for quite a while. 

Saturn remains in enduring, purposeful, resourceful, & strong-willed Scorpio, until the end of 2013. It only travels Retrograde for a week, then starts moving forward again. 

Uranus remains in energetic, courageous, self-willed, proud Aries, for the next few years, and helps brings out our individualistic, rebellious side, unexpected events or disruptive emotional matters, may distract us, or help us see things differently. Uranus travels Retrograde for some while, giving us plenty of new ideas, and different, unique ways of acting on these. 

Neptune is settled in sensitive, intuitive Pisces, & can help us develop empathy, compassion, & understanding, with a need to remain realistic. Neptune is still traveling Retrograde, and can make us unrealistic at times. 

Pluto remains in Capricorn for quite a few years, so is a very long term influence, showing knowledge gradually acquired on deeper levels, with balance, & more realistic ways of recycling & developing our intuitive knowledge further, to use practically. It travels Retrograde until Mid September, giving a strong need for self-knowledge and inner truth. 

Planetary aspects this week are:

Sun and Mercury conjunct all week – A creative outlook, with good expression, and positive action. 
Sun opposite Moon Wednesday – Possible inconsistencies in energy flow. 
Sun sextile Saturn from Friday – Deeper understanding and awareness of personal limitations. 
Sun trine Pluto from Friday – Good concentration and strong willpower enables personal goals to be achieved. 
Sun opposite Neptune from Friday – Challenging problems may arise that are difficult to understand. 

Moon opposite Mars Monday – Crises may arise in relationships due to problems compromising. 
Moon sextile Uranus Tuesday – Quick emotional responses and a great rapport with others. 
Moon square Saturn Tuesday – Seriousness with a need for progress. 
Moon trine Venus Tuesday – Optimism and harmony prevails in relations with other people. 
Moon opposite Mercury Wednesday – It can be hard to bring balance emotions and reason. 
Moon conjunct Neptune Thursday – A dreamy, imaginative and very sensitive outlook. 
Moon sextile Pluto Thursday – Depth of understanding, but a need for some privacy. 
Moon trine Jupiter Thursday – Enthusiasm generates optimism in other people. 
Moon trine Saturn Thursday – A prudent, sensible approach to people and situations. 
Moon trine Mars Friday – Imaginative ideas can be backed with will and action. 
Moon conjunct Uranus Saturday – Strong intuition and a very independent approach. 
Moon square Jupiter and Pluto Saturday – A need to think about impulsive decisions or purchases. Intense emotions can cause relationship issues. 
Moon opposite Venus Saturday – Possible conflict or mistrust in dealings with others. 
Moon square Mars Sunday – Try to avoid being overly demanding as emotions can take over. 

Mercury sextile Saturn from Saturday – Resourcefulness and care in personal actions. 
Mercury trine Pluto from Saturday – Instinctive ability to get to the roots of niggling issues. 
Mercury opposite Neptune from Saturday – Creative and imaginative communication, but a need to remain realistic too. 

Venus square Jupiter and Pluto – A careless, rather self indulgent approach to relationships or situations. Possible tension may arise in emotional or sexual relationships. 
Venus inconjunct Neptune – A sensitive, imaginative, inspired outlook, but possible stress too. 
Venus opposite Uranus from Wednesday – Too much intensity in relationships can cause instability. 

Jupiter square Uranus for quite a while – Inhibiting conflicts can limit personal goals and achievements. 
Jupiter trine Saturn till the end of September – A more serious purpose to life, perhaps with a materialistic outlook. 
Jupiter trine Neptune this week – Gains can be made in various ways by following intuitive and instincts. 
Jupiter opposite Pluto till Mid September - Assertiveness of personal views, but possible misunderstandings from those around you. 

Saturn remains sextile to Pluto – Inevitable changes trigger personal growth. 
Saturn trine Neptune – Idealism and imagination combine with practical organization. 
Saturn remains inconjunct to Uranus – Problems may arise in establishing priorities. 

Uranus remains square to Pluto – A need for personal space in interactions with others. 

Neptune and Pluto remain sextile long term - A need for positive reactions to changes in society.

ARIES 21 March - 20 April
You’re outgoing, expressive, imaginative, creative & practical. From the weekend you have to work hard, but support colleagues. You share a close bond with your partner. You put effort into home life, but gain great enjoyment being with loved ones. You can become downhearted. You’re original but erratic, prone to daydreaming, & continue to seek professional progress.

TAURUS 21 April - 21 May
You’re busy with your home & family, but methodical. From the weekend you enjoy getting out, having fun & socialising. You need a regular work routine. You’re expressive & outspoken, but communicate positively with other people. You need to feel you partner supports you. Your subconscious mind is very active, but view friends realistically, as you have very fixed opinions.

GEMINI 22 May - 21 June
You’re positive in your communications with others. From the weekend you have to concentrate more on family matters. You’re attention seeking, enjoying luxuries. You’re financially astute, which is beneficial, provided you read the small print. You work hard but may have health issues. You meet individualistic friends, seek career changes, & can be emotionally controlling.

CANCER 22 June - 23 July
You’re probably purchasing more bargains than usual. From the weekend you focus on catching up on emails & phone calls. You’re very affectionate with family. You have a direct approach, but your great enthusiasm inspires other people. You focus on personal, creative interests. You seek new career directions, can be very idealistic, but remain domineering with a partner.

LEO 24 July - 23 August
You’re dynamic & enthusiastic, stimulating others. From the weekend you focus on financial issues & expenditure more. You enjoy socialising locally. You’re rather secretive about personal problems, & just need to be left alone at times. You may feel apprehensive at home. You’re audacious & tolerant, emotionally vague & need to take care of any health issues.

VIRGO 24 August - 23 September
You’re deeply intuitive, but your mind & emotions clash. From the weekend you have a lot more confidence & feel energetic. You may be prone to overspending. You’re drawn to competitive friends, but greatly enjoy socialising & getting out. You remain rather private & a bit reticent. You’re emotionally variable, need to talk positively to a partner, & are emotionally motivated.

LIBRA 24 September - 23 October
You’re socialising & seeing more of your friends. From the weekend you need your privacy to balance emotional issues. Your charm wins over other people. You’re extremely ambitious & impatient, but work hard to achieve professional goals. You have to be very careful with money. You need an equal, tolerant partnership, beware health issue, & should try to relax at home.

SCORPIO 24 October - 22 November
You’re focusing on your career & related goals. From the weekend you’re sociable & enjoy seeing more of close friends. You may feel emotionally retentive. You’re drawn to travel & increasing your knowledge, taking a positive approach. Your confidence may waver. You seek variety & change at work, have some imaginative ideas, but can be rather elusive.

SAGITTARIUS 23 November - 21 December
You’re bored & feeling in need of some excitement. From the weekend you focus on your career, & are impatient for progress. You relate best to close friends. You may emotionally clash with a partner, & demand a lot from them. You can be despondent at times. Your mind is fertile & imaginative, & home life a bit disorganized, but you’re very astute financially.

CAPRICORN 22 December - 20 January
You’re possibly over-reacting to your partner. From the weekend you want to get away, or take a well earned holiday. You have heavy professional responsibilities. You might argue with a partner, but have a good humoured bond too. Your closest friends are very supportive. Home life can stifle you, &you can seem equivocal, you don’t any information away.

AQUARIUS 21 January - 19 February
You’re happy spending quality time with a partner. From the weekend your emotions may be overwhelming at times. You enjoy meeting people of a different culture. You’re disciplined but hate dreary routines, but offer help to colleagues. You have many heavy professional duties. You’re distinctive in how you respond, have to watch your finances, & are emotionally intense.

PISCES 20 February - 20 March
You’re extremely busy with work & health issues. From the weekend you enjoy positive time with your partner. You can be emotionally intense & jealous. You fall in love easily but are very impatient, but have a dramatic, enthusiastic approach. You cope well with any challenges. You might spend too much, feel rather vulnerable, but have a close bond with old friends.

I can’t guarantee anything shown on these horoscopes, they can only offer general information, as written by Beverley Taylor or Astrologymix, so please note that they should be considered for entertainment purposes only. However I do make every effort to ensure the information I give is as accurate as possible. If you do have any queries please feel free to contact me.

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