Friday, August 9, 2013

Méline Lafont: El Morya ~ The path through the Lions gate and the Merkabah alignment

Greetings in advance ... I Am Master El Morya.

I express my gratitude, for this opportunity to share a message with all of you for there is much to talk about as a lot is taking place nowadays and we wouldn’t want to miss a chance of sharing our energies with you. It all has to do with the next layer of an onion which is ready to come off and thereby again uncovering new layers allowing for further growth and evolution.

As is commonly known each layer has its own purpose and composition for which a certain maturity has to be reached before the next layer will unfold and the old layer has fulfilled its purpose in this whole process of growth. This is what Ascension is all about and whereas each layer brings on its own purpose and serves its own function, so too will Ascension evolve as each shift entails another intense process that many individuals can learn from and experience leading them ultimately to the next shift.

While this process has its own requirements and necessitates its own steps, each individual will set him/herself anew and will adapt to the next degree and level of frequency in the heart where this process takes place. There is a tsunami of energies manifesting themselves in your hearts and in your world, a fact that can no longer be denied. Those energies are meandering through your world and your manifestations and that is exactly what Ascension entails : the creation and the manifestation of the incoming energies in your reality.

The more you open yourself up to your own energies and to your Being, the more the energies will be allowed to meander in this world and in the reality of your Being. This is needed in order to be able to smoothly fold the solid form and the fixations into something more subtle and more loose in substance so that the light can move more freely without being held in a dualistic and materialistic form. This is what is understood by the term ‘Lightworld’ : a world of less to no solid substantial forms of the light. Everything there is more free and more flexible in its nature.

However, when there still is a tendency to hold onto the old and the illusions, no energy in any form whatsoever will be able to free itself in your world and everything will remain solid and fixed. Many individuals keep on holding onto the solid forms which will raise a blockade on their path and in their lives. So dare to release the old and enjoy life in such a way that nothing can stand in your way and so that everything is a continuous flow of energy leading you from one point to the next without feeling suspicious or lost, without fear or insecurity. To whatever point you are being led, be aware you are always at the exact right place and chances are that you are being needed there to obtain further growth in this process in such a way that it brings you to the point that you are like a reflection of yourself in this Earthly incarnation.

Nothing, absolutely nothing can deter you on your way to Ascension if not you, yourself. Let this fact sink in, beloved ones, for you can be your own blockade just as you can be your own salvation in this process. The choice is up to you whether you make it easy on yourself or you opt for the hard way. As always, everything lies in the heart and awaits you there to be opened up and to be accepted in such a way that you will find yourself again in your heart once this is accomplished. The key to the entrance of your heart and of Ascension is you and no one else. You can have many readings and receive healings, as many as you want but nobody can help you or take over your pain when you keep on shutting yourself out from the connection with your Higher and True Self.

The key to this connection is the self acceptance and the acceptance of your True Self. It is accepting that you are light, that you are love, that you are everything you see in us, the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, the Angels, the Brothers and Sisters of the  Light. Accept that you are who you are and that everything that surrounds you is part of your reality and of your Being. You are the one that decides whether you keep on growing and evolving in this life or not. You have never been dependent on another or on some rescue device as you were drowning in a mud pool of Mother Earth’s density…. No, everything has always been present within you, you only had to be reminded of this and that’s the reason we came to the rescue in these times as a gesture of Love and of unconditional acceptance of all of you.

We are here at present in order to remind all of you who you really are and why you are here on Earth and that is to Ascend!  Beloved ones, I cannot think of a more wonderful gift than what you are accomplishing right now in your lives. Ascension in itself is a most magnificent process which cannot be described with mere words as it is an immensely complex process requiring a lot of your pure energy and your unconditional trust in yourself. Do you really think that we would abandon you to your fate? Well think again! You are more divinely protected and assisted than you can imagine! There is no form of separation whatsoever in the Higher Lightworld and that’s exactly the reason we stand firmly by your side, for you are one with our Being.

As the last energies deriving from your merkabah on July 29th. have their effects, the next shift will follow which will open even more portals in your consciousness. The Lion’s gate implies a very intense activation of a portal going straight through the heart in an overwhelming and powerful way and that in part is one of the reasons it is called a Lion’s portal because the powerful primal energies of force are coming at you, bringing in their wake much revolution. A distinct urge for survival will be felt and the urge to defend your thoughts and convictions will be more highlighted than before. Be vigilant for the incoming energies can surprise you off guard and might confuse you. Know in the latter case that it deals with confusions which are created by the force of these intense energies. It can even lead to some small disorientation in specific moments, but the instincts will be duly active and will be very effective as the force behind this portal is very intense and powerful.

As always, everything is rekindled and tested on various levels and in many ways but the fact remains that the only truth is in your heart and nowhere else, certainly not in outdoor areas far away from the heart. Always lingering in all of your hearts I will remain forever at your disposal in the most loving way possible. My Being is with you.

Master El Morya

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2013, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered. and

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