Saturday, July 13, 2013

Meditation: Reuniting With Your Spirit Guide

Your spirit guide is the twin aspect of your soul, with whom you forever seek reconnection, balance and oneness.

It is the twin part of your soul that guides your journey now, a return to conscious awareness and higher frequency of light through the grids that create our reality.

Preparation For Meditation:

  • Find a quiet place, free of distractions.
  • Turn off cell phones.
  • Adjust lighting, room temperature, create ambiance with candles, crystals, incense, or anything else that sets the mood.
  • Outdoors meditations might include a beach or meadow, anywhere in nature that is quiet and serene.
  • Loosen clothing, remove eyeglasses, footwear, any restrictive garment.
  • You may play music or meditate quietly.
  • Prepare a means of recording what you experience after meditation.
  • Sit down or lie down. Find a position that is comfortable for you.
  • You are now ready to begin.

Centering Your Focus:

  • Inhale slowly through your nose. 
  • Hold the breath as is comfortable for you. 
  • Exhale slowly through your mouth. 
  • Repeat two more times or as is comfortable for you.

Relaxation Exercise To Begin Going Inward:
  • Relax your body ... starting with your neck, head, jaw, shoulders, arms, back, torso, and legs.
  • Allow your consciousness to guide your journey.

If you fall asleep, that's okay especially during a long meditation.  You are using meditation as a relaxation tool to allow your consciousness to detach from physical reality.

There will be times when your meditation will be filled with a flood of imagery. On other occasions, you may see nothing and that's okay.

Prepare as you would for Meditation.

Relax ... Your Mind ... Your Body

Envision yourself walking through a beautiful field.

The day is sunny and clear.

The flowers are fresh and flow gently in the breeze
their fragrance intoxicating.

A stream flows gently over white stones
as you listen to its rippling sounds.

You are at peace ... in balance.

In the distance you see a
form coming closer to you.

It is your spirit guide
the twin aspect of your soul.

You move closer and greet each other
a glowing recognition between you

a flame ignited.

Your heart chakra bursts open with love.

You go on a sacred journey into
awareness, light, and unconditional love.

Enjoy your journey ...
It won't be long before this becomes your reality.

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