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Dennis Fetcho: The Esoterics of the Letters M and W

A"W"-shaped mole appeared on the Mound of Mars on my right hand this morning ... 
I was curious about what message, if any, I could gleen esoterically
and stumbled upon Dennis Fetcho and his take on the letter "W".  This is not a
definitive precept ... just one of note in this moment.

The Esoterics of the Letters M and W

The Occult is filled with reflections and mirrors. As Luna affects Earth, Earth is given the name of Luna when we
refer to the affects of Luna on same.

The days of the year are 365, while the synodic orbit of the Moon around the Earth is 1365. Each number is coded
into words which become the language, the language effectively sealing the philosophy to the language. Yet the sealing
of this Philosophy goes far deeper, all the way into the archetypal world of the Letters.

"Kabballists" are well versed with the concept of archetypes being affixed to Letters, even though few are able to penetrate
the totality. Hebrew Letters have myriads of Occult significations attached to them. Gimmel is a camel, Pei is a tooth, Beis is
a house, and so forth. Much of this information, unless you are involving yourself in calling up anti-human daemons, remain primarily "guideposts".

Hebrew, along with the Greek, remain earlier "parents" for a much awaited for 'exalted child', or the 26 letter set of English, the
letters within this Alphabet carrying with them a veritable treasure trove of archetypal realities that would have sent Jung into ecstasy.

As Sun is Male and Luna (Earth) is Female, and as Sun "sends forth seeds" and impregnates Earth, which then grows the myriads of
thoughts from these "seeds of the Sun", we may infer that M is the Male and W is the Woman - a simple use of Notaricon.

However, just as M contains within it the divisions of:

M = I V I = V II

II = Pi = 1413 = ADM; and
V = VE = EVE = (666);

So too does W contain a "double U", or DNA from both male and female.

Another way to view M and W is that M is the Sun and W is the Earth. The "seeds" that are sent for is "pure white light" 
which travels in a vacuum of space. The V of the M may be viewed as "the focal point", while the II of the M may be viewed as 
the projected rays. So the composite Letter M is as "the Sun's rays projected into the vacuum of space."

When these rays hit an atmosphere, as Earth, they refract and then reflect, hit the troposphere, and reflect again. Diffusion, of
course, equally present. We may regard this refraction and reflection as the "light of the Sun as it refracts and reflects into the
atmosphere of the Earth. This phenomena we may regard as being represented in the shape of the Letter W.

M as a "mirror" of W could then accurately be represented as follows:

M = Sun
W = Earth

Each tip and point and line of the Letter, therefore, has it's own esoteric significance. In the case of the base angles of the Letter W,
we may infer too that since W is that of the "the Woman", or Earth, we may attribute the lower angles of the letter as "the point of the
Winter Solstice", meaning that the Sun goes down, reaches its lowest point, rises again, then falls again, then rises again, and on into infinity.

This can be supported by an analysis of the rhyming values of letters shares with U, which are the letters Q, U, and W.

Q = 17; 17^2 = 289
U = 21; 21^2 = 441

289+441 = 730, which is the total value of 2 years (365+365=730), which then represents a dimensional shift in W.

That all of this is linked to the YEAR should be expected, seeing how M is placed at 13 and W is placed at 23.

The actual matrix appears as follows, and is known as the "Circle of Mirrors":


W is mirrored under M. M is 13, W is 23. To the left and to the right of W are the Roman Numbers V and X, representing 5 and 10, respectively.

(M+W)*X = (13+23)X10 = 360

Add the V to the left to form 365, and leap year of "1" above the V to form 366.

This matrix is famous elsewhere.

"Through HIM are all things possible".

Of course, within the above matrix is that of Pi.




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