Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Guru Myth

There is often such a projection of the guru story by the seeker. The subtle search for an unattainable state that matches an idea of what enlightenment looks like, is one of the perpetuating traps of the spiritual path. Often there is the secret - and unconscious - wish that enlightenment is a special state and that the guru really is someone with special powers, because this keeps our own awaken
ing out of reach and so we can continue to remain attached to our story of personal unworthiness, disempowerment and suffering. And it means that if and when we do achieve this magical state - because it was so beyond our everyday reality (or so we believe) then we also must be special. In other words, the guru story keeps us oscillating along a duality continuum that never rests in true peace and freedom.

This guru story is a myth that is particularly prevalent in the Eastern spiritual traditions which have been dominated by a patriarchal lineage and this has filtered down into many (but of course, not all) modern-day enlightenment teachers. Couched in the mystical vibration of ancient language and ideology, there is a misunderstanding of the naked non duality teachings offered today by modern-day teachers who are more "friend" than "teacher". And there is a mistrust of the awakened feminine who dares speak truth as this is such a new phenomenon and occurs almost exclusively in the West (Eastern awakened women have been "saints" and not "ordinary women living an authentically awakened life").

True awakeness, my friend, is extraordinary only in its absolute ordinariness. It is divinely human and utterly unspecial. And yet, the texture of this awakeness is unmistakeable. It brings a depth and clarity to everyday life, it offers an exquisite sensitivity and beauty to the mystery and mess of the human experience. In true awakeness life becomes more juicy, more vibrant and yet you become more transparent. Life moves through you and the story of you, the story of enlightenment, the story of guru all disappear.

I am here as a friend, to offer you a reflection of awakeness, because this is all that awakeness can really do. I am here to meet you in the freshness of this moment without a story. Namaste'.

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