Monday, January 13, 2014

I Ching For The Week of January 13, 2014

#21 -- Shi He - Biting Through

Above: Li - Radiance; the power of consciousness
Below: Zhen - Shake; thunder rising from the depths of the Earth

The Wisdom:

Obstacles are no longer hidden
They are in front of you
Confronting everything you see as sacred
Judgment and punishment are appropriate

The ideas, processes and behaviors that have previously brought you success on your path to abundance, peace of mind and love are no longer valid; they are in fact obstacles. The small bits of darkness you noticed and ignored in your progress have grown. Darkness is about to overshadow all unless you take swift action and again return to the light. It seemed, in many ways, that things were getting easy and you didn’t have to work quite as hard as you did before. This is the trick of the ego, the shadow side of human existence, to take you off center.

Shi He comes now as a wakeup call that the obstacle is metaphorically in your mouth and you must bite through. It is of great benefit now, while things are still ripe, to examine each action and each person on your path and dissect them and then make a judgment: If it is working with you for the greater good, then it or they can remain; if it is not, either discard it or face it head-on in powerful yet loving confrontation. When approached in this manner it will lose its strength and will hold no power of over you.

You must in this way bite through and eat the obstacle, the monster of doubt, shame, and fear. This is the ancient way of the spiritual warrior. This is the path of the warrior in spirit, business, love and romance,

As you examine your situation, you may find you are being blocked by a set of rules or beliefs that no longer apply to you. Root out the wrongdoer or the deception in your midst. It could be someone close to you or it might be something inherent in a business arrangement or some sort of agreement. Dig in and find it. When you do, it will be necessary to use your strength of truth in the form of words and actions if you are to correct your position relative to the situation. Certain things need to be said; firm, even wrathful action may be needed. This is the way these obstacles must be dealt with.

Be aware that being nice, kind, compliant, and “understanding” in the current situation is not what is called for. This is the time to unleash the inner spiritual warrior; draw your sword of truth and correctness for your own and the greater good.

To restore order
You must bite through
To the heart of the matter
If you avoid this action
There is no chance of resolution

An appropriate outcome can be achieved, but it will not come about by being soft and bendable, hiding your truth from yourself and others or allowing others to hide from their truth—the truth your intuition can easily sense, the truth in your gut. There are certain universal laws based on the truth, some are written, some implied. These universal laws must be adhered to in relationships of any kind and in society as a whole or else chaos results.

By taking firm, positive, even heroic action, this can be the beginning of a new cycle for you, and before a new round can begin there must be an initiation; there is no getting around this—to avoid it would be folly. The situation before you is what you must confront to survive as a whole loving, kind, and compassionate human being: you must undergo a long-overdue, long-awaited initiation. Your commitment to authenticity in seeing this through is about to be tested in this rite of passage.

This hexagram, She Hi, is calling on you to look at the inharmonious situation you face now and energetically reveal what has been hidden, and then correct the situation by rigorously applying the truth. If you must, chastise or reprimand those who have strayed from the path of truth and/or leave them behind; they are the ones, or the situation they created is the one, that has been holding your finer parts of love and compassion in bondage. In this way, you will be relieved of the burden that is causing doubt, shame, and stress, and you will then be able to move forward toward a beneficial outcome.

Do not let the fear of being alone in the quest for truth keep you from action; take action. Eat the enemy by confronting it one piece at a time. In this way you will easily spot the bright and good omens that Spirit is placing in your path to give you the strength and the resolve to bite through, to open the doors of perception—Break on through to the other side!

It is on the other side—the side that is not obscured by fear, greed, and control—that your truth resides. And it is by being in your truth—it is always by being in your truth—that clarity can show you the way to your bliss, your true purpose. If you have been cheated, lied to, or used, it is in the proper order of things that the person or the situation is made to pay for it. And it is proper that you raise your sword of truth to extract your payment. This is fair.

If somewhere in the back of your mind there are some doubts or discomforts, be diligent and seek the truth through your power of intuition and discernment. Seek counsel. Look behind the curtain that has been placed over the truth. Do not sit on any uncomfortable feelings of disharmony that your intuition is trying to bring to the forefront. You know the difference between right and wrong. This is the correct time to use your strength to discover and bring forth what has been hidden or unsaid. In this way you will remove the obstacle and restore harmony.

You may be facing the possibility that your position in a personal, business, or social relationship could collapse and all will be lost. Leave behind the fear of not being liked by a group or by certain individuals whose opinion you thought mattered; do what you must do to maintain the highest standards of integrity. Reformation is in order, as we all are holding the light and working for the greater good. We just must wake up and do what must be done.

It may well be that there is something going on that is unseen or that has purposely been concealed from you. In business, it may be something illegal or divisive that is meant to take you out of your position of strength or hide something that undermines your work. In a relationship, someone may be covering up a dirty little secret or projecting their drama onto you to avoiding looking at their own shadow side.

Just remember: Love and greed are seemingly at two different ends of the spectrum, yet they can both make us blind to the truth.

Go within. Sit quietly and meditate while asking for guidance on how to proceed. With proper intent, all will be resolved. Be fearless—your strength will rise up when you are operating for the greater good.

By taking action against and biting through what is untrue or unfair, standing strong for integrity and correctness, we will enter into spiritual union with the forces of compassion and love that are now omnipresent and within our grasp. It is here, in holding this space, that you will be able to join with the energetic we can all share on Earth at this moment in time. We are moving toward the light of living consciously with one another according to the universal laws of compassion and kindness. This is your initiation into this cosmic union.

Much love,
In Lak’ech


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