Sunday, January 26, 2014

I Ching For The Week of January 27, 2014

#13 -- Tong Ren:  Harmonizing People

Above -- Qian: energy of heaven
Below -- Li: radiance, the bringing of light

The Wisdom:

Go to the altar
Make an offering
Gather your fellows and mix with strangers
A battle is near; you are unstoppable

A multitude of situations and challenges have come into view in a cacophony of movement, thoughts and very deep emotions. This is a time of great discernment as you realize you cannot use the same tactics on all that is presented. You will benefit from holding still and accessing each situation separate from the whole. The difficulty is that this entire flood of energy is interconnected. Some aspects will require out-and-out war, while loving will salve others, and the remaining will transform on their own into the creative when you get your ego out of the way in wanting it or someone to change for the better.

Gather your people, your tribe together, be they associates, family, lovers or fellow pilgrims; you cannot do this alone. By gathering a force such as this, you will be unstoppable as you assign these energies, the outer, in the form of people, and/or the inner in prayer, meditation, ritual and ceremony.

This time of bringing the people together, working for a common goal for the greater good, is one of the most beneficial and exciting activities in human incarnation. It is primal; the calling on forces of magic you have felt, but until now have not fully tapped. The weapons are love, light and discernment. The energy you will wield is akin to a magic wand, like the one you envisioned as a child. Well, now it is as real as it gets. As you have accepted this role of the spiritual warrior and initiator, know that it comes with responsibilities to your relationships, tribe and community. Be you leader or traveler, this turn of the page will alter you and the world around you for all your days. These times, and the movements that are calling you out, are of the most dynamic and inherently magical forces that you individually, and all of the collective, have yet to face.

In this emergence of an overwhelming desire to be in your truth, to make things happen, and to be in service to the greater good, you must bring it together—in love, peace, and harmony—with the clan, your family, lovers and friends. You have manifested this situation, to reveal and protect the light of truth, with your clear intent, to be a part of and to work and make sacrifice for the benefit of Gaia and all her sentient beings.

The energy that is present is that of creative transformation. Gather with your fellow pilgrims for the sharing of ideas that will ignite the flame of common purpose. This will imbue your family, tribe, commercial enterprise and community with the essence of success. You are now without limitation; your effort is not qualified by the size of the collective. At this turn of life’s wheel, it is not about numbers, it is about truth and the purity of intent.

For you individually, focus on your purpose and craft, and appreciate how it feeds the whole. It is of utmost importance that each one in the functioning collective finds the conditions that nurture the desired advance…

Take a breath and find what you have been hiding, or hiding from, and make ceremony at the sacrificial altar of truth, the truth that is being revealed by gathering together. There is immense power in the collective waiting for you to embody it and make it useful. It may be a geographic collective or one of shared purpose and beliefs that has nothing to do with physical place. This is what, in part, this hexagram, Tong Ren, is so eloquently teaching.

The heat has been turned up. The baton of truth you hold in your hand will illuminate what has been unspoken or hidden. Make use of the rarity of these times in the newly conceived cycle we are collectively experiencing. Prepare and present a unified plan to proceed. You must have a solid plan. It may mean a total reorganization from within to without, or it may mean dissolution. Whichever it is, the truth expressed will set you free. Make love or make war, it doesn’t matter which, as long as you move in concert with your fellows toward the common goal of benefiting all. Remembering that it’s all a reflection that will allow you to open up and feel compassion for all who share this planet. Recognize and feel we are one, in action and in truth.

In case you have forgotten… we are all each other. Keep that in mind as you see you in front of you—you leading and you following as you lead. In the recognition of that truth is a great and awesome joy resonating through your entire being. Peace, at last.

Be brutally honest with yourself and see the role you have played in getting to this dynamic turning point where you are gathering with your clan. Examine your old patterning and use this time of truth to change from your old ways of thinking and acting, giving way to new, authentic, straightforward actions, be they in business, relationships, politics, art or your health.

Make an oath in all your relationships that you will combine your energies and use the resulting synergy of newly revealed truths, coming together, to carry you forward toward the highest and the noblest of goals. You will your find nobility by acting in every situation with dignity, kindness, integrity and loyalty; then with compassion for all others, and most importantly for yourself, make your move. In this process, for it is a process, the moment you hear the voice of self-judgment, replace the judgmental thoughts with those of acceptance and positivity. This is how the road to enlightenment works. The words you think are more powerful than the words you speak, many times over.

Follow brilliant, heartfelt new ideas; work with others to bring them into reality. Use discipline and order to create structures, works of art and ventures that serve all beings—ventures that serve your brothers and sisters as we all walk the road to enlightenment together, the road less traveled.

Many blessings,

In La’Kesh


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