Saturday, September 14, 2013

Julie Miller: Aloha to Peace -- Message from Elohim Aloha

There are numerous Beautiful Darlings that still continue, bringing with them from every incarnation the same amount of  characteristics of their Ego and their Emotional Self comes with them in a rush, engaging in diseases and sicknesses against their own body because they were permitting various forms of contamination into their own level of awareness. Understand Beautiful Darlings, in order for you bring Peace and having it flowing through every niche of your total being, it is essential that you commit to bringing discipline to all the different facilities that help create your consciousness. Learn to rely on these faculties, including your mental and emotional vehicles that you have committed to improve and make better become your foundation of Inner Strength, giving room to receive the Light of your I AM Presence. Allow this Light from God, whom is a part of you to fill you to the point of overflow and share this energy, God’s unwavering Light in all you do and to all you greet. Use this Light throughout the day, as you continue to build on your life, let the this Light deliver you to clarity and understanding, knowing which action or thought will demonstrate God’s Presence within you each time. When you greet each challenge that your day brings you, your lovely heart will steer you in the right direction and your determination to stay on course will prevent you from being swayed by temptation. 
Comprehend Beautiful Darlings, that your current life is not restricted by any sickness you bring when you allow your thoughts to be filled with impurities. You create unnecessary stress upon your body and the emotional and mental faculties become overwrought as you continue to respond and react in the same ways you have in other lifetimes. It is understood Beautiful Darlings that you are trying now to remember your past and that many more have forgotten how to control their own thoughts that have been known to bring harm to themselves and to others. Stop blaming yourself, and begin to heal your whole self. There is no better time than now to begin to bring great changes into your Self that will have tremendous affects upon those closest to you; you will inspire them to do the same in their own unique way. 
Remember Beautiful Darlings, you have been given the Violet Flame and this beautiful sacred healing flame is available to each of you. Invoke this mighty flame, allow it to wash over you, reaching every cell in your glorious body, having it touch every cell, every fiber of your being in order for you to cleanse all areas of your life that have been bringing discord and disharmony and in replace you are left with Peace and Tranquility along with an Inner Sense that God’s Light is burning bright inside you. It is okay my dears to let go of all that is your life that is doing you no good. Give yourself room to embrace New into your life that will help to nourish Peace, Tranquility and Love in every corner of your existence. 
When you have completed washing with the Violet Flame, you become more receptive to the Holiness of God’s Presence that is and always has been within you. You become patient, allowing the lingering effects of the Violet Flame to heal you, directing your current life stream into new areas that will provide you with a greater sense of purpose and belonging. When you feel at home with something, you are able to relate and work at a higher capacity because you will recognize the willingness of your whole self taking on something new that feels good and continues to bring forward that beautiful feeling of Peace and Tranquility. 
Of course Beautiful Darlings, as you take on new ways that will bring change to your whole self and way of being and living it’s important to be attentive, to be aware of your emotional and mental vehicles and to remain disciplined by keeping them under control. At any time my dears you feel a sudden wave of weakness, you are encouraged to look deep within yourself, come home to your God Presence and allow the Light of God to blanket you in its warmth that will bring calm on any stormy night. 
It is well understood that being mindful at every instance of your day can be difficult because many times you forget its importance as you are busy rushing and your need to rush does have a tremendous impact on your total health. The more you add to your already busy day, the more stress you will incur and Peace and Tranquility will seem like another life time away when it’s always within your grasp. Before you bring yourself into complete exhaustion and deep physical turmoil, make room in your busy day where you can slow down and experience the beauty that is all around you and allow your whole self to be infused by Peace and Tranquility – savour these moments, they are not fleeting and they will provide the nourishment your whole self requires. 
Because your body is yours, it is up to you Beautiful Darlings to be aware of any drain of energy and when stress has entered your physical body’s atmosphere. Be aware of your leading causes of stress, each person will have their own triggers, make it essential that you learn of these in order to understand this part of you and how you can bring healing to your Self when pressures of your day overwhelm you. There are many ways you can bring healing to your whole self and you are urged to explore the many avenues that are available for you to take that feel good to you, where you feel comfort and ease. Giving yourself healing should not be seen as a chore but as a time of compassion and love that your total self needs. This time spent self-healing will provide the necessary attributes that will encourage Peace and Tranquility to enter your current life stream and bring you back to feeling whole and complete. 
It is up to you Beautiful Darlings to learn and to understand what your body, heart, mind and soul requires when you finally step up to the plate to heal your Self and dissolve any disharmony that has been providing toxic habits and dis-ease. Your total self is yours and you are responsible for its care and growth. Learning how to adopt more Peace and Tranquility into your life will help you discover other ways that are relaxing that endorses a much more enjoyable life. Treating your whole self right with proper nutrition, physical activities, rest, and other healthy habits will provide you many benefits that will bring a higher sense of well-being into all you do. 
When you feel stress, don’t undermine their purpose. They have come to you because you left the door opened. Learn from them Beautiful Darlings, give thanks for them because of them you are given the opportunity to turn any stressful moment that brings harm and discord into an experience that is not so bad. Find ways that encourage your loving self to shine during difficult moments; take a look at the comic strip of a newspaper or watch nature as she flourishes all around you. There are numerous ways that you can bring ease to your current situation. Be confident with your findings and become one with them as they already have become one with you. Through them you will re-discover what it means to be in a state of Peace and Tranquility and you will wade in its sacredness, you will allow it to wash over you and you will heal yourself during this time while you are moving through any difficult situation. 
As mentioned, the Violet Flame is there for you to make us of daily. Let it show you how it feels to be at peace again. Having reminders is not a bad thing and doesn’t need to be looked at with a negative eye. A reminder is something that helps you to remember what was forgotten. There is much for you to remember and you will remember each part of yourself, how you are to be one-step-at-a-time. Learn to let go of your fears and doubts, give your Ego a break and allow God’s Presence to shine forth and bring you the Peace and Tranquility that you deserve. 
Make a conscious reminder in your day to make room for solitude and for peaceful activities. They will help bring deeper calm to your emotional and mental faculties as well as to your body. Meditation has always been a great source to rediscover peace and to allow the healing of your silence wash over and all around every part of you. 
We know you tend to worry Beautiful Darlings, but don’t allow your troublesome thoughts to dominate you. Shift your focus on hope, love, Peace and Tranquility. Believe in yourself and know you will discover all the ways you need that will help you cope with any situation that crosses your path that will continue the flow of Peace and Tranquility into your total self. 
Aloha ke akua, God is love
I AM Elohim Aloha through Julie Miller

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