Thursday, September 19, 2013

Judy Satori: The Full Moon Meditation for September

Soul Emergence Meditation 

A guided meditation and technique to assist with self healing,to manifest what you wish to create and to balance and heal karmic relationships

"I plan to listen to this meditation daily for the next 21 days. We are all going through much change and release.  Listening to this will help!" Judy 

The meditation involves creating three vibrations of peace, love and oneness or unity consciousness and then reinforcing this creative energy trinity with emotions of knowing, positive expectation and gratitude. 
Once you master the technique you can use it in a variety of ways. This is explained in the meditation.

(You can also listen and download from the home page at

Many of you have written to me asking that the Full Moon Transmissions continue. I have tried to oblige, but Spirit have other plans and want me to move on to other things. This Full Moon transmission will be the last.  You can still listen as all the previous Full Moon transmissions are archived, but I am being guided to focus on new work.  All will be revealed!

It's time to let go and let God! This year has been a time of intense challenge and change for many people, but bear in mind that this time of clearing and release is needed before we can fully embrace the new beginning that is coming in our lives.

We might still be releasing and maybe not feeling great, but the time has come to dry off our beautiful new golden butterfly wings in the sunshine and get ready to take flight.

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