Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jennifer Hoffman: There is More at the Core

I have long suspected that I had some strong past life issues around being a prisoner, being shackled, persecuted, tormented, judged and suffering as a result of injustice, power, persecution, and control. But I had no idea, until recent health issues forced me to look deeply within my core for clues to these issues and understand how far back they go and to what extent I have lived my life through them.
For the past three years I have noticed this trend in client coaching too, as I can always trace present life issues to past life traumas and show them how they can achieve healing by getting to this often elusive core because past life issues generally come up around challenging and disempowering life issues. 
In my case, and I won’t go into lots of detail here,  but the shorter version is in one lifetime I was in a French dungeon, shackled to a wall for my political beliefs. In another, which looked like ancient Sumeria, I was a powerful teacher who was enslaved by those she was supposed to be teaching, persecuted, imprisoned, and eventually executed for refusing to be quiet about her beliefs. In both lifetimes, the person (me) was shackled at the ankles and died by drowning, both powerful karmic themes for me today.
In both lifetimes I had moved from anger to despair, at my situation. Struggle was futile, escape was impossible, and in a modern-day insight, I realized that the only way I knew of escaping from prison was to die, which is what nearly occurred with my current health issue.  But there has to be another option, which is why I am still here and still alive.
The core was revealed, which is a repetitive situation around ankle injuries (my ankles are painfully swollen and sore), being immobilized or ‘imprisoned’ or paralyzed (it’s hard to walk and I am very tired during my recovery), and water (my sewer backed up in my basement this week). So I have the scenario, now it’s time to create a different solution to end the karma and to step out of this cycle that has repeated itself so many times.
If you can relate to any of this, there is powerful healing available to you once you are able to identify the karmic cycle and create new options for your life. What’s the core issue around a karmic cycle? It’s the thing that keeps repeating itself over and over again, maybe it looks a little different each time, but it is the same kind of situation. Why is it important? Because it is the reason for your lifetime, to experience it and to create a different outcome. How do you manage it?
Unless you are consciously aware of it, you do the same thing each time, unaware of what is happening and not seeing the repetition. With awareness, you can see the pattern,  create multiple solutions, and have the courage to implement at least one of them. Usually, the answer is the one thing that you do not want to do or have been fighting.
But there is a reason for all of this (isn’t there always a reason), and it  has to do with ascension, transformation, transitions, and new beginnings. As Jesus said, ‘you cannot put new wine in old wine skins,’ and I don’t think he was talking about alcoholic beverages. If we’re the ‘new wine’ we can’t step into our new paradigms still carrying our old beliefs, habits, energies, frequencies, and karmic patterns.
Do you remember the reference to the ‘eye of the needle’ in the September 1 New Earth Energy call? (you can find out more about it here)? How much karmic baggage do you think you can take with you as you go through the eye of the needle in your life (which is the bridge between 3D and higher dimensions)?
What do we do to release our baggage? We arrive at what we think is its core and uncover that truth. Then we dig a little deeper to find the bigger truth, the one that lets us see the connections between every situation, relationship, person, belief, and event that we have experienced in our lifetime, uncover the buried lifetimes they are related to, and see how we have built and fit our lives to re-create them.
And if we aren’t ready to see that yet we will get a big push, in the form of a life event that compels us to really take notice, to explore those areas until we are willing to face ourselves in all of our aspects, history and energy so we know exactly what is required to bring us back to wholeness.
It is a journey from healing to wholeness and whatever is at our core is preventing us from being ‘whole’. Karmic cycles are energy drains which use our energy, limiting our ability to expand into higher aspects and to release the density necessary to achieve new frequencies and cross over into higher dimensions. Within our karma is how we have experienced 3D energy that now weighs our soul down with pain and fear. Like the ballast that weighs down a hot air balloon, if the balloon is to rise, the ballast must go over the edge.
The choice is ours, to stay on the ground or to rise, to be in a karmic cycle or to forge a new path. There is no better time than now to do this level of work, as the entire universe is encouraging us to complete this. It’s your time and your turn, are you willing to throw off some ballast and soar?

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