Thursday, June 6, 2013

Why We Don't Know How To Live

Life is to live and to live in peace and harmony. And without enlightenment, you cannot really live. The essence of enlightenment is that it will make you aware, make you conscious and you will know what you exist for -- to live with consciousness. The essence of enlightenment is that you will know how to play the game of life well and effortlessly.

Effort is very important to reach a state of effortlessness. Till you are not able to discover that state of effortlessness, effort should be put in spontaneously. Look around nature and you will find effort happening spontaneously and harmoniously, it is intrinsic to nature.

Animals know how to live; they live perfectly; all the trees know how to live, they live perfectly. Their effort is spontaneous. We human beings have some problem… we do not know how to live. We are constantly making effort, effort, effort… And things only get worse, worse and worse. The more you make an effort for peace, for love, harmony, for anything, the more you end up confusing yourself, and complicating your life.

Now let me tell you a secret, a very big secret of nature: nobody knows in the beginning how to drive the cycle, but when you have a very strong aspiration or desire or a need to drive a bicycle, then you start making an effort to learn it. And when you are learning, with a learning attitude how to drive a bike, you make many mistakes. But you are making an effort to learn, so you do not stop!

Life is like that! Make your effort! Don’t bother if your efforts are right or wrong. But your intentions should be clear, that you are making an effort to learn how to drive. And one day, after making so many mistakes, one day you will start driving very correctly, very beautifully.

Till we don’t know how to live life, we, with our limited nature, with our limited consciousness are making an effort and learning, learning, learning how to live it. But our capacities are limited and so our efforts are also small. We have to realise that we have the divine presence in us. That is realisation. That is enlightenment. If we are holding the Divine in us, then why don’t we activate our divinity? And when we activate our divinity, then we will be making effort in the right direction…the effort that will lead to clarity and an effortless life.

Cultivate faith. Then you will not rely or depend on your capacities. You will rely and depend on the Divine; you will surrender to the Divine.

The Divine is with you, and in you, Divine is your highest potential, Divine is your highest nature. How when you move, when you think, when you act, when you react, all this actions, reactions, movements, they should be with divine light and movements, with the divine connection and capacities. Then everything will be spontaneous, natural. We have to discover that state, we have to realise that state.

Always feel gratitude and open yourself to realise divinity within. How can this supramental light, supramental energy manifest and liberate us from all the lack of peace love, knowledge, consciousness, all that which makes us limited, finite, which does not allow us to live in bliss and joy and consciousness?  It’s a question of resolving to make the effort and then going about it methodically.

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