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Celia Fenn: The Indigo Revolution - Coming to a Place Near You This Summer

The Indigo Revolution - Coming to a Place Near You This Summer

Yes indeed, it looks very much like the "Indigo Revolution" that is taking place now in Turkey, will be spreading around the world this summer. need to worry.....the essentials of the Indigo Revolution are Non-Violent Protest, Love and Sharing, Creativity and a New Way of Life. This is what we have been waiting expression of the New Human, the Fifth Dimensional Human Angel or Crystalline Being, who thinks Collectively and is "connected" globally. And yes, there will be turmoil as the "Old" way of thinking....dualism and conflict....tries to come to terms with the Rainbow Warriors who think Collectively and who operate from Love and Harmony. There are no "Leaders" to become martyrs and scapegoats, there is simply an idea whose time has come at last!
The authorities may choose to simply ignore these "protests", as they did with the "Occupy" movement, in the hope that they will "fizzle out" and business can go on as usual. But they have underestimated the power of peaceful resistance. Think of Gandhi and becoming the change you wish to see! The Occupy movement of 2012 has "birthed" the Indigo Revolution in Turkey, and this is a huge movement that will not be contained in a few parks and squares. Of course, they may be elements that will try to subvert the energy and turn on the violence, but they will not succeed. I know from my friends and contacts in Turkey that even although this is not reported in mainstream media, this is a huge movement that is making an impression an all levels of Turkish society. This is a report from Istanbul about the protests in Gezi Park:
"Ever since I've lived in Turkey, I always felt that there was a slight heaviness to the people here (whatever that means). Before today, I never could figure out where that feeling came from, but now I know. As I walked through Gezi Park today, where all the protests started, I realized that the feeling of heaviness had completely disappeared. The protesters have transformed the park into one of the most unique places in the world. Children are painting together, some are playing music, others are planting flower gardens, some drawing or doing communal art, some are doing yoga, reading books, making new friends, and everyone is helping out with something. People have set up booths giving away free food, there are doctors, lawyers, a library, even a vet there to give their services for free. Others are cleaning, some providing electricity, and a company even brought in portable toilets. Many of the businesses are still open, some providing services to the people for free. Other than a few groups using this opportunity to promote their causes, and the many signs of the fight the people had to endure to take back the park, for the most part it is everyday people, doing everyday things. Except that heaviness is gone. Why? Because everyone is happy, everyone is hopeful, there is no worry, no one needs anything, but everyone wants to give something, people are sharing not only their things, but they are sharing themselves. In a world where people are consumed by technology, their jobs, and buying things, this is just remarkable. Never in my life have I experienced a community like this, and after seeing the passion and determination of the Turkish people, it doesn't look like this is going to go away. Of course there is always the threat of another attack by the police, but after seeing what I saw today, I don't think the police have a chance. Once you feel the energy in Gezi Park, there is no amount of tear gas that can take that away. Although this is far from over, I think this may be what Turkey needed to remove that weight upon their shoulders. And I am proud to be a part of them!"
This is simply an expression of the Collective desire to live differently. Instead of being "herded" into Shopping Malls to support the Engine of Consumerism in Istanbul, and believe me its going pretty much better there than many other places right now, these people have chosen to make a statement for another way of life. Sharing, Collective support, Peace and Creativity and a sense of Fun and Humor.....the Indigo Revolution.
So, why will it spread rapidly? Because the World is ready for another way of Life and another way of doing things...peacefully and with creativity, fun and humor. Enough with the Gloom and Doom, the Apocalypse and all that misery inherited from Atlantis. The Indigos and Crystals are here and they are reclaiming our Earth and their Future! It would be a smart move to take notice.
It all began with the desire to protect the environment and nature, Gezi Park, in Istanbul. Unlike the Occupy Movement where the issue was money and the gap between the rich and the poor, in Istanbul it was the environment and the desire to protect what little green space was still left ion the city. And, when one considers how this "green space" has been transformed into a "Community Center" with a very different focus from the business and economic focus of the rest of Istanbul, it is evident why green spaces are important. And, part of the use of this green space has been for Creative events, Concerts and other creative manifestations of the Human Spirit.
One of the symbols of the Protest movement is in fact the Penguin. Why? Because when the protests began the Turkish CNN channel did not broadcast coverage of the events, but rather played a documentary on penguins. Since then the Penguin has become a humorous symbol of the way in which information is suppressed by the mainstream media in Turkey. I love this image of a Penguin wearing a gas mask.....a fun of way of saying that even the penguins are part of the Indigo Revolution:
And....another use for Police Barricades.....
The whole point with the Indigo Revolution is to find solutions, not to engage in conflict and violence. We can find solutions to Earth's problems if we work together as a Global Collective. Of course, this is not going to find favor with authorities that derive their power from economic slavery, division and war. But, the time has come, the New Human is here and it is time for change. The forces of History and Evolution are on the side of the Indigos.'s definitely about the trees....and the grass and the parks. It's about Communities and about Sharing. It's about enough for everyone and no one going without. It's about Love and Hope, rather than fear and hardship.
It's about listening to the voices of Young People and of Women, and of respecting their right to an opinion and an independent point of view. Women and young people are not just possessions of the state. They are also entitled to their lives and to express themselves.
So, why will this Indigo Revolution be spreading rapidly this summer, beyond the borders of Turkey? Because the Energy of the Turkish Indigo Revolution will find resonance with many other young people around the world. The IDEA has been manifested, it has been demonstrated that a whole country can be swept up in an expression of the New Energy and a desire for a very different way of life.
It will take a while for those governments and people still stuck in third dimensional ways of thinking to actually work out what the Indigo Revolution means and the changes it will bring. The Third Dimensional Mind, which is primarily Individualistic is starting to confront the Fifth Dimensional Being that is primarily Collective. Or, to put it another way, the old energy being is firstly and individual and then part of a collective. Problems are refereed back to the individual. On the other hand, the New Human is Collective and solves problems within a collective framework, while still maintaining the essence of individual consciousness. And as we all know, what often seems insolvable to the individual is often easily solved by Group Effort, by the new sense of Community that is emerging.
I always knew that when Archangel Michael began speaking about Community a few years ago, that he was speaking about very large groups of people, not just small intentional communities in the countryside. A sense of Community begins with a sense of Global Community, of Human Community, that crosses traditional boundaries. A Community is not just people who share your particular political or religious ideology, as Turkey has shown, it is everyone who wants to live with Freedom, Peace and Hope. With Optimism and Joy.
That is a really big Community!
And that is why you can expect the Indigo Revolution to be arriving at a place near you soon! There are millions of young people around the Earth, connected by Social Media, and ready to stand up and live the New Energy and the New Community. It is time to see that there is nothing that cannot be changed for the better if we stand together, in Peace and in Love.

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