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Hope everyone is now enjoying some summer weather, wherever you are. Here are July’s horoscopes. There is some planetary movement as Mars moves into Cancer halfway through the month, and the Sun and Venus towards the end of July, but Mercury stays put in Cancer until early August, traveling Retrograde until 21st July. Uranus also starts traveling Retrograde on that date, making Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all Retrograde for the next 3 months at least.

The Sun starts the month in emotional, sensitive, changeable Cancer, and can make us feel vulnerable in certain situations, or with some people. On 23rd July the Sun moves into bossy, dignified, extravagant, organized and regal Leo, with a need to take control where possible. The Sun starts the month in active, excitable, impulsive Aries.

The New Moon is on 8th July in changeable, emotional, sensitive Cancer, with a subjective, at times self-centered approach. The First Quarter Moon is on 15th July in charming, harmonious, peaceful Libra, bringing a need to aim for and achieve goals. The Full Moon is on 22nd July in aloof, pessimistic, responsible and realistic Capricorn, causing some over reaction. A Last Quarter Moon is on 29th July, in active, excitable, impulsive Aries, with a need to make appropriate changes.

Mercury remains in imaginative, intuitive, compassionate and sensitive Cancer, until early August. It travels Retrograde until 21st July, and may cause misunderstandings or communication issues.

Venus starts the month in affectionate, demonstrative and extravagant Leo, giving a need for personal attention and to feel appreciated and loved. On 23rd July it moves into analytical, shy, critical, curious Virgo.

Mars remains in energetic, intellectual, sharp Gemini, causing restlessness until 14th July, when it move into detailed, hard-working, practical Virgo, with a need to watch stress levels at times.

Jupiter is now settled in caring, considerate, generous Cancer. Saturn remains in enduring, purposeful, resourceful, and strong-willed Scorpio, until the end of 2013. It only travels Retrograde for a week, then starts moving forward again.

Uranus remains in energetic, courageous, self-willed, proud Aries, for the next few years, and helps brings out our individualistic, rebellious side, unexpected events or disruptive emotional matters, may distract us, or help us see things differently. Uranus starts travelling Retrograde on 21st July, giving us plenty of new ideas, and different, unique ways of acting on these.

Neptune is settled in sensitive, intuitive Pisces, and can help us develop empathy, compassion, and understanding, with a need to remain realistic. Neptune begins travelling Retrograde on 6th June, and make us daydream more, with a need to remain realistic.

Pluto remains in Capricorn for quite a few years, so is a very long term influence, showing knowledge gradually acquired on deeper levels, with balance, and more realistic ways of recycling and developing our intuitive knowledge further, to use practically. It travels Retrograde until Mid September, giving a strong need for self-knowledge and inner truth.

Planetary Aspects For July, 2013

Sun and Jupiter conjunct to 4th July – Confidence that affairs will eventually work out.

Sun square Uranus to 11th July – Impulsiveness, with at times an impractical approach.

Sun trine Saturn to 6th July – Responsibilities and difficulties are handled with minimal struggle.

Sun trine Neptune to 7th July – Lots of new ideas and interests, but some boredom and problems concentrating.

Sun opposite Pluto to 13th July – Probable defensiveness if challenged by others.

Sun conjunct Mercury 5-17th July – Fixed views and possible problems seeing things objectively.

Sun conjunct New Moon 8th July – Changes need to be in everyone’s best interests.

Sun square Saturn 23-31st July – Strong ambitions, but possible fear of rejection.

Sun trine Uranus 25-31st July – A more progressive outlook on life.

Sun inconjunct Neptune 23-31st July – Personal responsibilities can seem overwhelming at times.

Sun inconjunct Pluto25-31st July – Taking on other people’s workloads can prove stressful.

Moon conjunct Uranus 1st July – Deep intuition and a very independent approach.

Moon sextile Mars 1st July – Impulsiveness, but with respect for other people.

Moon square Pluto 1st July – Intense emotions can cause some relationship issues.

Moon trine Mercury 1st July – Shrewd evaluations, with a sensible approach.

New Moon conjunct Mercury 8th July – Sympathy and understanding shown to other people.

New Moon square Uranus 8th July – Try to use imaginative ideas positively.

New Moon opposite Pluto 8th July – Try to avoid controlling partners, family or friends.

Full Moon square Mercury, Mars and Jupiter 15th July – Possible conflict between logic and emotions. Beware becoming too volatile or taking matters too personally. Being overly generous and indulgent can cause problems.

Full Moon square Pluto15th July – Close relationships can feel a bit limiting.

Full Moon opposite Uranus15th July – Conflict may arise about unstable situations.

Mercury square Uranus 5-31st July – Very fast perceptions of people and situations.

Mercury opposite Pluto 8-31st July – Stress or tension can be very hard to deal.

Venus square Saturn to 8th July – A self indulgent, careless approach to some relationships.

Venus trine Uranus to 15th July – A broader, more humane viewpoint for many people.

Venus inconjunct Neptune to 9th July – Inspiration but possible stress using this appropriately.

Venus inconjunct Pluto 2-15th July – A need to keep a balance in friendships or partnerships.

Mars conjunct Jupiter from 14th July – Plentiful energy and enthusiasm, challenges are readily accepted.

Mars and Jupiter square Uranus from 14th July – A need for complete personal freedom of movement. Any inhibiting conflicts can limit personal goals and achievements.

Mars trine Saturn from 14th July – A lot of hard work put into finish assignments.

Mars trine Neptune from 14th July – A successful integration of forceful action and dreams is possible.

Mars opposite Pluto from 14th July – Defiance or aggressive tendencies can alienate some people.

Jupiter trine Saturn all month – A more serious purpose to life, perhaps with a materialistic outlook.

Jupiter trine Neptune all month – Gains can be made in various ways by following intuitive and instincts.

Jupiter opposite Pluto all month – Assertiveness of personal views, but possible misunderstandings from those around you.

Saturn remains sextile to Pluto – Inevitable changes trigger personal growth.

Saturn trine Neptune all month – Idealism and imagination combine with practical organization.

Saturn remains inconjunct to Uranus – Problems may arise in establishing priorities.

Uranus remains square to Pluto – A need for personal space in interactions with others.

Neptune and Pluto remain sextile long term - A need for positive reactions to changes in society.

ARIES 21 March - 20 April
Your main focus is on family and domestic matters, maybe building deeper understanding with loved ones, you may worry about a relative, but share some very happy, positive times. From 23rd you have more time for your personal interests and to get out. You’re creative, romantic and flirtatious. From 23rd you might have to watch what your diet. You can be tactless, but from 14th may take on a home project. You’re serious but enjoy improving your mind. You have a unique, original approach, you need time alone, are impressionable and focused on your profession.

TAURUS 21 April - 21 May
Your relations with neighbours, siblings and those around you are important and you enjoy spending time with them. You communicate positively, and can learn quite a lot in this way. From 23rd you enjoy spending time at home with loved ones, feeling secure there. You’re very caring towards your family. From 23rd you’re resourceful, and enjoy personal attention. You deal with your money astutely, but from 14th might be a bit argumentative. You’re serious about a partnership You’re very perceptive, but view friends idealistically. You enjoy learning, but may obsess.

GEMINI 22 May - 21 June
Your financial situation is very important at present, especially if you’ve been overly generous, or buying more luxury items than usual. You might need to re-evaluate your accounts. From 23rd you focus on building positive communications with others. You need to be with people of a similar wavelength. From 23rd you make the most of family time. You’re direct and driven in your approach, but from 14th are acquisitive, driven to succeed. Take care of your health. You’re friends with many different people, want career changes. You remain compulsive with a partner.

CANCER 22 June - 23 July
Your outlook on life helps you handle people and situations with sensitivity and understanding, and you express yourself in moving but positive ways, and this earns you a lot of respect. From 23rd you might have more expenditure and need to be careful financially. You appreciate life’s luxuries and status symbols. From 23rd you enjoy getting out more. Your own problems may feel intense at times, but from 14th you’re enthusiastic and driven. You enjoy personal interests. You’re ambitious and seek professional success, and are philosophical. Beware power games with a partner.

LEO 24 July - 23 August
Your personal space, privacy and time spent alone to follow your feelings is important now, but you should try to avoid worrying too much especially about things you can’t really alter. From 23rd you impress other people with your optimism and humour. You’re very charismatic and enjoy being with others. From 23rd you may be prone to overspending. You’re prone to verbal sparring with friends, but from 14th will offer help to others. Home life limits you. You’re adventurous and imaginative, but restless, and very intuitive. You still need to focus on ongoing health problems.

VIRGO 24 August - 23 September
Your social life, friendships and maybe expanding your acquaintances are a focus now, especially if you haven’t had much time to get out and mingle with others that much recently. From 23rd you quite enjoy having peace and quiet and time to yourself. You feel emotionally overwhelmed for no reason. From 23rd your charm and kindness wins you admiration. You’re impatient for success in your career, but from 14th may see more of exigent friends. You’re cautious and watchful. You may seem changeable to a partner, so build dreams with them. You’re over emotional at times.

LIBRA 24 September - 23 October
Your ambitions and career goals demand a great deal of your attention at present, as success is very important to you, so you willingly put in a lot of hard work, and are methodical. From 23rd you have more time to get out and socialise. You’re drawn to close friends whom you empathise with. From 23rd you need time alone but can feel overwhelmed. You’re enterprising but quite restless, but from 14th you’re prone to tension and impatient for success. Take care with your money. You need space in a partnership, and may suffer health problems. Home life can stifle you at times.

SCORPIO 24 October - 22 November
Your plans for a vacation or just getting away for a while may be something you’re planning now, as you enjoy travelling, expanding your horizons and exploring different cultures. From 23rd you focus on your professional life, and fulfilling your ambitions. You have many professional responsibilities. From 23rd you have more time to see close friends. You need to feel wanted by a partner, but from 14th need some excitement in life. You lack confidence at times. You’re innovative, enterprising at work, imaginative and creative. You’re secretive but observant.

SAGITTARIUS 23 November - 21 December
Your love life and having a close bond with a partner are important, as you fixate at times, you’re intuitive, sensing issues beneath the surface, but deal well with business matters. From 23rd you’re adventurous, having a strong urge to travel a bit. You enjoy different experiences and cultures. From 23rd you need your career to be more satisfying. You might quarrel with a partner, but from 14th can become obsessive at times. You may be introspective. You should focus on your ideas and skills, and try to organize your home life. You’re driven and can succeed financially.

CAPRICORN 22 December - 20 January
Your marriage or partnership and spending positive time and mutual understanding with your other half brings you a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure now, as you share similar goals. From 23rd you may become much more emotionally intense on occasion. You’re emotional and intuitive but jealous at times. From 23rd you might get away for a romantic break. You feel impatient at work, but from 14th should avoid arguing with a partner. You rely on close friends. You may feel restless at home, are intuitive and imaginative. You’re inscrutable and unfathomable.

AQUARIUS 21 January - 19 February
Your health and any problems you’ve been suffering from recently may need further investigation, especially if you’re working really hard, so don’t ignore symptoms make an appointment. From 23rd you have more quality time to share with your partner, and can relax a bit. You share a strong with them. From 23rd you might feel more emotionally intense. You’re passionate and impulsive, but from 14th you find stress affects your health. You have many professional responsibilities. You can be stubborn and contrary, so be careful with money. You might still bottle up problems.

PISCES 20 February - 20 March
Your children, personal interests, and time you enjoy spending with friends or lovers means a great deal to you at present, and you can make the most of any opportunities coming your way. From 23rd you have to focus much more on your health and job. You need a calm atmosphere at work. From 23rd you’re very giving and feel much closer to your partner. You may have to take charge at home, but from 14th are creative and enjoy taking risks. Improving your knowledge is beneficial. You need to watch your money, and are gullible. Your closest friends are tolerant and supportive.

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