Friday, August 17, 2012



What is the nature of your fear? Is it that you might be wrong in believing the Ascension-speak? Are you afraid that you might be right? Is it your wounded ego that doubts that anything so wonderful could actually be true, and especially in this lifetime? These are the types of fears that you would not want the power of manifestation
 to fuel, are they?

Do you see how this inner battle is damaging to your body? You have difficulty fully grounding your Light because your mind and body are not on the same track. Your mind, ruled by your SELF, is in the process of ascension. At the same time, your body, ruled by your ego, has a very different opinion about what is real and what is not real. Your body thinks that only objects of the same density as itself are real.

Do you see how YOU are also representing what is occurring on the body of Gaia/Earth right now? Many of Her humans can trust the love and light, but others can only trust that which they can perceive with their five physical senses. Then, there is a huge majority of people in-between.

Some believe much more in the 3D concepts and are trying to accept the messages from their SELF, while others believe the messages from their SELF, and are trying to release the doubts that their ego still holds.

Which is it for you? ♥

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