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This split between your masculine and feminine is a product of the era in which you were born. Up until the time that you became an adult, the male and female expressions of life were very different and quite separate within your psyche.

The separation between the masculine and feminine polarities of y
our personal self need to be resolved so that you can release the polarities of your planetary self. These polarities still remain in your thoughts.

Your male polarity of logical, sequential, scientific thinking is the cause of your doubt about ascension. On the other hand, your feminine polarity of holistic, imagistic, metaphysical thinking fully embraces your Knowing about ascension. Because you were raised in a reality in which these two types of thinking were portrayed as incompatible, you need to heal that social message.

Fortunately, the generations after the Baby Boomers have experienced a reality in which the lines between masculine and feminine have merged into a spectrum rather than a polarity. It was the freethinking of many Baby Boomers who allowed their children to live in the in-between of male and female that assisted this process of merging of polarities.

However, the Baby Boomers must now merge that polarity within themselves. Again, each human holds the same polarity issues as the planet. In order to deeply participate in Planetary Ascension, you must all participate in your Personal Ascension. Therefore, the voice of the feminine must be measured as equal to the voice of the masculine.

When the feminine voice was dominant, the Goddess was worshiped and the planet was a sacred Being to be protected and revered. Then, the masculine voice became dominant, and man set out to "conquer" nature. Many great technologies were invented, but much of the body of Gaia was damaged, or destroyed, in mankind's quest for domination.

As each human balances the masculine and feminine energies within themselves, they assist Gaia/Earth to heal those polarities within Her earthly body. This personal participation in Planetary Ascension is greatly accelerated when you open the Personal Portal of your High Heart. Your High Heart more easily opens when you are free of "scientific" doubt and/or fear of survival.

This healing of doubt and fear occurs when you:

Love your self unconditionally
Forgive your self unconditionally and
Accept your self unconditionally.

At the same moment of the ONE, you, also, need to open the Portal of your High Heart so that you can fully accept the inflow of Unconditional Love, Forgiveness and Acceptance from the higher frequencies of reality.

Therefore, in order to BE who YOU want to be, you have to act like you are already that person ... AND, in order to act "as if" you love yourself unconditionally, you will have to accept that sometimes you will be successful in this challenge, and at other times, you will fail miserably.

That is called "accepting yourself unconditionally."

Therefore, the unconditional acceptance and unconditional forgiveness will actually precede the unconditional love, which you will need to have in order to forgive and accept yourself unconditionally ... and can extend that unconditional love to all sentient beings. ♥

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