Saturday, August 25, 2012


I know for everyone it's been a heck of a summer ... between the Heat, the Fires, the EQ's, the lack of money, the crazy politics here and abroad, the solar flares, the poisons in our Food, Water and Air, the changes we are feeling in our bodies and minds ... many relationships are ending, or about to end, badly as a result of the stress. Folks, is that the price you are willing to trade to contin
ue supporting a System that is geared towards your demise, rather than support and nurture the life of your dreams?

The focus is on The Choice: Choose what is most important to you, is valued over all else - LOVE OR MONEY. From my own recent experiences, the obvious choice is Love, Aloha. Why does everyone think of Hawai'i as the great vacation escape? It's because everyone feels the Aloha Spirit there, and Living the Aloha lifestyle makes everyone feel good. Then, everyone grumbles that they have to return to a home filled with stress and money problems. (And, probably planning how to pay off for that vacation by working overtime, etc. - time away from the people you love.) WHY, when all you needed to do was change your perspective in the here and now??

Don't act like you don't understand my meaning here, because you do. Choosing not to look at the Big Picture is your Ego dictating a command to ignore what resonates in your Heart. Time to take responsibility for yourself, instead of laying the blame on everything outside of yourself.

There is a better way of BEing ... Be good to yourself by taking the time to meditate on what is bugging you ... give yourself the space to breathe ... and to SEE that the things that matter most ... the things that make you smile and your heart SING ... are always centered around LOVE. BE ALOHA and choose LOVE.

Malama pono kakou ... From our 'Ohana to yours, blessings to you and all whom you hold most dear! ♥

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