Friday, August 17, 2012

Take A Moment For YOU

I AM Lanakila here in service to you. ♥

Take a deep breath in . . . pause (feel your body shift into balance) . . . release the breath.

Are you living your life?

Are you taking care of your body?
Are you listening to you?
Remember YOU.

Take care of the body. Ask the body what it needs. Use energy tools to get answers from your body. Use muscle testing to get answers. Use your gut to get answers. However you do it, ask the questions and get the answers from you. You are your hero. You are your best friend. It is your own opinion that you should seek.

Welcome the new energy that is moving across this, our beloved Earth. Open your arms up and welcome the changes. Take all of the love within you and allow it to flow out into the world. As you flow your love out into the world more love flows through you from Earth/Sky/You. Flow the love with a smile, a touch of laughter. Move the energy with love. Move it through and around you with love. Allow the new energy to move with love to release all fears and concerns.

You are a soul.
You are forever.

What is to fear? Fear itself? Remember that love will attract love just as fear will attract fear. Which do you choose? I suggest that you always choose love. When your day is difficult and uneasy . . . Stop . . . consider where your feelings and thoughts you are thinking are at in the Now moment.

Are you thinking positive up beat thoughts? Can you bring into your thought process a happy song that makes your feet tap? What about a cherished memory that brings a smile to your face? When you find the smile or the song or the feeling, bring it into this Now moment.

You help your loved ones, your family and your friends by the way you live your life. You show them how to help themselves by the way you conduct your life with ease and joy of loving yourself. Throw your arms wide and give yourself a huge hug of love.Pass that feeling of love for you along with physical or energetic hugs to all those in your life. Feel me hug you with all the love and appreciation, from here to you!!

I AM Lanakila in Service to YOU. Malama pono ♥

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