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In this month of Leo the Lion, there is great potential to use one's emotions for constructive evolution. It is a month with the energy of emotional motivation and thus your emotions can either get the best of you, or you can use them for the best. Ego desires may come forth strongly and can be destructive to your development and keep you bound by what you believe is in you
r best self interest. Or emotional desires can be raised to new levels, and afford new spiritual satisfaction. Given this particular energy, we would like to discuss the transformative power of raising your emotional vibration.

E-motion Elevation

You are all quite aware that human emotions have a wide range of expression. Most of you are aware that some of your emotions are reactions that occur unconsciously and can be dependent on early emotional training or are based on certain events that have impacted your psyche, in this lifetime or previous lives. Your soul holds onto emotional imprints through its many lives, until it learns that it can control the power of emotional vibrations.

Your emotions are energy forms or Energy-Motions. The accumulated emotions of all those incarnate as humans through time adds to the emotional energies available to humans all over the Earth. You see the power of this when a global event is felt by billions. Global reactions occur everyday, whether you are reading the news or not, most are affected by the emotional trends of your species regularly. You are also affected by the emotional energies of particular cultures or locations in the world. If you live in Iraq your emotional influences are different than if you reside in Japan, for example. The more you put yourself at the mercy of cultural emotions, the more affected you are by them.

For example, if you watch television programming everyday and allow the emotions of these programs to infiltrate your mind, you will be more influenced by these then someone who is spending their time meditating on peace in a mountain cabin. The point in discussing these influences, is so that you become aware that your emotions may not be yours at all. You may be an emotional regurgitator of environmental factors including the food you eat. The first step in gaining control of your emotional vibration is to be aware of what is externally influencing them.

Secondly, one must observe what emotional reactions are caused from childhood or other life experiences that may not be pertinent or beneficial to your current evolution. These can be positive or negative reactions. Even if it is positive, in order to gain elevated awareness, one must learn when this is merely a reaction based on programming. For example, you may react with happiness at the thought of eating ice cream. This appears positive as it is a good feeling to you. However, there may be times when such an emotion has adverse effects, has control over you, or is simply a masking of deeper emotional issues. The same can be said of any addictive tendency, as they are often a programmed sensation of pleasure that over takes you without your full conscious awareness. You can each ponder your own personal emotional reactions to gain awareness of whether they are reactive in nature or whether you chose them.

The step of elevating ones emotional status comes from awareness which in turn allows choice. When you can consciously choose your emotional state of being, you are able to transform your emotional vibration any time you wish. As you practice awareness, you can begin to practice transforming reactive emotions to purposeful emotions. When a being gets to this level of ability and control, the usual choice is to increasingly remain in a state of elevated emotions, or those that are light and fluid. When you begin to be in such emotional states more often, it becomes easier and easier to create your desires. The more this occurs, the more motivated you are to perpetuate these light fluid states. This is what truly creates evolution after self-awareness. As one maintains more emotional lightness and creates more readily, the entire being lightens in frequency.

When a being is emotionally lighter they are increasingly more able to move and create with ease. This ease of creation accelerates development exponentially. When emotions are elevated, you take in more information and this causes expansion of understanding and vision. You can say that all levels of the being's awareness becomes more acute; including intellect, physical agility, and creativity.

In your present states of emotional unawareness, you can only take in a small percentage of what occurs in your environment, including such things as your comprehension of time. You can only experience one moment followed by another. With higher emotional input, you begin to see all times together and can take in the meaning of events from past, present and future perspectives simultaneously. This is all a matter of raising ones emotional state above a reactive impulse to a conscious choice. In a higher emotional state, one is able to be fully present and take in more of their surroundings and have a deeper level of connection to those surroundings. Lighter emotions leave room for more depth of perception.

When the elevation of emotions is discussed, it is not so that you will be a happier person, although there is nothing wrong with this. However, it is about so much more than happiness and satisfaction. It is about being a more fully aware being and advancing your ability to be more consciously creative as a soul. A soul that is less emotionally aware, will unconsciously create life experiences and have less conscious choice about where they will go next, in this life and the next. Those souls of higher awareness have more and more choice of lifetime experiences and even whether to change physical form or not. Then this awareness evolves to a choice as to whether to be physical at all.

Species from throughout the universe evolve differently depending on their environmental influences and on what they choose to do with what they have. Each being within a species adds to the emotional thought energy that effects the overall growth and development of that particular species. As each one of you makes efforts to raise your emotional awareness and concurrently raise your emotional fluidity, you are adding to human evolution. A certain level of emotional awareness and elevation is required for you to see beyond the limits of third density to become a part of the greater universal family of inter-dimensionally aware beings.

There is much written in your world on the importance of emotional elevation and on how to practice this. You all have the ability to do this inherently. What has been missing is your desire to practice your ability. It first requires that you recognize where your emotional reactions come from. Then you must shift into a belief in your ability to proactively change your emotional present, past and future simultaneously.

Emotional elevation does not mean that you must be happy in every moment. In fact, often elevated emotional states are a suspension of any emotion that you usually associate with the human gamut of emotions. The higher the emotion, the less dramatic the physical expression. Compare an angry person to one in love. States of complete bliss, may begin with a physical smile, but can go beyond the physical realm of expression and the blissful being is lightened to a non-physical world of pure consciousness. This person may appear to have absolutely no expression, but may radiate an aura of light because they have emotionally raised themself to vibrate at a lighter frequency. They have released the lower emotions that cover their inner light.

This lesson in emotional vibrancy is not meant to be a how to. It is meant to help you think of what and why emotional elevation is key to developing greater awareness and how it is related to ascension. We also would like you to think of elevated emotions outside your current cultural knowledge. In other words, understand that the person that is laughing all the time, may be stuck in a reactive addiction and that this may not be an indication of emotional elevation. However, shifting from emotions that feel draining to those that feel invigorating, such as joy, can be a spring board to becoming a lighter emotional being, when it is done from conscious awareness and not out of reactivity. We are hoping that you will feel the truth in what we relay and open yourself to seeing and sensing a completely new scale of emotional conscious balance.

A person who is in a high state of emotional being, may show no sign of any outward expression, and may even appear emotionless. Often your experiences with higher dimensional beings from elsewhere will be interpreted as lacking emotions because you are trained only to perceive emotions by physical gestures, and these beings relate to emotions purely vibrationally. Changing your perspective on what emotional elevation is will allow you to transcend the limits you currently impose upon them.

The emotions you are familiar with that can help raise you to the levels of true emotional bliss of creation are:

1. passion or being enthralled with enthusiasm

2. unconditional love and empathy

3. sensitivity to one-ness or feeling the inter-connectivity of everything

4. expanding awareness to the molecular or infinitesimal and to the wholeness of the entire universe,

5. disassociation with your ego self as separate from your spiritual self

6. peace, serenity and tranquility

7. acceptance and appreciation.

These emotional states can be consciously activated even when doing menial tasks that you would normally react to with lower emotions.

You can perhaps see how these emotions are more internally felt than they are physically expressed. Passion can be welling up inside you, for example, and not be seen by others. Tranquility can be your natural state of being but no one knows it by looking at you. Your actions, on the other hand, may show your true emotional status over time. We will let you ponder that notion.

Also ponder that All change begins with a shift in emotions. When considering what changes you want to make in your life, consider what emotions must shift in order to make those changes. Above all, find joy in the process of elevating your emotions.

Aloha e malama pono kakou ♥

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