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Are you tired of trying to reach people who just don’t get it? Here are a few suggestions to help you start up a spirituality conversation with just about anyone! 

Try to find some common ground

Most people have a curiosity about UFO’s and have either seen one or knows of someone who has seen a UFO. Ask them about their beliefs in UFO’s.

There are dramatic earth changes going on right now, such as tsunamis, volcanoes, earthquakes, mass animal die offs, sinkholes, land cracks, solar flares, etc… Bring up one of these topics and segue it into other earth change topics. From here, you can mention how our planet follows cycles of time, how history always seems to repeat itself and how to learn from these cycles of time.

If someone is having difficulty sleeping, you could mention the benefits of meditation and melatonin, and how melatonin helps to open the pineal gland.

We’re starting to see an influx of television programming and movie productions that revolve around aliens. Create a conversation about this and test the waters to see where people stand on whether they believe aliens are malevolent (bad) or benevolent (good).

If you’re having a conversation about art, you can easily mention how there have been discoveries of 10,000+ year old artwork about aliens and their spacecrafts.

Ask hypothetical questions

We’ve all asked these kinds of questions, such as, “If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be and why?” Try asking a similar question, but from a spiritual perspective: “If you could have any ability, what would it be and why?” Some people might want to fly or to be invisible while other people might want the ability to read minds. From here, you can talk about ways to work on specific abilities, such as telepathy, seeing auras and telekinesis.

Just about anyone will check out at least a few minutes of a video you send them. If the video link is in an email, then chances are, they’ll put this aside and will watch it at their convenience. Don’t force the issue by asking them if they’ve seen the video yet. If they’re still interested, they’ll talk to you about it.

I’d recommend Esoteric Agenda, The Secret, Zeitgeist or 2012 The Online Movie, but feel free to use your own discernment.

Look for opportunities to plant the seed

I used to walk the Great Highway beach in San Francisco every day, picking up garbage so the beach would look nice for other people. While doing this, other people would notice and would start a casual conversation with me. You’ll never know where a conversation might lead and how many people you’ll touch if the conversation never existed to begin with.

Here’s another example. Let’s imagine you’re standing in line at the grocery store. To start a conversation, you might try saying, I never really knew about genetically modified foods until I read about it online (on your favorite website).” This plants the seed of suggestion to those who are curious about GMO’s or whatever topic you’re trying to garner curiosity about. You could even talk about how taxes are so high and segue that into how all political parties are the same. For some, this will begin their awakening process.

Make a statement, be creative

Make a custom t shirt about what you’d like to talk about. People will ask you about it.

When you meet someone who "just doesn't get it" do you
- let them figure it out for themselves
- try to help them understand
- shake your head and mumble to yourself
- it depends on the situation

Ask other like-minded people

Attend workshops, go to conferences, participate in a drumming circle and ask people how they start a conversation with someone who just doesn’t get it.

Remember: Don’t, if they’re truly disinterested; let it go.

All we need to do is to light their candle of curiosity. The rest is up to them.

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