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SOPHIA: Mysteries of the Sophia Rosary

The Mournful Mysteries

1st Mournful Mystery: The Descent: Desiring for the Light, Sophia is overwhelmed by power and falls from Pleroma.

2nd Mournful Mystery: The Aeon's Prayers: The Father and the other Aeons search for Sophia, pleading to the Light to save Her.

3rd Mournful Mystery: The Forsaking: In her anguish, Sophia gives birth to a dark hybrid and abandons Him in despair.

4th Mournful Mystery: The Creator: The hybrid grows and becomes the
Demiurge and steams the elements from Sophia to create the Earth and Mankind for His slaves.

5th Mournful Mystery: The Weeping: Sophia continues her mourning in the lower realms as the Demiurge enslaves man-kind.

The Gracious Mysteries

1st Gracious Mystery: The Blessing: Sophia's daughter Zoƫ kisses Adam and blesses mankind with Her Holy Soul and encourages the snake to tell Eve to eat the apple.

2nd Gracious Mystery: The Rebuking: The Demiurge proclaims He is the only God and Sophia replies: 'You are wrong, Blind One!'

3rd Gracious Mystery: The Salvation: Finally the Light hears the prayers of the Aeons and Sophia and sends down the Lord Christ to bring salvation to the Soul.

4th Gracious Mystery: The Inspiration: Eema Sophia is mirrored in Mary Theotokis, who gives birth the one who Christ will manifest in, Jesus.

5th Gracious Mystery: The Manifestation: The Divine Daughter, Sophia's Gnosis, is achieved by Mary Magdalene, the High Preistess and consort of Jesus

The Gnostic Mysteries

1st Gnostic Mystery: The Assumption of Sophia: The Christ carries Sophia out of her hells and back to the arms of the Father.

2nd Gnostic Mystery: The Coronation of Sophia: Sophia, The Holy Spirit, is crowned Queen of Pleroma, and seated next to the Father and the 'Son'.

3rd Gnostic Mystery: The Renunciation: The Lord restores honour and reverence the Lady at Her true place on the throne and vows to protect Her and the Kingdom.

4th Gnostic Mystery: The Bride Chamber: The Father and Son combine to form Sophia's counterpart, the Comforter, the King of Glory and they come together in Sacred Union.

5th Gnostic Mystery: The Descent of the New Jerusalem: The new Godhead complete, the Light of the Logos and God has been revealed to the world, the Demiurge and His consorts toppled and all of Earth now under the caring reign of the King of Light, the True God.


(The last mysteries are taken from the Ecclaisia Gnostic Rosary, the ones before are inspired by the story of Sophia. The original script of the Gnostic Mysteries can be found at

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