Friday, January 20, 2012

All Hail Aquarius in a Water Dragon Year!

Feel Inspiration blowing into your life as the sun moves into Airy Aquarius today, Jan 20 and stays there until Feb 18.

The sun in this expansive Air archetype brings innovative ideas that can inspire and uplift your life. This energy opens to the full expanse of the Air realm by moving awareness out to the cosmic perspective of the sun, moon, and stars. As you stretch your point of view to this vast outlook, you can gain new ideas and insights to stimulate your life plan.

If you've been working with the time frame from when the Capricorn Sun window (Yule/Dec 21 – Jan 20), you most likely created your solid plan for the year ahead. Congratulations!  You've got your mission and you're ready to roll out. Allow Aquarius to work its magic.

On the other hand, if you have yet to take the time to formulate a 2012 game plan, or are new to working with the planetary timings, allow the sun in Aquarius to give you a big overview of your life and put your goals and dreams in writing.

This expanded airy mental realm archetype creates an extremely potent window for learning something new.  So, if you are ready to take your Nature-based skill set to the next level professionally, by creating a new career for yourself, or personally, by reinventing yourself by activating your Life Purpose, you should begin working on this potent New Moon ... Monday, January 23rd.

The Chinese Year of the Dragon is always a special good luck year, but even more so that it occurs in 2012.

Think about the dragon!

More than 4,000 years ago, there were two large tribes and many smaller tribes in China. The tribes had animals as emblems. The two large tribes unified and chose the dragon as their symbol. In fact, the Han Chinese still call themselves the descendants of the Dragon. Thus, the dragon is the only animal of the Chinese zodiac year that is a mythical creature. Still, the dragon is revered by the Chinese people.

The dragon is a symbol of power.

In Chinese astrology, the dragon is seen as an almighty benevolent king exuding a powerful aura attributed to its different animal characteristics: tiger, fish, snake and eagle. Similarly, the Western view of the dragon is as a symbol of power, superiority and rule.

People born in the Year of the Dragon usually stand out as befits a dragon, a creature that is powerful and wise. There is a certain aura about Dragon people. A dragon can breathe out fire, so the Dragon person can be a hothead. Watch out if you make a Dragon angry! However, the Dragon has a soft underbelly, that is, they have a "soft spot" to them and through it, a Dragon person can become a formidable ally, or your worst enemy.  A Dragon has a long tongue often seen, which translates to mean that a Dragon person has a sharp tongue and statements can be quite sarcastic and biting.

Utilize the Aquarius Sun, greatly enhanced by the immense power and good fortune blessings of the Chinese Water Dragon and double your opportunities for abundance in your work/life path, education and other personal projects. Your natural talents and abilities should stand out with great results.  However, watch out for that temper!  Keep it in check and do not allow a glib tongue spoil your good work.

Time to Ride The Wave of your Life!

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