Monday, January 16, 2012

Meditation: The Point Is Getting To Zero-Point

You know, there's nothing like a moment of creativity to really solve a problem or be inspired with a new idea.

I remember when I was teenager, whenever something heavy was  on my mind ... like if I couldn't figure out how to deal with a friend that was being difficult or if I was having problems with a big assignment at school, my mother would always put her arm around me and say, Just sleep on it, honey. 

I never really understood how powerful that advice was until much, much later. Because at first, I just couldn't make it "work".  I'd go to bed and the problem would still be swirling in my head.  I didn't know how to just quiet my mind and "sleep on it".

But once I learnt how to center my mind, ideas would come to me like water on tap.

Don't you just love it when that happens?  That feeling of eureka.  That "Wow why didn't I think of this earlier" moment. It could be an inspiration to start something new. Or it could be an idea to solve a problem that has been bugging you for a long time.

But how often do you have those wonderful moments of inspiration?  Once a week, a month ... a year? Do you even remember the last time you had an eureka moment?

Don't you wish you could have your creativity on call instead of on hold? 

It's possible to have these eureka moments anytime you can get to that Zero-Point Silence in your Heart-Mind (sacred heart) space.

As we develop intimate relationship with and give constant adoration to our I AM Presence, miracles begin to happen including instant manifestation, spontaneous transformation and absolute knowing. This occurs simply through the constancy of our unwavering focus placed upon the Greater. In doing so, spiritual energy around us intensifies and expands as the points of light within every cell of our flesh body respond in tremendous gratitude. As our attention continuously pours out Love to the I AM of our being, an impenetrable radiance of light forms around our body encasing us in a protective tube of light of great magnetization and transformative influence to the outer world.

Here's a meditation that we do in my Halau's live classes.  Try it and see how it helps you to find your Self.


Allow your body to gently relax. Move yourself around on your chair until you feel perfectly comfortable.

Now I want you to move your attention DOWN from your head to your chin and DOWN from your chin to your throat and DOWN from your throat to your chest. DOWN, DOWN to your stomach.

Now move down into that safe place deep within yourself, that place which is just below your navel. This is your sacred sanctuary, a place that only you know about.

From that place, I want you to move into the hallway in your mind. Along the hallway are many doors. One particular door is of golden light. You feel drawn by that door and you move through the door of light into a place of peace, comfort and protection.

Once through the door, you find yourself on a path through the woods. As you move along the path, you faintly hear the sound of water. Birds sing in the trees. The sunlight filters through the canopy of deep, green trees overhead. A warm, gentle breeze caresses your face and blows lightly through your hair. You feel as if you are being kissed by God. The smell of the forest and of wild flowers surrounds you, bathing you in an essence so sweet and so wild that your senses are reeling.

You come to a body of water. Because it is part of the enchanted forest, this water is pure, clean and clear. It is cool and inviting. You sit on the edge of the bank and dip your cup into the sacred water and you drink. You are comforted and refreshed.

You arise and continue moving on your path through these wondrous woods. Soon you come to a clearing in the trees. The clearing, surrounded by stately oaks with branches extended to protect you, is colored with wild flowers that accent the greens of the grasses and the brown-black of the tree barks. You breathe deeply the sweet air.  You know this place; you've been here before.  Maybe in your dreams or maybe in life - it doesn't matter. You just know that it is your haven.

There is wonderful, soft green grass growing here and it invites you to sit down and rest. Now you begin to hear in the distance ethereal music … Tibetan bells … flute music … soft chanting … listen carefully and feel drawn to the music.

You look up and see purple mountains in the distance. As you look, a tiny golden Light appears. It draws closer and closer to you. It floats gently up the path toward your little sanctuary. Its light is soft and gentle, yet it shines with a kind of brilliance you have never seen.

As it reaches the outer edge of your sanctuary, it stops and becomes a large pulsating crystalline light. You watch. You wait. You give the light permission to enter your space.

The light draws forward and hovers just before you. The Light shimmers. Soft strands of gold stream forth like a flower blossoming. As each petal of this light unfolds, you see that something or someone is inside.

Then you see before you a wondrous being that you recognize as your spirit guide. You know it is your spirit guide because you feel a strong surging of love pouring out from it to you and you feel, deep in your heart, a strong answering outpouring of love from you to it. You feel completely safe with this being. It may or may not tell you its name, but it calls you by your name.

Spirit Guides will take any form that you need to understand right now. It can be in the form of a human, an animal, an object or some divine form. See it!  Imagine it! Know it is real!

What form is your spirit guide in? What shape is it? If it is human, is it male or female? What does it smell like? What color is it? What does it feel like?

Begin to carry on a conversation with this wondrous being. Ask its name. What is its purpose? Why has it come to you?  Let this being communicate with you and tell you why it is working with you.  In these ways, you assure yourself that this being is truly here to help you.

Once you are assured this being is meant to guide you, ask your guide what you need to know about your life at this time. Tell your guide anything that is disturbing to you at this time.  Ask it how best to call upon it in the future.

Ask it to let you know it is there, consciously, within the next few days, whenever you need help.

When you feel finished, thank your guide for the opportunity to meet and work with it.

As the golden light folds back up around your guide, send it off with your best thoughts and love. As it withdraws from your space, moving back up the path, you sit back down in your spot. You understand that in this inner sanctuary you invite any and all of your guides into your awareness.

This is exciting and you are fascinated with your experience, your experience of expanding your horizons. You breathe deeply, relaxing and reliving in your mind, what has happened. BREATHE.

As you do so, the path and the woods begin to fade and you find yourself gently coming back to the present… to this room, this time and this place.  You find the golden door and walk back through to your room where you are seated.  Breathe and open your eyes.  When you are ready, be sure to drink some water and maybe eat a slice of bread to ground yourself.

It would be helpful to you if you wrote down all you have experienced, exactly as it happened, so you remember what your inner guide helped you to discover within yourself.


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