Friday, January 13, 2012

The Aquarian Cross: Its Significance on The Path

The essence of Discipleship does not consist of prayers, meditations and scriptural study only.  It must be of practical use, capable of influencing the everyday conduct of life.

Discipleship is to Love, to Serve and to Work for Him for all beings.  This is the single Way to Unity and the Omniscience of the Divine.

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The Halau recently enjoyed a wonderful span of time coming together to learn and attune to working as a unified group consciousness coherently contributing to the Planetary Crystalline Grid.  At the Washington school, we enjoyed the added bonus of communion in a cloistered living situation.

Within hours of this experience, a plethora of similar live-in/learning opportunities manifested on the Halau's  calendar!  We're literally catching The Wave ... and a glint of light off the Water caught my eye and caused me to ponder thus:

That the purpose of group life is to commune in consciousness and overcome the separativity of the personality. All activity in a group life is intended for such a purpose. We shall have to tune up with the soul consciousness and continuously remember that each one of us is a soul. Everyone shall recollect himself as the soul and interact with others as the soul. This recollection enables the realization of brotherhood, which would result in integration with the One Soul that prevails in the group. Our personalities can be parked outside, and we shall live inside as souls.

In three days of group life, normally a temple is built. On the dawn of the fourth day the temple should be constructed. Three nights and three days, by the conclusion of it, the Temple shall be built if each one of us contributes a brick to it.

We shall have to recollect ourselves as souls; this recollection itself transforms ourselves as the bricks. The angles of the personality drop off the moment we recollect ourselves as souls. There is no such thing as time when we recollect the soul consciousness. The time concept disappears when the stone is transformed into the brick. That is how we can quickly transform ourselves into bricks and become part of the Temple. When once this Temple is built, the "ONE about whom not much can be spoken", decides to reside within. Let that be the approach to group life.

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