Monday, January 2, 2012

PULE: Gnostic Prayer to Isis-Sophia, by Tau Malachi

Praise you, Mother Sophia;
Praise you, Great Goddess –

Hail to you Aset, Holy Virgin, Mother of God;
You who birth souls to the Infinite and Eternal,
Whose grace is the Light of the Day of Be-With-Us!
Yea though I walk in the day of your mourning,
Yet with your Forethought I behold your joy,
And with your Afterthought I gaze into your heart –
The perfection of Light and Love, Life and Liberty!

Placing lotus blossoms upon your alter, and making offerings of incense and lights;
Envisioning the offering of everything good, in the heavens and on earth,
I worship in your Light-presence and call forth your Light-power,
Send the Opener of the Way before me,
Let the Spiritual Sun shine from within me:
O Mother, give birth to your Holy Child –
Empower me to go forth in the Divine Light!
There is Light and there is Fire, and your Great Spirit passing through;
One Aeon dissolves and another arises, but all is in you as in a Holy Womb –
You, the Portal of All-Worlds; You the Life of All-Worlds: You giving birth!

I pray, Holy Mother, that you might part your veil, that I might see you in all your forms,
And perchance glimpse into the In-between to behold your True Essence;
Such is my prayer, such my inmost heart's desire,
To know you and to love you,
To be at-one with you!

Ave' Sophia!

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