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I Ching For The Week of February 3, 2014

#38 : Kui -- Diverging, Entering the Shadow Self

Above: Li -- Radiance, brightness, fire
Below: Dui -- Open, free, unhindered

The Wisdom:

Take a deep breath
It is not your imagination
Normality has vanished
Leaving you in unfamiliar territory

Some very strange and conflicting energies have come your way, and the harbingers of this force in your field are front and center, singing strange beautiful songs, speaking in an unknown language you are not meant to understand, just feel. This can be seductive, thinking it is telling you to continue in the old patterns. So, you ask, why have you been presented with confusion, when you thought you had the path sorted out and in perspective, and you were sure your call was for clarity?

The answer is that now the way is to turn your back on the comfort you have wrought, and enter into the vast cave of self-knowledge where you will benefit from a finite examination of these old and sometimes painful patterns of love, association and interaction with your tribe. You have learned well how to numb the pain and give it another name. But that is not the way it will work now. The discomfort will no longer be numbed, it will be a biting truth that wakes you in the night and distracts you from your norm.

These are not, as is now clear to you, normal times. If you avoid these shifting sands, no other ways will open to you and you will be stuck in the old patterns that once felt passionate and comfortable, but are now laced with self-judgment and flagellation; what will be revealed will be done with the vengeance that only truth can bring until this cycle ends, and that can be a very long time in which you are likely to lose your footing and fall to an internal and spiritual dilemma that you knew was hovering just outside your carefully formed denial of the self that brought you to this dwelling place in the first place. The place where there was comfort that kept you safe from revealing your true self and where there was only a slight chance of rejection.

Now, as you are given the view from higher ground, you are finding that the old paradigm was not enough, not nearly enough. You find that your capacities are so much more than you gave yourself credit for or thought you needed.

These are times when decisions must be made. Do you stay, do you go, do you sign the contract, renegotiate it, or let it go completely? These seem to be the choices. The only way to finding the correct path is to ascertain whether it is your passion, your bliss. Do you feel the passion of freedom being offered, or do you feel the passion for a new project, person, or ideal? Look carefully at your options, so that your decision does not put you in bondage to old, unfulfilling ways of being that are all too familiar.

A remedy will be to fully examine your situation from all angles and move outside the norm and the traditional, established ways and old patterns of thinking and behaving. It is in this place, outside the normal, that passion lies. And passion will be the element needed to assist you in creating an alchemical blend.

Heart versus mind.
Tension stretches reason to its limits.
Fate is questioned.
Trust passion.

The ego would tell you that it must be a certain way. It says, Conform to the established order, don't stand out, don’t be eccentric, and damn you, don’t be different! Within the message of Kui is the teaching that now is the time to not adhere to the old rules. Be outrageous and eccentric, whether in art, commerce, love or social intercourse, whether in intimate, family, or tribal relationships. The fire of passion is yours for the taking. With it you can cut through the old ways to achieve clarity and a radiance of spirit that will lead you, step by step, to a crystal-clear view of your situation. Let in this new way of being, be it an idea, a person, or a project that you have avoided or have pushed away because it didn’t seem proper and didn’t fit into the old paradigm. It is still actively available to you, but as we well know, windows of opportunity such as this one don’t stay open forever.

Situations such as what appears before you now do not happen often in life, so open to it. Drop the protection, guilt, fear, and shame and let it in. You deserve it, and you will not be eaten or embarrassed, you will be enlightened—meaning you will remember who you truly are and be filled with light! This is a grand gift, and the teaching is real; seize it before it changes form and you are left grasping at air with tears in your eyes. Realizing this gift, this opportunity, will gladden your heart and bring clarity and peace to your mind, body, and spirit.

You may find that recently you rejected an opportunity for change or rejected a “crazy” idea or a person who invited you in. It is not too late—in fact, the consideration you gave the situation will serve you now.

This is a time of progress, yet it seems that the things most vital for progress have been feeling unclear, and you have had trepidations about making the commitment to move forward with the coming tide. This is because you have either denied the truth in recent teachings and life lessons, or it may be that you have not comprehended or allowed another’s point of view to be received. Recall the opportunity that was offered and try it on for size. It may fit or it may not—that is not the point; the point here is that you are taking divergent feelings, points of view, the dark and the light, and combining them in such a way that it makes a mix of emotions and intellectual truths that once combined, in the proper amounts, are an unstoppable force. And what you need now is just that: an unstoppable force.

Consider this: The opposites you are observing before you are not truly obstacles. They have been put in your path to wake you up, to get your attention. The ego, which abhors change, would have you stay in your position without passion forever, wallow in the old, established ways and stale patterns of behavior that close your mind and heart to the possibilities of growth and renewal of your most important relationship: the one with yourself. Take the risk . . . most likely you will land on your feet.

There seems to be contradiction in almost every situation in life now—relationships, art, business, health, and even the spiritual paths. Most likely it is a combination of these things that has driven you to distraction, and being distracted at this point in your progress is the last thing you need or want.

You need not depend on anyone else to make decisions for you, no matter how close they are to you or how deep the trust is or how much power or influence they can exert. You are on your own in this one. Take advantage of that and enter the arena. You will be cheered, not jeered.

Do not let any decisions be made for you, either outright or through another’s influence. Pull your sword of passion, your reality, and strike down any movement, idea, or situation that stands between you and your happiness. It is a risk, but this coming advancement requires risk.

Dualism such as what you are experiencing in these times is part of life’s journey, and you are the central player. On the outside it may look like you are indecisive as you carefully examine your situation. It doesn’t matter how it looks to others as you consider and seek the balance between light and dark, yin and yang, life and death. It is that serious at this time. Embrace the dualistic forces that seem to be confronting you. You will gain much knowledge and infinite strength by making this commitment and embracing them.

Take these teachings to heart and make small, considered, even covert movements as you commit to the basic processes and the nature of life in these times.

Have compassion, kindness, and dignity, and make these moves and keep these considerations in mind as you remember and embrace who you truly are.

Much love ... In lak'ech



©Bobby Klein 2014, Tulum Quintana Roo

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