Sunday, February 9, 2014

I Ching For The Week of February 10, 2014


#47 -- Kun:   Confinement

Above --  Dui -- Open, responsive; free movement with no blame or judgement

Below --  Kan -- Gorge, precipice, water; moving without hindrance; radiant clarity


The Wisdom:

Bring old relationships to a close
Dismiss sadness
Gather energy for a bold move
You are in a state of confinement.
Words will not set you free.

Trust no one who is attempting to sway you with words of praise or offers of precisely what it is you have wanted and have dreamed of. There has been a breakdown in the code, the code within language. You have made great efforts to communicate clearly and to purify your intentions and intuition. The work has been good, but now you are at your limit and you must lay back. If you were to proceed in this condition—that of intellectual and emotional exhaustion—you would be not only confined as you are now, you would be caught in a trap that even time itself would not release you from for a very long time.

In the preceding lessons of the I Ching, great credence has been placed on being in your truth in your communications with your tribe, associates, and in your relationships. This was good, even sage, advice for the time. But times have changed, as they will. A cycle that has been difficult, which has contained many benefits, has come to an end. That cycle called on you to be honest, forthright, and to communicate with clarity so that you could move toward, and achieve, your goals for yourself and for the greater good.

Now, while in this current period of confinement and faced with adversity, you feel you should have the ability, because of your attention to the process, to speak all the right words that would embody your ideas, and this should, in a perfect world, carry you to the next stage of development and set you free. But as a cycle ends, your words are either literally not heard or ignored. If they are heard, they are misconstrued and to others take on the opposite meaning to what you intend. This is what the code is breaking down means. If you were to proceed now, using your words to pave the way, you would surely hit obstacle after obstacle, and the state of intellectual and emotional exhaustion you are in could manifest as a physical breakdown.

It is not an illusion that aspects of your life force are bottled up; the feeling that they must somehow be released is very real. At this time you must look in a different direction, beginning by looking inward for the sustenance needed to continue. It will not come from outside advice.

In dealing with this turning point, in so many aspects of your life, there is much to consider. There are places that appear to be doing well, yet other areas seem dry, confined, and hopeless. Kun has appeared now because of difficulties that have in the past caused you to despair and become sad or depressed. This is where the message of this hexagram is of great assistance. Know that this situation, which is omnipresent, is temporary, and that the assistance needed to regain the proper life flow that will replenish you emotionally, spiritually, and physically is within reach; it is, in fact, within. The only way that relief will find you is for you to take the time to rest, re-create, breathe, and remain positive, knowing that this is the end of an exhausting cycle and the beginning of a new, enlivened, and exciting one; in fact, it is a renewal of life and of the life force.

Your truth now will be made evident not by your words but by your actions. You must exert your will in all situations that are confronting you, for it is your willpower that is your greatest ally as you begin to break through what has been binding you and suppressing you. It is a great frustration when your words are not heard and the words you hear from others cannot be trusted at face value. These are challenging times, as you are regaining your strength and are remembering your sense of purpose.

Stillness is most powerful now. In stillness make your plan—you must have a plan—and look inward for the strength to continue. This is where your greatness will be found.

The way to gain the strength that will release your chi, your life force, is to undertake a plan of rest and recuperation. Plan this time of recouping your energy and strength as you would plan a battle—well thought out, and organized. Leave no place open where you could be caught unaware. Once this commitment is made, all will begin to fall into place, and recovery, creativity, and success will follow.

Rest in this situation might mean a literal resting time, or it could be simply a retreat from trying to fix what is seemingly going wrong, change people’s minds, or make an old way of thinking work for you. The current cycle is swiftly changing; be assured the light needed to remove oppression and to recuperate from exhaustion is coming your way.

You will reap positive results from being in confinement and experiencing oppression. When dealt with properly, you will breed great and useful creativity in honing your craft and in your plans for your success. You will, and must, change your way of handling obstacles and old and tired ways of thinking.  Above all, do not let this confinement piss you off and cause you to become cynical or strike out in anger or maliciousness. If you take that road, all will be lost, and you will not be able to benefit from the teaching given to you by Spirit in your situation.

In your rest and retreat you will begin to hear, understand, and learn to speak the code of the new language that will emerge in this coming cycle. This will put you at the forefront, at the head of the class, while others remain in their struggle, conflict, and drama.

In this cycle, your wordless actions will be of great benefit. You will learn when not to speak and when to hear beyond words to the underlying truth held in the unspoken code. This is a lesson in understanding that unlocks the mysteries of the universe that have been held as secrets by priests, shamans, and sages for eons. As we are moving into this new age of enlightenment, it is lessons like these that we will integrate as we change our way of thinking, speaking, and listening. In these times you will have the opportunity to access help from unexpected places. You will leave old, stale relationships behind as you move forward in your understanding of your sense of purpose and in forming new, positive associations. Look deep into yourself. You will find the strength needed to continue as you reflect in stillness.

If you feel, in these days ahead, a broken or troubled heart, embrace it and stay steady; suffering will give way to greatness and joy. It is the Way.

Much love . . . In lak’ech


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