Sunday, February 16, 2014

I Ching For The Week of February 17, 2014

#24       Fu   Returning

Above   K'un     Earth
Below   Chen    Thunder


The Wisdom:
Cycles and seasons
Are not under your control;
They have their own timing 
And cannot be rushed;
Neither can they be stopped.

In the beginner’s mind, there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s, there are few.
The winds of change are here and there is nothing you can do to stop, alter, enhance or influence the course of this new season that is on presentation.  

Thinking and analyzing will not bring about a change in the seasons. Just as we trust that summer will follow spring, now we must either trust the energy of returning or get embroiled in an unpopular and unsolvable puzzle of obstacles on a road leading nowhere. So it is with your situation now. Don’t think it through; this is not the time to analyze your situation, you have done that and you are exhausted from it. Give yourself, and those around you, a break.

Your benefit now is to return to where in your body and soul this recent and exhausting cycle began, back to the roots, back to the roots when innocence and hope were magically fueling your every move.

Surrender… and let this cycle of gradual progress toward love and success happen with no thinking. Know that the coming tide moving you inevitably forward is unstoppable. Let it happen. Allow yourself to ride a wave to the shore, arriving refreshed and rested, not tired and weak from effort. It is your choice.

The necessary re-birth will be realized not by pushing forward through the jungle of old patterns and promises. The energy will be found by returning, by following the breadcrumbs left on the path so you could find your way back, from whence you came. In you was a knowing that was seated somewhere in the recesses of your monkey mind, the primitive sense of wisdom, where you knew this time would come. Go back and recover the treasures of life that you left behind to gain and get where you were going.  Return to the dignity of the human being, return and be.

It is not human doing that is meant for us, it is human being.

Just be fully present as you let melt away the patterns that no longer serve you and have kept you from loving and living in harmony with Gaia.

Nature waits to guide you back to where success and abundance is waiting for you. When you get there, it will be somehow familiar like remembering some line from a book you read or that was read to you as a child. It is in that light of innocence where you will find the power of the creative and the strength to bring to completion that which you most desire, that which you had in mind when this cycle…this very long cycle began.

Remove all obstacles
By achieving
An empty mind,
A beginner’s mind.

This hexagram, Fu, indicates that this cycle of renewal and returning will bring a longed-for, deserved relief. And it is in this aura of relief that what you need will come to you.

Don’t be surprised when you find members of your tribe coming your way to fill the gap of aloneness that you have been feeling. They could not find you before; you were behind a wall of self-involvement and judgment that obscured who your authentic self truly is. Let your fellow pilgrims into your heart; talk story with them; let yourself be loved. You have been so damn good at giving and fixing; now is the time to shut the f up and receive.

Be still now and quiet your mind. Be quiet, so you can hear the words that are spoken by the rustling of leaves in the wind, that the birds sing and that your inner wisdom has wanted you to hear. Find your practice and just do it. Hike, meditate, visit sacred places and the people who are sacred to you. This is a magical time; you are required to do nothing but be clear, patient, compassionate, and kind. This mixture, which is contained in the sage message of Fu, is true alchemy, leading to an abundant life lived well with compassion, kindness and dignity.
This is a time you will long remember. Be grateful—and take notes.


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