Monday, May 27, 2013

Father and Son


Having discovered that his dad earned £20 an hour at work, the little boy of six was waiting at the door for dad to come home. He had spent the day begging money from everyone in his family, trying to make up that £20, but he was £5 short.

He met his dad at the door when the tired man came home from work. Dad was more grumpy this night than usual: he tapped his son's head by way of greeting and went straight to his armchair and slumped down exhausted.

"Dad," said the boy. "Could you let me have £5. I need it really bad. There's something I want to buy." "No, son, money doesn't grow on trees: you'll have to do without." But the boy didn't give up. Every now and then as the evening passed by, he would ask the same question but Dad continued to refuse.

However, the boy persisted and after a couple of hours had passed by, dad gave way for the sake of peace.

He then watched as the boy took a handful of money out of his school satchel and began to count.

The father got angry in the extreme and was about to bawl his child out, take back his £5, when the child walked over to him with £20 in his hand and said: "Dad, I can now afford an hour of your time. Here is £20.

Will you please play with me for one hour."

Not only did Dad play with the child but when the child got up next morning, after Dad had gone to work, he found that his dad had put the £20 back in his satchel. The boy was already looking forward to Dad's return from work that evening: he still had that £20 to pay him: it would surely buy another hour.


Be The Change ...
Why wait for Father's Day? Visit Dad or a person who reminds you of Dad and do something that both of you enjoy doing together.

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