Friday, December 23, 2011

Quantum Huna

For Halau students, participation in a Planetary Unified Field/Crystalline Grid  group transmission event is intended to be your opportunity to practice QUANTUM HUNA.  Wanna know how to heal like a Hawaiian Shaman ... help us with this transmission and learn first-hand by doing.  Allow me to jog your memory ...

You recognize and accept that you are an energy being first. In our classes, when we perform the Hatsu Rei Ho, you are taken through a series of exercises to show you AND have you physically experience bringing down the Reiki energy and then transmitting it long distance as a group. The Group's healing intentions, as focused through the prayers we also recite, becomes a realization of the basic understanding of Huna: The Three Selves, 'Uhane/your higher genius, Aka cords, and Ha Breathing take on an entirely new meaning and understanding.

When one looks at Tesla's work in Energy and Harmonics, then the world begins to open up in wonderful and mysterious way. As one example, for a particular application, the Kahuna would gather a group of people and they would all start to chant the phrases that were prepared by the Kahuna. The result would be a "miracle" to the outside world and to some of the natives doing the chanting.

When the Hawaiian phrases were translated into English and chanted, they did not work. THE SOUNDS WERE DIFFERENT. THE HARMONY WAS DIFFERENT. THE HARMONIC ENERGY WAS DIFFERENT. The power was different. Today, Silva Mind Control also gathers a group close together and does what essentially the same ritual. The "chanting" is slow and very deliberate. No explanation is given. Yet, everyone experiences an increase in energy, focus, awareness and connection. They become bonded very dramatically by doing this process. This is Tesla's energy and harmonics at work.

The Kahuna did not tell or explain to the group that they were slowing down their brains while generating a special harmonic resonance of energy. And that they were going into a self trance, thereby allowing their 'Unihipili (lower self, the Kundalini, which is where you begin to generate/gather your Mana) to direct the message to 'Aumakua (the mind). He simply had the group chant for as long as it took for them to induce the group deep level of trance the Kahuna had chosen. There are accounts of the chanting lasting for many hours. You could look at this as forced hypnosis. Each manifestation had its own ritual or "exercise" which the Kahuna led. A given Kahuna may have only used certain rituals that were passed down to him for certain manifestations. Others may have developed new ones as the situation required. The former is most likely the case as there are no accounts of the Kahuna developing new rituals for all the problems brought by the white man, including disease, alcohol, etc.

This is an ancient Hawaiian manifestation technique which has been reworked to allow us to participate by incorporating our crystalline energies into Earth's planetary crystal grid. This is also how we are helping Mother Gaia ease into her Ascension with as little harm caused to humans living on her surface as possible. Now that you understand our mission, won't you consider joining us on Christmas Eve?

If you are a Halau student who has attended my classes, please perform the Hatsu Rei Ho as we always do at the appointed times in that manner. Instead of sending your chi balls, I want YOU to become the chi ball that you send to David and me ... then we will incorporate all of our energies into one unit that will plug into the planetary crystalline grid.

For those who have not experienced the Halau's Hatsu Rei Ho, here is an equally effective way that you can participate with us:

The primary ingredients require:

1. Focus - Focus on healing Mother Gaia and healing all the pain, hunger, anger, hate, war and fear in the world right now, and that intention is what will bind our energies us together.

2. Proper Thought Form - Seeing yourself holding a ball of Rose Quartz Pink light and sending it up into the skies, propelled by your healing intentions ... and visualizing others sitting by you sending the same Rose Quartz Pink-colored lights up into the sky ... are what we believe are proper thought forms.

3. Concentrated Harmonic Energy - Direct your Energy and Thought Form to the place and time of the transmission, as listed above. You can do the Energy generation "any time" and request it be directed to the proper place and time. That's perfectly effective as well!

Here is the chant I suggest for you folks to recite in meditation:


Sing it in a sing-songy lullaby way (like a child would do while rocking her doll) with the words you breathe sounding like this:

ah-LOH-ha OO-hah-ney-NOO-ee ... mah-ha-loh ee-YAH

"Celebrating our Spirit Greatness ... and we are so Grateful for All!" (remember, pronounce the Hawaiian, not the English, if you want the proper tones and resonance effect communicated into the Grid)

Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo everyone for your Kokua (help) in these Planetary Unified Field/Crystal Grid Transmissions.



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