Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Meaning of the Blood Moon of April 15, 2014

The Blood Moon

You are all most likely feeling the impact of this Blood Moon, the eclipse of the moon that took place early Tuesday morning (4/15/14).

The energy during this cycle of change we are in has been building and is now made stronger by this lunar event. We are now reaping the benefits that began when the time wave was set in motion on 12-21-12.

It is important that we as earth’s residents recognize when events like this take place. With our collective force we can bring about change on the planet for the greater good. Join together in intent.

We are feeling like we are not fully in our body and for many this is a highly charged emotional time, a time when changes in health, relationships and our associations are filled with great potential.  Sleep is interrupted and we are brought fully awake in the early morning hours. It is during this waking time that the benefit will be to not try to get back to sleep but to use this space in time to meditate, reflect or write. The subject of focus will be given to you in all cases. This time hold potential for illuminated creativity.

These days that are carrying a dynamic force field are a very good time to make changes in your life that you had on the agenda but have not, for one reason or another, gotten to. During this accelerated cycle it will be good to have the truthful discussion with your fellows, speaking about your feelings and how you are being affected by this energetic shift. This is a very good time for cleaning up and tying off any loose ends. Make the call or do it in person, but do it.

Meditations while sitting in the light of this moon will be very powerful and will open your heart to compassion and kindness. By visualizing the moons energy entering your body through all the pores in the skin will bring you to a stillness during which you can go deep inside and see and experience your truth.

This is a cycle of ritual and celebration. Bring the tribe together in joyous connection. Bring others into your circle that have been just observing or being observed. The collective is coming together and this moon is an important aspect of the healing that has begun on earth. By working in harmony with Gaia and each other we will move us into the stillness and strength of the new earth, the coming golden age



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