Sunday, April 20, 2014

I Ching For The Week of April 21, 2014

#1  --  Ch'ien  --  Inspiration

Above   Ch'ien  Heaven
Below   Ch'ien  Heaven

The Wisdom:
Challenges met with force
Inspires creation
Lingam is the symbol
Double your efforts with caution

You have engaged with great effort and purpose and made progress in proper measure. Yet you have not yet sealed the deal. Resolution has not been yours. By keeping your exertion tempered, strong, and steady, you will be met with auspicious times. What is coming your way is no less than miraculous. Believe.

Ch’ien is absolute yang, male energy, hence the symbol of the lingam. You are now positioned to have what you want, and through diligent, unceasing effort you will keep it. If you adhere to your truth and remain in integrity, that which Ch’ienilluminates will not slip away as it has done in the past. You are wiser now; trust your intuition, your wisdom.

For this all to work and keep the proper energies in place, the benefit will be to examine your motives for the success you desire. Be certain that it is for your highest good as well as for the good of all. Recognize your own habitual thoughts and reactive behavior that do not serve the highest good, and make a concerted effort to discard these outworn patterns. Replace them with positive thoughts and actions.

Recently, you have given much effort to correcting your own negative thoughts and the actions that arise out of them. It will not serve you or the highest good to allow the energy, power, and enthusiasm that are energizing you now to sway you from your pure and righteous path.

You have been planning
For the success that is about to be revealed;
With considered strategy
Now is the time to
Put your plans into action.  

In some ways it has felt like your success has been hidden somewhere and you lacked the key to finding it. The truth is, you never needed a key; you just had to use your creative energy and do what you have been doing—persevering. Sweet inspiration is leading you toward redemption.

Be on guard: Yang, male energy, when delivered in great measure, can cause corruption of body, mind, and spirit, so be aware and judicious. Ego is the companion to this yang energy. What you have worked for will come to you and remain, as long as you do not become egotistical or arrogant in the light of your achievements. Stay within the boundaries of humility, and maintain your inner stillness. Stay with what you have learned up to this point, that which feeds your heart. Have compassion for those you love and who love you and practice loving kindness toward all sentient beings with which you share this blessed earth.

Caution: If your ego will try to use the powerful energy stirred by your inspiration to activate base or negative thoughts, words, or deeds, immediately correct your course. If you do not, your coming upward spiral of happiness and good fortune will spin downward, and you will soon find yourself stuck in the mire of fear, doubt, anger, and this will lead to an old familiar depression.

Your creative inspirational force is activating your inner truth and strength. Persevere with your outer activities and remain quiet and still within. Your critical ego, the inner judge, will try to run all the programs of doubt, guilt, and fear by which you were indoctrinated in the past and try to pass these off as reality. Don’t fall for this lie; stay firmly in your dignity and integrity. This will disempower the old fast-talking coyote voice of the ego that wants your ear and will lead you off course.

In business, as in personal matters, let go of any thoughts and words that disparage others. Refrain from using negative generalities about the opposite sex. Use only the thoughts and words of honoring and compassion. Quell the negative voice; pay no heed to the critical judge within. In this way you will not chase away that which you have long desired.

There is a very real possibility that during this cycle you will become stressed and tired as you move forward, so take time as needed to relax, rejuvenate, and have fun with your tribe. You are the shining light now. Share your light and positive energy with those around you, be they friends or strangers. Raise the vibration around you. Good vibrations are vital now, for you, for all of us, for the earth. Shine like the sun at midday, and take in the beauty and joy that you illuminate.

You have been in bondage as far as your movement toward your goals. Good news—as Brother Bob says:

I see my light come shining From the west unto the east Any day now, any day now I shall be released.*

The arrival of the energy of Ch’ien has given you a get-out-of-jail-free card. Use it with judiciousness, purpose, love, and compassion, and what you have worked and worried so hard for will come to you and remain, as long as you adhere to the universal laws of right conduct and right action.

There is a saying that originated in the lessons for the monks of Tibet. It is the essence of the teaching of this hexagram: Keep your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds.
In LaK’esh

*Bob Dylan, “I Shall Be Released” 1967


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