Sunday, December 29, 2013

Transcendental Meditation on New Year Resolutions and Wish Lists

A good reason to write your desires down is to clarify, in your mind, what you really, really, really, want. To re-mind yourself, by doing so you also put it out ‘there’ again, from where it can return.

Q: How can I make my desires more potent? (Rig Veda – "They who do not know the laws of nature, what can the laws of nature do for them?")

A: "If the mind is dull and thoughts are weak then the fulfillment of a desire is sabotaged." (Id.)

Transcend the active level of the mind to the most settled state of awareness, from where thoughts arise; the most powerful level of the mind, pure consciousness; and return to the active level of thinking infused with this most silent powerful state of being.

Tips for Your Heart’s Desire List

Write your desires down so they are clear in your mind. Once on paper you can reflect and validate they are genuine.

Then let them go, just a faint awareness will bring fulfillment of your desires.

If you strain you create stress in your nervous system and perhaps the need to strain is born of lack of faith in your abilities or your object of desire.

Just faint awareness. Blow it away, like seeds on a dandelion ... let it go to where it can take root and grow.

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